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Katie Holmes And Joshua Jackson Were Touchy At The "Dawson's Creek" Reunion And People Are Losing It

"I remember everything."

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In case you missed it, Entertainment Weekly reunited the cast of Dawson's Creek for its 20-year anniversary and the internet collectively can't stop do-do-do-doo-do-ing:


But more importantly, the reunion has revived everyone's love for Katie and Joshu—UGH...I MEAN PACEY AND JOEY:

And I mean, how can we not??? DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?

I still love them 😍 #DawsonsCreek She's touching him 💙

Like, it's not OUR fault! Katie and Joshua did shit LIKE THIS at the reunion:

I thought I was over my high school obsession with #DawsonsCreek ... then I saw this GIF of Pacey & Joey and my heart exploded.


And then shit LIKE THIS:

1:09 HIS HAND IS ON HER BACK. #DawsonsCreek

I have A LOT of Pacey ♥️ Joey feels seeing Josh lean in softly against Katie’s shoulder... Like a lot, a lot. 😭 #DawsonsCreek #DawsonsCreekReunion

And then posed like it was 1999 all over again:


Look at my ship ❤️😭 This is fine, I’m fine. #DawsonsCreek #JoeyandPacey

And then wore the same FUCKING HAT for their pictures:

The hat is Pacey and Joey's love and they are STILL WEARING IT! #DawsonsCreek #PaceysCreek


I feel like since I didn't get a Joey/Pacey cover, I'm going to imagine Katie stole Josh's hat and that's that #DawsonsCreek

I guess I'm going to be rewatching the entire series on Hulu now! THANKS, KATIE AND JOSH!

I think a rewatch is called for #dawsonscreek #pacey&joey

Check out the full reunion video and read more on Entertainment Weekly.

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