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March 7, 2018

The Campaign To Change Policing In The US Has Found A New Way To Win

A well-funded campaign defeated an incumbent district attorney in a Texas Democratic primary Tuesday night.

The Hollywood Agent Who Allegedly Groped Terry Crews Won't Face Charges

The allegation against talent agent Adam Venit fell outside the statute of limitation, prosecutors say.

Which Meal Are You?

Or maybe you're actually a tasty snack??

18 Documentales en Netflix que te harán tener conversaciones inteligentes

Después de que los veas, no vas a poder dejar de hablar de ellos.

Can You Earn $1 Million In Just 24 Hours?

Someone once said that a million dollars isn't cool, but actually they're wrong.

Australian Protesters Have Recreated "Three Billboards" For International Women's Day

The minister for women says it's a "cheap political stunt".

Here's What You Need To Know About The Deadly Lassa Fever Outbreak In Nigeria

Lassa fever is spread to humans from infected rodents. Here's what you should know.

Which Classic '90s Beauty Product Are You?

Are you more Lip Smacker or Hard Candy?

23 Pieces Of Furniture From Jet That Only Look Expensive

Nothing in this post costs more than $300 and it honestly has me SHOOK.

Show Us Your Hair Transformation


Responding To BuzzFeed News NYPD Investigation, Top Officials Call For Change

After revelations that New York City police officers who lie, steal, and assault people are allowed to keep their jobs, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Police Commissioner James O’Neill, and lawmakers said it should be easier for citizens to learn about NYPD discipline.

There Will Be No Appeal In The Gerald Stanley Case Because There Were No Legal Errors, The Crown Says

Gerald Stanley was found not guilty of second-degree murder for the death of Colten Boushie.

How The Women’s March Is Fighting Through Its Anti-Semitism Crisis

“There has never been a true, intentionally intersectional feminist movement. And the reason it hasn’t happened is precisely because of the controversy we’re in right now,” Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour told BuzzFeed News.

Gorgeous Portraits Show Britain's Diverse Future

The children of Europe have global roots.

Senado aprova projeto que pode punir vazamento de fotos, como no caso da Paolla Oliveira

Texto estava pronto para ser votado — e parado — há 4 meses. Nesta quarta (7), em homenagem ao Dia da Mulher, a ordem do dia no Senado foi dedicada a projetos de interesse da bancada feminina.

Which Of Becca's First Five Potential Suitors Is Your Favorite?

He had me at "I'd like to apologize on behalf of my entire gender."

16 Deliciosas recetas de café que son dulces y fáciles de hacer

Tu dosis de cafeína más sabrosa que nunca.

The Trump Administration Can't Get Out Of The Kids’ Climate Lawsuit, Court Rules

It's Kids 2, Feds 0. This is now the second court to reject the government's efforts to get the case dismissed.

Here's How To Make Your iPhone Stop Changing "Fuck" To "Duck"

I wish I ducking knew about this sooner.

24 Times Completely Inedible Things Looked So Freakin' Delicious

My mind is telling me no, but my taste buds are telling me yes.

The South Carolina Senate Voted To Electrocute Death Row Inmates If Drugs Aren't Available

The state has not carried out an execution since 2011 primarily due to the lack of lethal injection drugs.

Which Minor "Friends" Character Are You?

Do you even remember them all?

People Have A Lot Of Feelings About Kim Kardashian's "Women's Empowerment" Emojis

"I thought you've said before you don't identify as a feminist?"

51 merkwürdige Momente vom Bachelor-Finale und ja, es war “Peinlich des Todes”

Wie Daniel im Finale fragte: "Soll ich dich noch zum Taxi bringen?"

Doctors In Canada Are Rejecting Their Own Pay Raise, Saying They're Paid Enough

"The only thing that seems to be immune to the cuts is our remuneration."

16 Times Tumblr Taught You More About History Than School Ever Did

"Isaac Newton may have discovered gravity, but his luxurious flowing hair sure didn't, damn son."

Here's What Japan's Legendary Samurai Really Looked Like

"Society convulsed, opposing clans fought, masterless samurai rebelled against an unrelenting modernization, all in just 20 years."



8 Things You Should Buy Because Your Closet Is Hungry

Stylish wardrobe additions worth your hard-earned cash, all tried, tested, and worn by our writers and editors!



25 filmes aclamados pela crítica e dirigidos por mulheres

Uma homenagem ao ótimo trabalho das mulheres por trás das câmeras.

Florida Senators Say Law Enforcement Should Seize Guns From People Who Are Deemed Likely To Be Dangerous

The bill from the two Florida senators would push expansion of laws allowing police to seize someone’s weapons if they believe that person is planning to use them for violent ends.

Dwyane Wade Visited Florida's Stoneman Douglas School After One Of The Students Killed Was Buried In His Jersey

"Dwyane Wade had a longer, more personable conversation with us than the secretary of education," one student told BuzzFeed News.

Forget Arie, Let's Talk About The Amazing Women On "The Bachelor"

Forget Arie, let's shine the spotlight on these ladies.

Médicos devem avaliar crianças com 12 anos ou mais para identificar sinais de depressão, defendem pediatras

Um em cada cinco adolescentes sofre de depressão em algum momento, mas muitos nem chegam a ser diagnosticados.

17 Michael Scott Moments That'll Make Any College Student Say "Me As Hell"

[checks bank account] I. DECLARE. BANKRUPTCYYYYYYY.

15 Genius Hacks For Low-Maintenance Beauty Addicts

Living that lazy-but-still-cute life.

Senators Call For A Major Overhaul Of The Security Clearance Process Amid White House Issues

“We believe that the current backlog of over 700,000 clearance cases constitutes a major national security issue,” one expert told senators Wednesday.

People On Medicaid Now Get Amazon Prime For $5.99

Qualifying customers can renew their discounted Amazon Prime membership every year, for up to four years, and can cancel anytime.

The First Trailer For "Tully" Is Here And, True Story, I'm Already Crying

"Your twenties are great, then your thirties come around the corner like a garbage truck at 5:00 AM."

Cheesy Potato Pancakes

Cheesy Potato Pancakes

Tell Us Your Questions You Have For "Love, Simon's" Nick Robinson And Katherine Langford

It's time to come out of the closet with your questions!

Como é bom ser fã de Naruto

Não é só um anime, é um estilo de vida.

16 propagandas antigas ridiculamente machistas

Pelo jeito, na década de 1950, a melhor maneira de fazer propaganda para mulheres era por meio da misoginia!

Chrissy Teigen's Dog Died And She's Paying A Heartwarming And Funny Tribute Online

"Not many people know this but Puddy is survived by his wife, Pippa. Yes, they were married."

¿Eres más Belinda o Eiza González?

Descubre si estás ganando en la alfombra roja... o ganando, como siempre.

Your Mind Will Be Blown When You Learn How The Word "Helicopter" Works

It's not "heli" and "copter," it's "helico" and "pter."

10 imagens que mostram como é uma conversa entre amigos de verdade

Quanto maior a intimidade, maior a grosseria.

15 Things Every Teenager Knows, But Parents Don't

"Don't compare me to other kids. It hurts a lot." H/T Reddit

John Oliver's Story About Meeting Oprah Is Truly All Of Us Meeting Oprah

"She has successfully obtained the power position."

A Woman Allegedly Attacked Her Boyfriend With A Samurai Sword After Finding Tinder On His Phone

Emily Javier allegedly hid the sword on her side of the bed, and after her boyfriend fell asleep, started "swinging and stabbing."

FYI, These Are 25 Things That Vegans Are Sick Of Hearing

For the millionth time, no, we don't eat "just grass."

29 Things That'll Add A Little Spring Break To Your Life

A margarita machine, indoor lounge chair, self-tanner, and 25 other vacay-ready products. Because there's a Nor'easter hitting the east coast, you have zero vacation days saved up, your office is freezing, plane tickets are expensive... and we all just need a DANG BREAK. ::pretends really hard I'm at the beach with a humongous piña colada in hand::

I Got A $2,500 Acne Scar Laser Treatment

"I honestly feel instilled with a new hope."

This Russian Official Has Been Accused Of Sexual Harassment. But Almost Everyone Is Defending Him.

Leonid Slutsky, the head of the Duma's foreign affairs committee, has been accused by at least three journalists of inappropriately touching them.

The Simple Revolutionary Power Of Ava DuVernay’s Vision For “A Wrinkle In Time”

“Storm Reid as Meg Murray is kind of a radical idea,” DuVernay told BuzzFeed News. The same could be said of DuVernay as her director — a black woman directing a major sci-fi film centered on a young black girl. (Very light spoilers ahead.)

Así se verían los pósters de películas sin las mujeres que han denunciado violencia sexual

Ellas están ayudando a darle voz a las mujeres que también han sido víctimas de la violencia de género.

Jennifer Lawrence Is A Prisoner Of Her Cool Girl Image

This is the story of how Lawrence became the biggest female movie star in the world — but it’s also the story of how an image can become an albatross.

Você daria conta de namorar alguém de Peixes?

Não é pra qualquer um, não.

Aung San Suu Kyi Just Had Another Human Rights Award Taken Away Because Of Her Inaction On The Rohingya Crisis

The United States Holocaust Museum is rescinding its award given to Suu Kyi in 2012.

Remember The City That Was On The Brink Of Running Out Of Water? It Now May Not Happen This Year At All.

But people in Cape Town are being urged not to get too comfortable and to continue saving water — otherwise, "Day Zero" could be waiting for them in 2019.

Google conmemora el Día Internacional de la Mujer con estas ilustraciones llenas de inspiración

12 artistas internacionales se unieron para darle vida a este proyecto que celebra el género femenino desde muchas perspectivas distintas.

Ce qu’une lycéenne de 14 ans morte dans la tuerie de Parkland a laissé derrière elle

La chambre d'Alyssa Alhadeff est comme elle l'a laissée. Avec tous les objets typiques de sa vie de lycéenne : cahiers, vernis à ongles, chaussures de foot, et une robe à paillettes dans son armoire.

These 12 Questions Will Reveal If You're A Low Or High Maintenance Girl

Do you strive for perfection or for compromise?

Plan A Night In NYC And We'll Tell You Which Broadway Leading Lady You Are

"And I'll compel him to include women in the sequel"

Hundreds Of People In Salisbury Have Been Told To Wash Their Possessions Over Nerve Agent Fear

Public Health England has warned anyone who was in the same pub or restaurant as Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury last Sunday to wash their clothes and belongings.

19 preuves que c'est bon, on n'a plus du tout besoin d’une journée des droits des femmes

En France, chaque année, 84 000 femmes de 18 à 75 ans sont victimes de viol.

Build A Dessert Bar And We'll Give You A Queer Star To Crush On

Delicious desserts and hot women? Say no more!

12 razões para considerar a lagartixa como seu próximo pet

Além de fofinhas elas comem baratas.

I Tried And Failed To Interview The Instagram Star Who Says She Has Dirt On Trump And Russia

My 48 hours inside the eccentric world of Anastasia Vashukevich.

Madelon • 12 hours ago

Demi Lovato Gets Real About Becoming The Role Model She Never Had Growing Up

"Drugs were glamorized, and when I was 12 or 13, nobody was talking about mental illness."

23 Ways To Be A Better Adult In March

Read this if you want to know 1.) exactly how often you should wash your sheets 2.) an easy way to save up for a vacation and 3.) a bunch of other tips that'll make adulting *slightly* easier.

14 Cosas súper 'random' que vas a querer comprar si estás obsesionado con Netflix

Si te das un maratón cada fin de semana, de seguro aquí hay algo para ti.

Tiffany Haddish Clapped Back After Her Joke About Dating Brad Pitt Went Viral

"As much as I would love to chitchat with Angie that is not what I want to be talking about."

Vin offert par Edouard Philippe : l'Intérieur assume le pari relevé par Gérard Collomb après une question sur les réfugiés

Pour gagner une bouteille de vin offerte par le Premier ministre, le ministre de l'Intérieur devait placer une citation en latin. Il l'a fait en répondant à une question sur les conditions d'accueil «indignes» des demandeurs d'asile. Beauvau confirme et assume.

Tom e Abby de "Queer Eye" estão juntos de novo. Ai, meu coração

Na semana passada, Tom tuitou que o casal havia se separado, mas tudo mudou!

Ana War ya sabía hace años que era una reina del pop y hay un videoclip para demostrarlo

Canta, actúa y pinta, escribe poemas, todo lo hace bien.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a safety grip, a pack of nighttime mouth guards, a set of 260 gel pens, a knit beanie, and more!

Pink, Adam Levine, Zendaya And Other Celebs Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

"Pink makes music for obnoxious white bridal parties that drunkenly walk into Denny's and ruin everyone's evening."

Tell Us The Best Piece Of Advice A Woman Ever Gave You

The best advice always comes from people who've been there.

11 Things That Made The World A Better Place, And 11 That Did The Opposite

For every great idea, there is an equally terrible idea.

15 primeiros crushes de quem cresceu nos anos 2000

Uma década dominada pelos gatinhos do Disney Channel.

14 Protein-Packed Vegan Breakfasts

Eggs aren't the only way to get your morning protein.

Kylie Jenner Keeps Reposting Makeup Tutorials With K-Pop Songs And People Are Confused

"I'm so glad someone as influential as NCT did some charity and let Kylie get a taste of fame and success."

Sri Lanka Is Blocking Facebook For Three Days In Response To Violence Against Minorities

The social media giant was blocked as the country imposed a state of emergency for the first time since its civil war ended almost a decade ago.

Test BFP live posts 2

Test BFP live posts 2

Government Scientists Have A Plan For Blowing Up Asteroids With A Nuke

There's a teeny chance that a giant asteroid might blast Earth after 2175, so scientists are working on a solution.

19 Old People Who Will Make You Say "Me In 50 Years"

"My grandma literally has 23 framed portraits of her farm animals hanging on her grandchildren, only animals..."

En 2018, une pub française montre enfin du sang sur des serviettes hygiéniques

«Contrairement à ce que l’on croit, les femmes ne saignent pas en bleu mais en rouge. Les règles, c'est normal.»

17 Absolute Legends In Savage Kid History

Some kids are born not to be played with.

Este caso de bullying fez muita gente lembrar o pesadelo que é a escola

As pessoas começaram a compartilhar suas histórias em resposta ao vídeo do jovem de PE que sofreu bullying por ter problemas mentais.

Here's Everything From Tasty's Cute & Affordable New Product Line

AKA you'll finally have the tools to make that JIGGLY CHEESECAKE at home.

13 Gründe, warum deine Vagina beim Sex weh tun kann

Lasst uns darüber reden, weshalb Sex schmerzhaft sein kann und was man dagegen tun kann.

15 Menschen, die viel cleverer sind als du und ich

Krass clevere Lifehacks. Glaube ich.

Plan Your Meals For A Day And We'll Reveal How You'll Become Famous

♫ Another name goes up in lights, like diamonds in the sky ♫

A hashtag do Twitter #InspireUmaMulher vai deixar seu dia melhor

Uma chuva de boas vibes, de mulher para mulher.

Paris Jackson Just Reacted To Pictures That've Been Edited To Change Her Skin Tone

"I'm aware of what I look like and I'm finally happy with it."

The Democratic Civil War In Houston’s Suburbs Is Just Getting Started

A House candidate who has been pilloried by the House Democratic campaign arm has made a run-off election in a crucial seat for the party.

MST invade pela 3ª vez fazenda que delator diz pertencer a Temer

Fazenda Esmeralda, em Duartina (SP), está registrada em nome do coronel aposentado João Baptista Lima Filho, amigo do presidente. Em depoimento à PF, o ex-executivo da JBS Ricardo Saud disse que o deputado Paulinho da Força (SD-SP) confidenciou que a propriedade é de Temer.

Diese veganen Erdnussbutter-Macarons solltest du unbedingt mal nachbacken

Lecker und vegan! Mehr vegane Gerichte von uns gibt's auf Pinterest und YouTube.

A 26-Year-Old Lost His Foot After An Infection With Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Raul Reyes woke up with a swollen foot. Four days later, it was amputated to save his life. Here's what you need to know. (Warning: This post contains graphic photos.)

Italy's New Far-Right Star Specifically Thanked Facebook For The Election Result Because Of Course He Did

Matteo Salvini delivered the fiery Eurosceptic, anti-immigration message in a country obsessed with talking about politics on Facebook.

20 Basic Kitchen Products You Probably Don't Already Have

A clever colander, brilliant baking pans, a great grater, and more necessities every kitchen (and amateur chef) should have. What have you been doing without these all this time?

This Local Council Will Give Staff And The Public Gender Badges To Improve Trans Awareness

Exclusive: Brighton and Hove Council is to equip employees and members of the public with a badge that says whether to refer to them as he, she, or they.

31 Dinge, die Frauen ohne Scheiß früher in Röcken erledigen mussten

Frauen durften übrigens bis 1993 im US-Senat keine Hosen tragen ...

What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

Tell us how you'd spend your winnings.

Diese super einfachen und super zarten Käse-Hack-Bällchen aus dem Slow Cooker sind der Hammer

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Ultimativ Tasty-Kochbuch ist jetzt im Handel. Hol es dir hier!

早く教えてくれよ! 便利すぎる袋ラーメンの裏技


Tom And Abby From "Queer Eye" Are Now Back Together Again, And Oh God My Heart

Just last week he tweeted that they weren't together!

Diese Frau erfuhr, dass ihr Muttermal darauf hinweist, dass sie im Mutterleib mit ihrem Zwilling zusammengewachsen ist

Sie hat Chimärismus, eine seltene genetische Veranlagung, bei der ein Mensch aus zwei verschiedenen DNA besteht.

Quel juge de «Top Chef» êtes-vous ?

Un quiz gourmand et croquant.

11 Städte auf der Welt mit wahnsinnig gutem Essen, die zu Unrecht unterschätzt werden

Hier, ein Reiseplaner für dich, wenn du Essen liebst. Gern geschehen!

16 Tweets, die dir zeigen, wie großartig Menschen auf das Coming Out von Felix Jaehn reagieren.

„Ich bin stolz auf dich, dass du so offen damit umgehst. Damit hilfst du echt vielen Menschen, die Angst haben!“

27 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A copy of How To Live With A Huge Penis, Dobby socks, a vibrator, and 24 other favorite products from our recent posts.

18 chats qui pensent que les règles sont stupides et que vous l'êtes aussi

Ce n'est pas vous qui avez un chat. C'est votre chat qui a un humain.



Diese Erdbeer-Käsekuchen-Macarons sind ein süßer Traum in Pink

Moooooooah! Noch mehr Leckereien gibt es auf Pinterest und YouTube.


1996年にT.M.Revolutionとしてデビュー。翌年には『WHITE BREATH』がミリオンセールスを遂げ、90年代を代表するアーティストになった彼は、今でも最前線を走り続けている。テレビの中で明るく振るまうが、その素顔は「ストイック」そのものだった。

15 tweets qui feront pleurer les fans du PSG et rire tout le reste de la France

«C'est quand même bête d'avoir bassiné tout le monde avec #EnsembleOnVaLeFaire et oublié de prévenir les joueurs...»









13 cosas que una persona delgada nunca experimentará

El vendedor que intenta liarte para que compres algo que te queda pequeño diciéndote que perderás ese peso que te sobra.

The Saudi Crown Prince Is Flying Into A Very 21st Century Battle On The Streets Of London

Billboards, hashtags, and online adverts declaring that Mohammed bin Salman is "bringing change" to Saudi Arabia are competing with vans branding him a "war criminal".

Doughnut Time Owner Apologises To Staff For "Not Being Able To Pay Them In Full"

Employees of the once wildly popular Doughnut Time franchise say they are owed thousands of dollars with no idea when – or if – they’ll ever be paid.

Can You Guess The Bollywood Movies From These Emojis?

Only a Bollywood fan and an emoji expert can score 15/15 on this quiz.

This Is What It's Like To Go Through A Gruelling 18 Month Welfare Assessment. Spoiler: It's Not Great.

After 30,056 people were reviewed by the department, only 16 were kicked off welfare.

Are You More Becca Or Lauren From "The Bachelor"?

Hopefully someone finds love...

A Teenage Boy Allegedly Tried To Detonate A Bomb At His School After Researching ISIS

Police say the homemade bomb could have caused "significant injury or death" if other students at the Utah school hadn't spotted it and reported it to authorities.

Newsweek Media Group Websites Ran Malicious Code That Experts Say Is Used To Commit Ad Fraud

The company said it is conducting an internal investigation “to identify the individuals responsible and will take the necessary action.”

Flash Briefing For March 7, 2018

North Korea says its willing to scrap its nukes program, man files lawsuits after being denied a gun, Trump scores his first legal win with DACA, and West Virginia reaches a deal on teachers’ pay.

Tanya Plibersek Just Straight Up Asked Why Viagra Isn’t Taxed And Tampons Are

Tampons and sanitary pads are taxed but condoms and lubricants aren't.



Parents Who Allegedly Forced Their Kids To Live In A Box Say It's About Being Poor, Not Abusive

"We are just minding our own business, trying to raise our three kids on little money," the father told the Los Angeles Times from jail.

"The Bachelor" Somehow Got Even Worse On The Second Night Of The Finale And Fans Are Shook

"Yes, I got engaged to her two weeks ago, broke up with her yesterday, and I'm one thousand percent over her."



What's The Scariest Movie You've Ever Seen?

Try not to get too scared.

The Justice Department Is Suing California Over Its Sanctuary Laws

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will travel to California on Wednesday to make his case that the state’s laws limiting cooperation by law enforcement and employers with federal immigration agents run afoul of federal law.

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About The Big Snowstorm Slamming The East Coast

Parts of the Northeast have already received more than two feet of snow.

Stormy Daniels Is Suing Trump Over A "Hush Agreement" That She Says He Never Signed

The adult film star alleges that her agreement not to disclose her "intimate" relationship with Trump is invalid because while she signed it, the president never did.

Build Your Dream House In LA And We'll Guess Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

The time to live like a millionaire has come around!

The FBI Paid Geek Squad Employees To Turn Over Illegal Content Found On Customers' Devices

The FBI has paid Best Buy employees to flag and turn over any illegal content they find during customer repairs.

Así es una protesta de trabajadoras sexuales en la CDMX

"Pagas por el servicio, no por mi vida".

21 Melbourne Cafes That Are Just Begging To Be Photographed

Because if you didn't snap a picture of your food before eating it, did you really go out for brunch?

Solo un verdadero yucateco podría pasar este examen de palabras

Claro que sabes qué significa ~pelaná~.

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