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24 Times Completely Inedible Things Looked So Freakin' Delicious

My mind is telling me no, but my taste buds are telling me yes.

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1. This mattress that looks like a giant ice cream sandwich.

njbolinger / Via

2. This giant rock in Tettegouche State Park, Minnesota that looks like a medium rare steak waiting to be dipped in A1 sauce.

Scaulbylausis / Via

3. This dab of toothpaste that looks like a little piece of salmon.


4. This garage door that looks like a Hershey's milk chocolate bar.

TheHumanGuitarman / Via

5. This piece of sandpaper that looks like a tasty steak.

StefanodesLocomotivo / Via

6. This fungus that looks like a roasted marshmallow with some sort of delicious, chocolatey filling...or a couple of chili dogs on weird buns.

fender0011 / Via

7. These three pound weights that look like they melt in your mouth, not in your hand.

BadThoughtProcess / Via

8. This microwaved soap that looks like some freshly baked bread.

Horacioo / Via

9. This chewed up pinecone that looks like coconut shrimp.

IllyriaGodKing / Via

10. This tree stump that looks like it's waiting for a sandwich to be made on it.

iwishmynamewasbrian / Via

11. This table snow that looks like a fruit-filled pastry.

dosoc / Via

12. This geode (crystalized rock) that looks like a plump burrito.

deuteros / Via

13. These rocks that look like a pancake and egg...

Toastalicious_ / Via

14. ...which would go great with this rock that looks like a giant slab of bacon.

jgoodma3 / Via

15. This rock that looks like a crustless sandwich cut with the utmost precision.

SirEleventy / Via

16. This rock that looks like a perfect potato.

GioHoneyBuns / Via

17. The inside of this golf ball which look like some tasty smoked salmon.

guntycankles / Via

18. This water hose that'll make you want a banana real bad.

ButtStubble / Via

19. The reflection of these cookies being prepared on a board, which resembles one giant chocolate chip cookie.

robije / Via

20. This tree that looks so, so much like piece of broccoli.

Bdogg242 / Via

21. This mushroom that I wouldn't think twice about seeing in a box of Dunkin' Donuts.

corrikopat / Via

22. This peppermint swirl soap that looks like a little rectangular slab of steak.

eeyore134 / Via

23. This dimmer wheel that looks like an Oreo.

BeeneMachine / Via

24. And finally, these swirls of snow on top of logs that look like soft serve ice cream.

TheNewGuyNickD / Via

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