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March 6, 2018

More dramatic than Romeo and Juliet.

Holy Handy Dandy Notebook.

Van a hacer que tus mañanas sean más fáciles y duren más.

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

"This is toxic masculinity in action."

God, you're such a pineapple.

Welcome to the emotional rollercoaster that is university.

Robert Ussery, aka "Side Thorn," and Jodi Mann, aka "Conspiracy Granny," have allegedly been tormenting the Sutherland Springs, Texas, community for nearly four months.

Either pot won’t be the cash crop many expect, or Ottawa is low-balling the numbers.

The Drop app is an easy-breezy way to make some extra cash just by shopping at all your favorite places.

My house is pink, but my soul is black.

Frida Kahlo y Lorena Ochoa son dos de las protagonistas.

The former Goldman Sachs executive and frequent target of the right has been the subject of job rumors for months.

Matt Furie wants the conspiracy site to stop selling a poster with Pepe, Trump, and other right-wing figures.


"Choosing to shoot at a fairground seemed like the perfect backdrop in which to capture the portraits and landscapes of quintessential Americana."

It's time to debate, ya nasties.

It took a while, but we all learned to love parts of ourselves we disliked before.

On Tuesday, Arizona State University said that professor Lawrence Krauss is banned from campus while the school investigates allegations revealed in a BuzzFeed News article. The announcement followed Krauss’s resignation from the elite “Doomsday Clock” group.

"I think she is insatiable." *side eye*

The studio, enveloped by the Harvey Weinstein scandal, has been on the verge of bankruptcy as it tries to find a buyer.

Sabes que la "Dinastía Rivera" existe y que hay que mantenerse alejada de los Trinos del mundo.

I'd eat without hesitation. WITHOUT. HESITATION.

Marriage takes commitment and so does a good prank.

"Desfazer Envio" é meu novo melhor amigo.

Not long after an assault weapons ban expired, Sanders voted to give gunmakers wide-ranging legal immunity. The result has been catastrophic.

Colorado and Kansas just don't give a f*ck.

No haga caso a esa jugada, son rumores, son rumores.

On a hunch, a Belgian newspaper reporter cross-checked the names of known terrorists with a list from Turkish customs of people who brought vehicles into Turkey and did not drive them out.

Instruction: Zest a lemon. Roisin: "What's zest? The lemon?" (note: spoilers)

I mean is someone chopping onions in here or is it just me?!?!?!?!

呪いというとなんだか大袈裟なように思えるけれど、言葉の力って案外強いも の。意識せず使っているうちにどんどん刷り込まれちゃうので、まさに「呪い」だなと思うのです。



Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: Oscar winner for best picture, The Shape of Water, a rustic chalkboard, and a selfie light.

Quer se aventurar na cozinha nesta Páscoa? Leia estas dicas antes!

“It’s pretty robustly caused by rising temperatures,” one scientist said.

Was this whole thing written in the stars?

A professor is revising his shockingly low estimates of how much Uber and Lyft drivers earn after Uber’s CEO sent a snarky tweet.

Os velhos tempos do Orkut voltaram.

Are you Emily or Nadine?

Just more reasons to love Fenty Beauty.

"The House of Representatives has already passed these reforms, and it is now time for the Senate to do the same," Sen. Chuck Grassley wrote in a letter to McConnell released Monday.

Is a one-size-fits-all dress even a thing?

"Keep on dreaming big for yourself," the former first lady said, "and maybe one day I'll proudly look up at a portrait of you!"

"Danger, Will Robinson."

Residentes de Dallas dicen que están frustrados por la falta de información compartida por Atmos Energy — y que temen otro accidente fatal.

Vai ser len...peraí...dário.

Até quando...

"Cuando haces como que le avientas las pelota al perro pero en realidad la escondes atrás de ti".

Fuertes, independientes, determinadas y, en la mayoría de los casos, súper inteligentes.

Se o Supremo não decidir pedido semelhante apresentado pelo petista, ele poderá ser preso nos próximos dias, após o julgamento de seu recurso por tribunal no Rio Grande do Sul.

Literally, shame on Arie Luyendyk Jr. and the show.

Sam Nunberg apologized for telling the White House press secretary to "shut her fat mouth" during interviews on Monday in which he also said he would not comply with a subpoena.

I need them all.

Expect to see a lot more denim at Target stores this year.

Your mind is about to be blown!

Feigning excitement over getting a dozen cookie sheets is more exhausting than planning a wedding, so we've taken care of the registry for you. Consider adding things like the Nintendo Switch, a ClassPass subscription, a custom papercut portrait, or a creme brûlée kit, because having a registry may be a tradition, but traditional products don't have to be on your registry.

As/Is kicks off its new celeb profile series, Close-Up, with the world's most famous makeup artist.

Um enredo que envolveu: NASA, sexo, LSD e suicídio.

"Eles perguntam até mesmo se a empresa me contratou para atender aos requisitos de diversidade."

Who said you shouldn't meet your heroes?

Are you a true spring breaker?

Se julgamento no STJ for encerrado nesta terça-feira, só restará a Lula uma decisão favorável no Supremo Tribunal Federal para escapar de uma iminente prisão.

The witness, who prosecutors referred to as "Julie McMahon," spent two years undercover infiltrating an "anarchist extremist group" in New York, according to court filings.

Adrienne Lewis filed a sexual harassment lawsuit Sunday in Connecticut claiming ESPN retaliated against her after she made complaints to HR.

Consider this your source of travel inspo for life.

"Good morning to everyone except people who don't clear the last 2 seconds on the microwave."

¿Le sostendrías el pelo mientras vomita y le regalarías la última rebanada de la pizza?

I'm not crying, it's just some dust from the Hundred Acre Wood got in my eyes.

Porque nós testamos e curtimos!

Hunter College has now been forced to take legal action against the former student who allegedly owes more than $94,000 in residence fees over two years.

No más desorden en tu casa.

"dm’ing your ex is a good look too 🙃"

Informação foi divulgada após o ditador Kim Jong Un ter recebido autoridades de Seul, em Pyongyang, durante um jantar que durou quatro horas.

Lawmakers on Tuesday agreed to the raise, which teachers have been fighting for since they walked off the job nine days ago.

Muita coisa pode ser feita em meros 60 segundos.

Beauty and style goes far beyond the surface; it should empower us to explore and challenge our own biases, celebrate ourselves, and affirm one another.

"I never, never voted on my season [of American Idol]. Not even for myself, which is dumb! Like, I should’ve."

“This bad thing is not happening to you, it’s happening for you."

Today we honor the films of 2000-2009...

You're not a true fan if you've only watched Men in Black.

São coisas muito grandes pra esquecer.

L’excellent documentaire de France 2, Sexe sans consentement, s'intéresse à la question de la «zone grise». Cette zone dans laquelle le rapport sexuel ne serait plus vraiment un acte consenti mais pas tout à fait une agression. Jugée floue et trompeuse, l'expression est de plus en plus décriée.

MPs called on the government to make British Sign Language part of the national curriculum – and praised Rachel Shenton for using it in her Oscars acceptance speech.

"For the teens who are watching it who identify with these characters, they will be able to feel comfort and hopefully acceptance at the end of the show," said the show's star. (Warning: spoilers!)

Tyler Watson is suing the retailers for "unlawful age discrimination" by refusing to sell a gun to anyone under 21 in the wake of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida.


Imagina a sua mãe assistindo você transar com um estranho!

Spoiler: Mufasa não é o número um.


So, was it an advert?

"Arie is the guy who won’t leave until you tell him you forgive him for cheating on you."

Não leia se você planeja dormir hoje.

"Luyendyk is pronounced “lyin-dick”, right?"

Eles e outros atores censurados em 2017 estrelam o espetáculo "Domínio Público" sobre censura e conservadorismo.

"He doesn’t deserve the relevance that he doesn’t have anymore."

Some tricks worked wonders, and others left us in tears (literally).

It's the little things.

Un tema de altos vuelDESPEDIDO.

Deals on a waterbase pillow, a Shark wireless vacuum, a set of activated charcoal air fresheners, a Vitamix, and more!

Quem sabe elas não te inspiram?

Descárgalas, guárdalas, mándalas, imprímelas, úsalas. Ahora son tuyas.

Recode’s annual Code Conference, headlined this year by Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, is set to take place in the Terranea Resort, where a worker was allegedly fired for reporting her supervisor for sexual harassment.

"The best ramen I've ever had in my life and quite possibly ruined all other ramen for me forever."

"Gotta get a vibranium retainer next time." Warning: This post also contains a tiny spoiler.

"I hope you swallowed the 💍"

Man gönnt sich ja sonst nix.

¿Quién necesita comer y cenar cuando existe el hermoso desayuno?

Vous savez au moins où se trouve votre tableau électrique ?

Now the Broadway community is trying to raise money for injured Broadway and The Americans actor Ruthie Ann Miles.

"Idénticas al resto, pero hasta un 171% más caras".

Full disclosure: We are dumb and not actually food critics lol.

The federal judge in Maryland called on Trump and Congress to "finally get their job done."

This might have been the end of the Creek as we knew it.

Pro tip: hang EVERYTHING.

Orange you curious?

Pourquoi Tarzan n'a-t-il pas de barbe ?

"Meine Eltern haben mir erzählt, dass der Warnblinkknopf im Auto eigentlich den Schleudersitz für böse Kinder auslöst."

Who run the world?

According to this $300 million lawsuit, even women dominating elite fields like the law face pay discrimination.

Êtes-vous vraiment Lorrain-e ?

Your oldie (but goodie) pup brings so much joy to your life — it's time you return the favor.

The Met said it was not currently treating the matter as a terrorist incident, but due to the unusual circumstances the counterterrorism policing network was taking over.

“We’re definitely playing catch-up.”

Foi a quinta vez neste ano, em oito jogos, que a eletricidade do estádio caiu.

Um chef realmente preparou o prato NA MÃO dos convidados.

Über alles. Außer Tiernahrung.

Que ce soit par choix ou en raison des circonstances de la vie, elles sont toutes tellement magnifiques !

Der Angriff fand nur wenige Tage nach Einführung eines neuen Gesetzes statt, dass es jedem verbietet, Polen eine Mitschuld am Holocaust zu geben.

"Wait, maybe I should date a fish?"

Der Großmufti von Syrien hatte 2011 zu Selbstmordattentaten in Europa und den USA aufgerufen. Die AfD besucht ihn trotzdem. Dabei ist die Reise der AfD nach Syrien keine Ausnahme - unter Rechtspopulisten.

Shout out all those who are still shit scared of nuns.

Es geht um den Brei!

Das sind alle weiblichen Charaktere, die es in Action-Filmen gibt.

„Hier hat doch irgendwer Zwiebeln geschnitten, Freunde. 😭😭😭”

Jacob Moore was 16 when he says former gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar sexually abused him. The doctor also allegedly molested his sister.

If you suffer from dark circles, sun spots, blemishes, or redness, then do I have something for you.

„Wowereits Aussage 'Ich bin schwul und das ist gut so' war ein Meilenstein für mich.“

We wedged in a few tough ones.


Somos un poco brujitas.

Wenn du nach einem Erwachsenen suchst und dann bemerkst, dass du selbst ein Erwachsener bist.

Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, March 6.

The news was broken by South Korean delegates returning from North Korea, where they were personally hosted by Kim Jong Un in an unprecedented step.

Anybody fancy being Emma Watson's proofreader?

"I was on this island going, 'There's not enough women, where are they?'"

Amol Rajan has apologised after BuzzFeed News raised questions about the accuracy of one of the anecdotes he included in a marquee lecture last week on challenges to journalism such as a "crisis in trust".

Ojalá tener el estilo de los perros de Bibiana Fernández, la verdad.

Heureusement que ça dure que neuf mois, quand même. Et c'est déjà beaucoup.

Neun Monate. So schlimm. So schön.

Erst während deiner Tage wird dir bewusst, wieviel Klopapier du eigentlich so brauchst.

Even the Queen apparently likes a tequila!


This thing is no yolk.


Zwischen den Brüsten oder drumherum ist am besten.

Dein Magen weist dir den Weg.

"Damit mir die Kinder die Cola nicht wegtrinken, muss ich neuerdings Wodka reinschütten, aber was will man machen."

Emmanuel Pernoud, un journaliste qui travaillait sur l'émission, raconte l'envers du décor de l'émission culte.

La vieillesse, ce n'est pas qu'une question d'âge.


All you need is love... or is it?

Et pas juste le 8 mars.

A diplomatic source in Warsaw confirmed to BuzzFeed News that a report by Polish media on a leaked State Department memo was correct.

Of course, Aadhaar made it in.


"I refuse to be painted as a villain or used as a pawn in the press' efforts, especially those at The Daily Mail, to discredit the Labour Party and push their transphobic rightist agendas," Munroe Bergdorf said on Tuesday morning.

Y sus nombres rayan la genialidad, además.

super easy!


To snack or not to snack, that is the question.


drunk food deluxe!

bon bon!


セブンの新作スイーツ「生ガトーショコラ」。ガトーショコラなのに「生」ってどういうこと? 食べてみると、意外な美味しさでした!

"Me enfrento a microagresiones a diario. Me limito a mantener la cabeza bien alta e intento ignorar las tonterías".



Live your dream!

So much, but so little has changed.

At least you'll have something to watch while you daydream about backpacking around the world, right? Right?

He was cleared by a jury of all six charges of sexual assault.

The dating app announced it will no longer let its nearly 30 million users post photos with firearms.

This is highly scientific.

"That awkward moment when the producers and Chris Harrison know your relationship is over before you do."

Kelly O'Dwyer says her meetings will "hold their feet to the fire" to stop the trolls.


File these under "must-have."


Bananas are packaged by nature...

"Hollywood has changed. And there lies ahead of us a great deal of work to be done."

"Thanks, puberty!"



President Trump previously put importing elephant trophies from Zimbabwe on hold.

*violently rejects a software update*

Time to consult your Pensieve!

"Our gun ban has ended mass shootings here for 22 years."

Can I take my pizza on the plane?

You're not famous but with all of this cool-ass shit, you could be!

La empresa escondió el robo de información por más de un año hasta que pagó un rescate, informó el NYT en 2017.

Listen, apples are FINE. They'RE FINE.

Beep beep!

A BuzzFeed News investigation into the NYPD’s secret files, Theresa May at odds with Trump over tariffs, DREAMers march for DACA, and Amazon’s Alexa devices get the last laugh.

Back when your biggest concern was not getting hit in the face with a Sky Dancer.

Freshman Alyssa Alhadeff's bedroom is as she left it, with all the signs of a high school life: textbooks, nail polish, soccer cleats, and a sparkly dress in her closet from an important day.

“We ask the media and the public and all responsible entities not to aid these terrorists in recruiting efforts by viewing or bringing to attention these images, these videos. You are complicit in amplifying ISIS propaganda if you do that."

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