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    Mar 7, 2018

    14 Photos Of Eggs With Runny Yolks That Will Make You Drool Against Your Will

    So much runny goodness!

    1. First, there's this fried fella:

    2. And this openly oozin' one:

    3. Here's one just melting all over a breakfast sammie:

    4. And this one that's erupting on a mound of fluffy white rice:

    Twitter: @larissaccs

    Would explore this volcano 11/10.

    5. Here's the full range of the soft-boiled egg, next to its counterparts:

    That 7-minute mark tho.

    6. And here's this sunny-side up number, just leaking gently all over the rest of the meal.

    7. Would ya just LOOK at the flow on this one??

    Getty Images

    8. Meanwhile, this succulent AF yolk is allllmost too perfect to break.

    Getty Images

    9. This sandwich doesn't even need mayo or sauce, because it's got runny yolk all over it, AKA NATURE'S SAUCE.

    10. Just when you thought the burger couldn't be improved, they added an egg:

    11. But tbqh, we also love it all on its own.

    12. If you aren't having a sexual response to this, we feel sorry for you.

    13. And if this doesn't make you want to mash your face in it, then don't talk to us.

    14. Because we believe perfection exists, and that it looks a lot like this:

    Getty Images


    This post was translated from Portuguese.