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Show Us Your Hair Transformation


Everybody loves a good glow-up. And who doesn't love a gorgina HAIR glow-up?! Answer: Fakes.

So have you ever gone to your hairstylist and told them you wanted to try something ~new~?

Maybe you went from ~long 'n luscious~ to ~short 'n sassy~ and suddenly felt more like your true chic self...

...or went from shaggy Brooklyn graphic designer to Keanu Reeves's long lost hotter brother?

Or perhaps you got extensions that made you feel like a fabulous Glamazonian queen!

Or maybe — just MAYBE — you dyed your hair a cuh-razy color that you were always too nervous to try, but then one day finally said, "fuck it!" and you've thrived ever since.

So if you've had a total hair transformation, please submit your before-and-after pics (and if you're feeling ever so inclined, a short blurb on WHY you made the change) in the DropBox below for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video! YAY FOR HAIR GLOW-UPS!