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Drama's Going Down On Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian And Sofia Richie's Instagrams


If you've followed Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's relationship at all over the past ten years you'll know that it's been tumultuous.

However after splitting for good in 2015, Kourtney and Scott both recently embarked on new relationships – Kourtney with Younes Bendjima and Scott with Sofia Richie.

Even that hasn't been without drama, though.

Well, things have now taken a mysterious turn. On Sunday night, an episode of KUWTK aired in which Kim announced that Kourtney had been having "messy drama" with Younes recently.

Shortly afterwards, fans noticed that Younes had unfollowed Kourtney on Instagram. Hours after that, he deleted his account.

The following day, Kourtney unfollowed Younes.

oop kourtney and younes unfollowed each other on instagram what’s the tea sis

And just hours later she deactivated her account as well.

Now, while all this was going on, Scott Disick unfollowed Sofia Richie on Instagram.

Awkwardly, though, she didn't unfollow him.

But of course fans immediately went into overdrive, speculating that this meant a Skourt reunion could be on the cards.

Kourtney and Scott are getting back together I can feel it

I'm ready to place bets, Scott and Kourtney and are going to end up back together. Just watch.

As soon as Kourtney’s break up with Younes is confirmed, Scott will break up with Sofia.

Am I the only one that still thinks Kourtney and Scott are gonna end up together?

Kourtney broke up with her boyfriend, now Scott break up with that Kourtney look alike and get back with Kourt

But then, amongst the speculation, Kourtney and Younes' accounts suddenly reactivated.

Scott, however, hasn't re-followed Sofia and she hasn't unfollowed him.


I need a lie down.

BuzzFeed has contacted Kourtney and Scott's spokespeople for comment.