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    11 Things That Made The World A Better Place, And 11 That Did The Opposite

    For every great idea, there is an equally terrible idea.

    1. This angled trash can allows passing cyclists to easily dispose of their trash.

    Whereas this trash can in a public toilet just gives you a clear view into the stall next door.

    2. This library installed a silent booth so people can take calls without disturbing others.

    This library tried charging for free coffee.

    3. This driver wanted to give his customers a nice distraction by installing a playable NES in the back of his car.

    Whereas this one just wanted to show off his side hustle as a DJ.

    Everyone: 2016 could not possibly get worse Me: *dies in a car crash while my Uber driver is literally DJing*

    4. These wet floor signs do the banana proud.

    Whereas these bananas have been denied their natural abilities.

    If only bananas had robust, natural, bio-degradable packaging of their own. Some sort of peelable skin, perhaps.

    5. This parking lot has lines painted up the wall to help people park.

    This guy decided that a rubber chicken would be enough to improve his parking.

    6. This yogurt lid comes with instructions, allowing it to double up as a spoon.

    But this "heart-shaped" spoon just looks like a penis.

    7. This crossing gives seniors the option to have more time to safely cross the road.

    This crossing leaves you abandoned in the middle of the goddamn road.

    8. This family friendly car wash allows kids (and adults) to shoot suds at cars.

    This carwash, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of family friendly.

    9. This door stop in an ice cream store not only does its job, but it looks stylish while doing so.

    This door stop somehow manages to fail at its only job.

    10. This dishwasher projects how much longer the dishwasher has left to run.

    This dishwasher doesn't even open.

    11. This innovative sign was created so the owner can just move the "n" to say whether they're open or closed.

    However this shop called "closed" needs an extra sign just to say that they're actually open.