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March 8, 2018

Two Actors Are Leaving "Grey's Anatomy," But Ellen Pompeo Says Don't Blame Her New Salary

Pitting women against each other? On International Women's Day?!

Luke Skywalker Himself, Mark Hamill, Was Honored With A Star On The Walk Of Fame

Another star has been added the Walk of Fame galaxy!

Quiz: Which Celebrity Is From Your Home State?

Who grew up in the same place that you did?

Check Out Our New Friends From CRSSD Fest

CRSSD Festival hosted the grooviest party for all these cool cats last weekend. Summertime and the living is easy (wait, it's only March...)

RuPaul’s Version Of LGBT History Erases Decades Of Trans Drag Queens

RuPaul's recent anti-trans comments aren't only insulting to trans queens working today — they erase the history of boundary-pushing queer people of all genders who shaped this art form.

23 Games That Are More Fun To Play When You're Drunk

Games that'll get even better with time — or just a lot of drinks. Cheers!

Mother Of Eric Garner And Officials Call For Action On Police Misconduct

The community outcry comes days after a BuzzFeed News investigation revealed that the NYPD let hundreds of officers who lied, stole, and assaulted New Yorkers keep their jobs.

19 Pink Places You Need To Visit At Least Once

The millennial pink trend will never be over on Instagram.

17 Crazy-Ass Secrets That Will Make You Whisper To Yourself, "Woah, Dude"

"I used to comb my ass hairs with my sister's styling comb..."

16 Mujeres que están haciendo de Netflix un lugar mejor

Directoras, actrices, productoras nos dan más razones para maratonear.

28 Razones por las que las mujeres siempre están enojadas

¿Por qué siempre están de malas? No lo entendemos.

YouTube Removed A Newly Surfaced Video Showing A Militia Shooting And Blowing Up A Replica Mosque

The video, which also showed bacon products and rifle magazines, was removed for "violating YouTube's policy on hate speech" after it was decried by a Muslim American advocacy organization.

Ciro Gomes diz que, sem Lula, chega no segundo turno com Alckmin

Pré-candidato do PDT à presidência da República, Ciro vê votos do PT migrarem para sua candidatura e os de Bolsonaro para a de Alckmin durante a campanha.

É assim que 30 mil pessoas definem assédio sexual

Recentemente, o BuzzFeed Brasil fez uma pesquisa em que perguntou a seus(as) leitores(as) o que eles(as) consideravam assédio sexual.

13 Of The Most Adorable Pets Owned By Famous Writers

Meet Stephen King's corgi, "the Thing of Evil."

Parkland Police Have Released Some 911 Calls Made During The Stoneman Douglas School Shooting

On the calls, frantic and breathless family members can be heard trying to text their children, reading out the contents of their messages to police dispatchers.

33 merkwürdige Momente bei Germany’s Next Top Model und eine sehr nervige Frage

Wie viele Seiten waren das eigentlich in der Instyle, Thomas?

Nancy Pelosi Won’t Say If She Still Thinks A House Democrat Accused Of Sexual Harassment Should Resign

Ruben Kihuen, accused of sexual harassment, said he would resign at the end of the term but is now reconsidering a reelection run.

90 imagens da TV brasileira fora de contexto

Imagina explicar tudo isso para um gringo?

Which Iconic Sandwich Matches Your Personality?

Are you more grilled cheese or meatball sub?

25 Badass Celebs Share Their Empowering Messages For International Women's Day

"I'm not a Princess. I don't need saving. I'm a Queen. I got this handled."

15 Inspirational Celebrity Quotes You'll Want To Share With Your Instagram Followers

"We have to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves."

27 Of The Best Bikinis You Can Get On Amazon

High-waisted bikinis, bikinis with underwires, triangle bikinis, colorful bikinis... the list goes on and on and on. Winter is almost over AND I CANNOT FREAKIN' WAIT.

Things Are So Bad For Paul Manafort He Now Has To Wear Two GPS Monitoring Bracelets

Manafort pleaded not guilty on Thursday to a new indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Virginia.

13 Políticos que NO entendieron de qué se trata el Día de la Mujer

También hubo periodistas que sacaron a pasear su misoginia hoy.

Trump Just Officially Announced New Tariffs, Despite Fears That He’s Starting A Trade War

Despite heavy lobbying by his own party to change his mind, President Trump announced Thursday he would move forward with his planned tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Jared Kushner Tried To Sell His Newspaper To Trump’s Political Enemies

Just weeks after helping elect Donald Trump, Kushner shopped the Observer to Media Matters founder David Brock, who was looking to build “the Breitbart of the left.”

10 Women Who Are Redefining What Power Suits Look Like In 2018

A power suit can be literally anything that makes you feel a little better every time you wear it.

8 Women Who Kicked Ass And Made History As Doctors

Let's talk about some of the most influential women in medicine.

16 Important Lessons "Queer Eye" Has Taught Us

"I never want people to feel like they are not gay enough, or straight enough. It's so much more about what is in your heart."

Trump Just Read Elon Musk’s Tweets About Trade With China On Live TV

After Tesla's CEO weighed in on trade issues in a series of tweets to the president, Trump read them aloud on TV and said, "That's from Elon, but everybody knows it."

"The Sopranos" Creator Is Working On A Movie Prequel Set In The 1960s

David Chase will produce and cowrite the film, currently titled The Many Saints of Newark.

Waleska foi humilhada por seu professor por estar com a filha na sala de aula

Estudante foi proibida de assistir aula acompanhada pela filha de cinco anos. Caso ocorreu na Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte.

25 Parejas de ficción que deberían haber terminado juntas

Robin y Barney debieron haber terminado juntos, ¿sí o no?

People Are Dragging KFC For Replacing Colonel Sanders With His Wife Because Feminism

"This is 100% Colonel Sanders in drag trying to get his kids back."

19 Hilarious Memes That Prove Hairstylists Are The Most Patient People On The Planet

"I don't know who you are. But If you keep 'borrowing' products and jacking up my tools from my station, I will find you and I will cut you!"

Tall Women Try Style Boxes For The First Time

"My height is your problem now! Style box, go for the gold!"

30 Of The Best Places To Buy Prom Dresses Online

Options in every shape, size, color, style, and price range so you can look like a star on your prom night with just a few clicks. Happy shopping!

Poland’s President Apologizes On Anniversary Of Anti-Semitic Campaign

The apology comes after it was reported the US will block Poland's top leaders from meeting with President Trump until the new Holocaust law is repealed.

17 Jokes That Accurately Describe What It's Like To Have Big Boobs

"I hate when ur boob starts falling out of ur bra like excuse me ma’am please return to your assigned seat"

Hundreds Of Cold War Nuclear Weapons Test Videos Were Just Released

While weapons tests are now done via computer simulations, the US performed 210 of these open air nuclear explosions from 1945 to 1962.

A Teen Accidentally Started A Small Family Business For Her Dad With Disabilities With A Single Tweet

A 17-year-old's simple, earnest tweet to help empower her father's new hobby has given her family an additional source of income equal to his disability checks.

11 coisas que os homens já deveriam estar fazendo pelas mulheres

Bem melhor do que ganhar um buquê de flores.

21 Detalles en las películas de Marvel de los que seguro no te diste cuenta antes

El escudo del Capitán América en Iron Man es solo el comienzo...

Which Of Bob's Burgers Should You Order?

No matter which one you get, it'll be $5.95.

What's Your Mom Fantasy?

We've all got one...or two.

Only A '90s Kid Will Score 16/19 On This Screenshot Quiz

You know you had ALL of these movies on VHS.

É assim que funciona a licença maternidade (e paternidade) pelo mundo

"Fui discriminada pela maternidade, não de forma aberta ou mal-intencionada, mas por meio de um desprestígio lento e da falta de oportunidades."

Spotify te dice qué porcentaje de la música que escuchas es interpretada por mujeres

Su nueva función también te ayuda a crear un playlist para "equilibrar" tus gustos musicales.

19 Kids Who Are Too Funny For Their Own Good

"I don't even like celery."

16 Astonishing Facts About The Woman Responsible For Almost All Of Your Favorite Movies Ever

She's produced films like E.T., Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, and Schindler's List...NBD, right?

DEM acena com bandeiras de esquerda ao lançar Maia à Presidência, mas sem abandonar discurso pró-mercado

Principais líderes do partido de DNA liberal discursaram falando sobre pobreza, racismo, violência contra mulheres e jovens negros da periferia.

15 articles sur les femmes et le sexisme que vous pouvez lire le 8 mars

Sur la culture du viol, le soutien à apporter aux victimes d'agressions sexuelles ou ce que les femmes font pour se sentir en sécurité, entre autres.

11 términos que todo mundo vai viver um dia

Acontece nas melhores famílias.

Momentos que não postamos no Instagram

"Ninguém quer falar publicamente sobre seus pensamentos impuros, transtornos de ansiedade ou seus desejos mais selvagens, pois tememos ser julgados."

34 Things You Don't Need But Will Definitely Buy Anyway

Some fun items include: a cactus humidifier, a lunar music box, coffee eye shadow, edible candles, etc. Prices start at $4, so how could you resist???

18 Gráficos súper útiles para cocinar que querrás pegar en tu refri

No importa si eres novato o experto, igual te serán de lo más útiles.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on kitchen organizing containers, a stainless steel cooling rack, a bamboo pregnancy body pillow, an activated charcoal teeth whitener, and more!

19 Películas y series de Netflix que te van a hacer sentir poderosa

Todas las mujeres y niñas del mundo deberían verlas.

Sen. Sherrod Brown Said West Virginia Teachers Strike Is "What Makes Our Country Great"

The Ohio Democrat praised the teachers in West Virginia for putting public pressure on the state legislature in an interview with AM to DM on Thursday.

29 razones por las que Seúl, en Corea del Sur, tiene la mejor comida callejera del mundo

Por motivos de transparencia: somos unos bobos y no críticos gastronómicos de verdad, lol.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Dismisses Calls To Change The Hijab Law — On International Women's Day

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s remarks come after a woman who removed her headscarf was sentenced to two years in prison.

Si entiendes 40 de estas 47 frases, definitivamente eres mexicano

No te hagas guaje y dale vuelo a la hilacha.

Creed Bratton Spilled Some Major Tea On "The Office" And It's Game-Changing

Did he just admit to being the Scranton Strangler?!

18 Celebrity Encounter Horror Stories That'll Make You Glad You've Never Met Your Fave

"Trying to disentangle my candy from an Emmy award winner's arm hair was decidedly not a highlight for me."

Women Are Roasting McDonald's For Its Tribute For International Women's Day

"The W is an upside-down M because women are just upside-down men."

We're About To Find Out What Happens When A Liberal State Asserts Its Right Not To Follow A Federal Law

The issue in Attorney General Jeff Sessions' lawsuit is whether California is undermining the enforcement of the nation's immigration laws or merely telling its police officers what they can do.

Exclusivo: episódio de Black Mirror será gravado no Brasil em abril

Uma equipe internacional planeja vir em segredo ao país.

Knitting My Own Clothes Let Me See My Body Clearly

"There is such power in creating something designed to fit only you. It’s a quiet fuck-you to any clothing company or magazine or person that’s ever made you feel less." An excerpt from Alanna Okun's essay collection The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater.

23 großartige Einrichtungs-Ideen für kleine Räume

Kleines Zimmer, kleine Wohnung? Platz ist in der kleinsten Bude!

Rachel Dolezal Is Getting Her Own Netflix Documentary And People Are Not Happy

"I think it's in your best interest NOT to hate-watch that Rachel Dolezal doc."

I Tried Cooking Dinner All Week On A $30 Budget

Five meals, one grocery list.

109 Fotos, die Frauen 2018 nicht mehr sehen wollen

Vorstände, Diskussionsrunden und Gremien, in denen einfach keine einzige Frau ist.

Sephora's Weekly Wow Deals Are Here, And I'm Excited About This One

Ok, you guys, this week you can score several versions of the Foreo Luna 2, a silicone face-cleansing device, for 25% off! Real talk, I am **obsessed** with mine, so skincare addicts, NOW is the time to score yours! It gets your face totally clean (free of makeup, excess oil, dead skin cells, etc!) in 60 SECONDS. Clarisonic, who?? Other stuff is on sale too, but can you tell I'm pumped about this deal in particular?

Pick Seven Desserts And We'll Guess What Your Biggest Dream Is

Your favorite sweets will tell us everything.

A Mom Realizes Her Baby Has Down Syndrome During This Water Birth And The Images Will Warm Your Heart

Amber Rojas was excited to welcome a new baby, but she realized almost immediately that her newborn had Down syndrome and would need special care.

Ava DuVernay Talking About Her Mother Will Make You Shed One Big, Happy Tear

"She’s a very empathetic woman. A soft heart in a hard world."

24 Hilarious British Tweets That Are All Funny, No Filler

"Why did everyone play the recorder in primary school? What were they training us for?"

É assim que estão comemorando o Dia Internacional da Mulher ao redor do mundo

Marchas e protestos pelos direitos das mulheres aconteceram em vários países.

22 marques qui n’ont pas compris le principe de la Journée pour les droits des femmes

«Journée de la femme : cheddar sur les frites pour les femmes !»

Cette pizza en forme de cœur à croûte de pommes de terre va faire des heureux !

Et quatre garnitures pour qu'il y en ait pour tous les goûts !

22 difficultés qu'ont connues tous ceux qui ont déjà bossé dans un restau

Quand quelqu'un n'arrive pas à empiler les assiettes comme il faut.

Trump Says He’s Up For A Trade War. So Are America’s Allies.

Canada and the EU are coordinating their response as Trump moves ahead with plans to impose new tariffs on steel and aluminum, over objections from Republicans.

Iss dich durch Europa und wir verraten dir deine Traumstadt

Hoffentlich hast du Hunger mitgebracht!

Which Famous Indian Personality Shares Your Birthday?

Find out who's your birthday twin.

17 Random Facts That Will Straight Up Blow Your Mind

Sunny Deol and Alok Nath are the SAME age.

Diese Grafiken zeigen, wie groß die Ungleichheit zwischen Männern und Frauen ist

Deshalb brauchen wir einen Internationalen Frauentag. Auch 2018.

28 Useful Kitchen Products That Aren't Unitaskers

An Instant Pot, a 3-in-1 avocado tool, a Dutch oven, and 25 other versatile kitchen products that have more than one use. Alton Brown would approve.

The Samsung Galaxy S9’s New Camera Is Good At Taking Pictures Of Good Dogs

2018: Year of the slightly better new phone, but mostly of the dog.

This Is How Some Women MPs Are Working Together In The Name Of Feminism

There are more women in parliament than ever before on both sides of the political divide. BuzzFeed News has spoken to several senior politicians who say it's had a direct impact on policy and pushed women's issues up the agenda.

31 Fotos, die trotz aller Bemühungen keine Penisse zeigen

Kannst du dir ruhig am Arbeitsplatz ansehen.

27 Films With Female Leads That Everyone Needs To Watch

Whether you like comedy or horror – women can do it all.

Literally Just Lots Of Inspiring Pictures Of International Women's Day Being Marked Around The World

Marches, rallies, and protests for women's rights are taking place across the globe.



16 Dinge, die du nicht über Ikea wusstest

Wusstest du, wo der Name "Småland" herkommt?

This Photo Series Highlights 21 Badass British Muslim Women

Zainab Khan and Maaria Lohiya wanted to put together a more representative alternative to the "30 Under 30".

21 couples de fiction qui auraient dû finir ensemble

De «Friends» à «Call me by your name», tant de déchirements.

21 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A Harry Potter game, Mickey Mouse sandwich cutter, cute tea infuser, and 18 other items you'll want to add to your wishlist ASAP!

Dieser Test verrät dir, welche Farbe deine Persönlichkeit hat

Sag mir, was du im Internet machst und ich sage dir, wer du bist.





「ルールとはなんだろう」と問いたい "ブラック校則"の経験者は少なくなかった


「ネットのデマを社会に拡散した」 ニュース女子問題 「人権侵害」の団体が見解




Une fan de Rihanna a créé des looks inspirés par les tenues de la chanteuse et c'est génial

Trente looks différents pour rendre hommage aux trente ans de la chanteuse.



31 photos qui ne sont pas des pénis, mais c'est pas faute d'essayer

Un article * techniquement * autorisé au moins de 18 ans.

19 Times Women Had The Perfect Response To People's Bullshit

When my aunt was in her late 20s people used to rudely ask her “Why aren’t you married yet?” and she’d reply “Just lucky, I guess.”

Here Are 11 Top Jobs That Have Never Been Held By A Woman

Some of these jobs have existed for hundreds of years – and none of them have ever been done by a woman.



This Man Says He Blacked Out At Home. When He Woke Up His Partner Had Been Stabbed 49 Times.

"I asked them why I was there, they said for the killing of the missus."

The FBI Says It Mishandled Multiple Tips About Nikolas Cruz And Never Contacted YouTube Or Local Authorities

The FBI was able to connect information about Nikolas Cruz to the September 2017 tip about a threatening YouTube comment but never pursued it.

「ニュース女子」問題 BPOが「名誉毀損の人権侵害」と判断


A College Student Was Found Not Guilty In A Rare Campus Rape Trial. Here's Why The Case Is A Big Deal.

Yale University student Saifullah Khan was found not guilty of four counts of sexual assault. His attorneys used the alleged victim's "scanty" Halloween costume, how much she drank, and texts she sent as evidence that their encounter was consensual.

This DIY Neon Lighting Trick Is All You Need If You're Broke But Want Great Photos

Might as well get a good selfie while you sit in front of your screen all day.

29 Tweets That Prove Australian Women Are The Funniest On Twitter

"Is it ok to do the Lady and the Tramp thing with ur dog and a bowl of Mi Goreng?"

Which Of Ariel's Mermaid Sisters Are You Most Like?

♫ We are the daughters of Triton ♫

春色の和スイーツ♪ 桜のレインドロップケーキ

思わずうっとり... 春を味わふ。



沿岸部で伸び悩む雇用 求める数は大きく上昇も...


Florida's Governor Has Signed A Bill To Arm Schoolteachers And Raise The Age To Buy Rifles

The new law restricts some rifle sales, allows some teachers to carry guns in school, and provides millions of dollars for security upgrades.

Flash Briefing For March 8, 2018

Senators ask for an overhaul of the security-clearance system, Betsy DeVos and D-Wade visit Stoneman Douglas High School, court rules in favor of a fired transgender employee, and Amazon offers new Prime discount to low-income consumers.

The Man In Charge Of The US Forest Service Has Resigned After Reports Of Sexual Misconduct

"What is needed right now is for me to step down," Tony Tooke said in an email to Forest Service employees. He was replaced Thursday by Interim Chief Vickie Christiansen.

Facebook Played A Pivotal Role In The West Virginia Teacher Strike

Over 24,000 teachers and public employees in West Virginia joined a private Facebook group that became the headquarters, forum, and meme factory for the massive teachers’ strike in West Virginia.

"Não é normal, mas respeitamos", diz Bolsonaro sobre gays

“Um pai prefere ver um filho com o braço quebrado porque estava jogando futebol, não porque estava brincando de boneca incentivado pela escola”, disse o pré-candidato a presidente em ato de filiação a novo partido.

Here’s What It’s Like To Be The Face Of A National Movement When You’re A Senior In High School

For Florida shooting survivors like Emma González, there's little time to dwell on life before: They've got a movement to lead.

¿Quién es Tatiana Clouthier y por qué la gente está hablando tanto de ella?

Hay quien ha pedido que ella sea la candidata presidencial de Morena.

Michael B. Jordan Just Promised To Add An Inclusion Rider For Any Movie He Produces

The Black Panther actor wrote on Instagram that his production company Outlier Society would insist on an inclusion rider for any film it produces.

積み重なる黒い袋 放射能汚染土はいま


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