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March 16, 2018

Melissa McCarthy Is Unrecognizable In The First Trailer For "Can You Ever Forgive Me?"

"Quite by accident, I find myself in a rather criminal position."

23 Habilidades especiales que solo tienen las personas a las que les baja

Como caminar de una manera especial para evitar que se escape cualquier cosa.

14 Cosas que seguro no sabías de la nueva película de 'Tomb Raider'

Alicia Vikander pasó siete meses en un programa intenso de ejercicio para hacer sus propias escenas de acción.

¿Qué tanto sabes de frutas?

¿Sabes qué fruta tiene más azúcar?

Estas son las dos princesas de Disney a las que te pareces más

Ser dos princesas es el doble de bueno.

13 Datos aterradores sobre asesinos en serie que no deberías leer antes de dormir

(Pero igual lo harás porque eres un inconsciente...)

15 Cosas que pasaron en películas y no estaban en el guión

Cuando la magia del cine no funciona...

Dinos cuántas de estas cosas sabes hacer y adivinaremos tu edad

¿Sabes cuando el aguacate está maduro?

50 Cosas que los hipsters nos arruinaron para siempre

Esta lista nomás no se acaba, malditos hipsters.

19 Cosas que recordarás si eras una "niña fea"

O sea sí, la belleza es subjetiva, pero ¿qué tal la personalidad, eh?

Chantel And Kate Play Truth Or Dare Jenga

"Dare kind of scares me..."

Ellos tenían fe en AMLO, hasta que los traicionó con sus acuerdos

Con una gran ventaja sobre sus rivales, Andrés Manuel López Obrador está seguro de que tiene la presidencia en el bolsillo. Esta comunidad, que una vez le fue leal, está en busca de un nuevo candidato.

We Tried Using Everyday Objects As Beauty Blenders And It Did Not Go Well

Have you ever used a potato to blend your makeup? Nope? Well, we did it so you don't have to.

Twitter Just Suspended Even More Tweet-Stealing Accounts — Except This Time, They Were Verified

One of the accounts @FreddyAmazin, had more than 5 million followers.

Algumas histórias sobrenaturais para você tremer de medo

"Qual não foi nossa surpresa ao ver seis em vez de cinco cabeças no vídeo".

銃乱射事件は本当にメンタルヘルスの問題なのか? アメリカが直面する現実


8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

The Justice Department Just Lost A Legal Battle Over Public Access To The Secret Surveillance Court

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review found that outside groups had the right to argue for access to information, even if they didn't end up winning in the end.

20 Photos That Are As Funny As They Are Confusing

The longer you look, the better they get.

Doria publica indireta a Serra, que chamou medida da prefeitura de "verdadeira monstruosidade"

Na segunda (12), a prefeitura anunciou uma reestruturação da saúde municipal: os serviços das AMAs (Assistências Médicas Ambulatoriais) passarão a ser oferecidos em outras unidades de saúde.

Testamos um experimento clássico que faria duas pessoas se apaixonarem

Será que fazer 36 perguntas para outra pessoa e olhar em seus olhos por quatro minutos pode fazer duas pessoas se apaixonarem?

This House In Michigan Is The Definition Of Extra, And You Can Actually Buy It

This house has everything: A crocheted ceiling, an altar to Elvis, and all of the creepy statues your heart desires.

23 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most incredible and breathtaking pictures from the past week.

The President Of The Academy, The Group Behind The Oscars, Has Been Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President John Bailey is being investigated after three harassment complaints were filed against him.

The Queer Actor At The Heart Of “Love, Simon”

“I realized the thing that I thought was my biggest weakness — in my music or my acting or my life — was actually my greatest strength,” The Flash star Keiynan Lonsdale told BuzzFeed News. Warning: SPOILERS!

Amazon Prime Offers Free Samples, And Here's How To Get Them

You can sample food, medicine, and even skincare products!

Here’s What’s Actually Inside The McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

It's green, minty, (debatably) delicious, and absolutely not health food.

A Former Wheaton College Football Player Sued The School And His Teammates Over A Brutal Hazing

Charles Nagy alleges his former football teammates kidnapped him from a dorm room, bound his arms and legs with duct tape, and beat him.

14 imagens que você consegue ouvir mesmo sem som

É o famoso "uma imagem vale mais do que mil palavras".

Your Pasta Preferences Will Reveal If You're More Mary-Kate Or Ashley

This may sound CHEESY, but this quiz is GRATE!

24 Tweets You'll Laugh At, Even If You Don't Want To

"FOODHACK: put a bread in the toaster for a crunchy surprise."

What Classic Fast-Food Item Are You?

~Please don't be an Egg McMuffin~.

13 Pieces Of Office-Appropriate Clothing That Are Still Stylish

Whether you're working with people wearing full-on suits or at a company where sweatpants are A-OK, here are some options to let you show some personality during your 9-to-5.

Quanto você sabe sobre sexo gay?

Preparar, apontar... fogo!

22 Beautifully Disastrous Cake Fails From Netflix's New Show "Nailed It"

It's literally a contest to figure out who can make the ugliest desserts.

Tell Us The Story Of How A Movie Was Ruined For You

It doesn't matter how good the movie is... you will hate it forever.

Trump’s Getting Comfortable Doing What He Wants In The White House, And Staffers Are On Edge

Trump is going back to behaving more like he did before he was president, and no one knows exactly what that will mean.

Here Are The Victims Of The Florida Bridge Collapse

Six people were killed in Thursday's bridge collapse in Miami. Here's what we know about them.

This Is B-A-D: Some Democrats Are Sick Of A DIRE Email Strategy

“They have this relentless fucking strategy that seems to overwhelm and deceive their supporters,” one former Democratic digital strategist told BuzzFeed News.

A Black Man Attacked By White Supremacists In Charlottesville Was Found Not Guilty Of Assault

The judge ruled that DeAndre Harris was acting in defense of a friend. The four white supremacists who attacked him are facing separate charges.

La cuenta del Chicharito se acaba de convertir, oficialmente, en la mejor de Twitter

Dio consejos de amor, rechazó propuestas de matrimonio y hasta cantó "Scooby Doo Papa”.

We Tried That 2-Ingredient Dough From Instagram And It's Legit AF

Self-rising flour + Greek yogurt = endless possibilities.

18 Things From Jet That Only Look Expensive

♫ These are a few of my favorite (Jet!) things ♫

Hora a hora, como a execução de Marielle virou um escândalo global e mobilizou o Brasil

Em menos de 24 horas, o assassinato da vereadora e do motorista Anderson Gomes passou de apenas um dos tantos casos de homicídio a mão armada no Rio para uma convocação que envolveu milhões na internet e centenas de milhares nas ruas.

24 Festive Recipes To Make This Saint Patrick's Day

Featuring beer, whiskey, and lots of potatoes.

The House Intelligence Committee’s Russia Investigation Is Over, But The Drama Isn’t

Leaks, an office wall, public bashing, calls for resignation — the House Intelligence Committee is more broken than ever before, but members don’t agree on how to move past the drama of the Russia investigation.

Here's How To Avoid Getting Banned From Making Returns At Sephora

Yeah, they're definitely tracking your shopping habits.

Republicans Are Looking To Pass A Minor Background Check Bill And Avoid A Gun Control Debate Altogether

Despite a series of gun control proposals in Congress, Senate leadership appears to be focused on a single background check bill, and even that may never see the floor due to disagreements between the two parties.

Qual a fruta mais combina com sua personalidade?

Tá na hora de descascar esse abacaxi.

21 Amazing New Books You Need To Read This Spring

Spring into reading a brand-new book!

Which Decade Do You Actually Belong In?

Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone.

We Followed Health Magazine Advice For A Week

Watch three adults fail at making eggs.

33 Women-Run Etsy Shops You'll Be Instantly Smitten With

Who run the (online marketplace) world?

Anti-Immigrant Ads Aimed At Tech Workers Are Running On Public Transit

A DC-based group called "Progressives For Immigration Reform" has posted ads across San Francisco that say a foreign-born tech workforce has made US workers seem “expensive, undeserving, and expendable.”

7 homens que deveriam ser mandados de volta para as cavernas

195 mil anos de evolução e os caras não conseguem se controlar.

18 Cooking Fails That Are Soooo Bad They're Actually Good

LOL that unicorn cake — I'm crying...

Qual comida icônica francesa combina com a sua alma?

Você está mais para uma éclair de chocolate ou um ratatouille?

Pineapple With Chicken And Bacon

Pineapple With Chicken And Bacon

An Out-Of-Control Ski Lift Sent People Flying Into The Air In Georgia

At least 10 people were injured after a resort's ski lift in the country of Georgia malfunctioned and began throwing people off.

Guadalajara despertó con una nube muy extraña en el cielo y las teorías no se hicieron esperar

¿Goku? ¿El trailer de 'Infinity War' en la vida real? ¿Los marcianos llegaron ya?

18 Alimentos que creías que eran saludables, pero realmente no lo son

Lamentamos informarte que los frutos secos y la avena instantánea están en esta lista. :(

Hornea un pastel y te diremos la verdad más profunda sobre ti

Tu elección de vainilla o chocolate lo dice TODO.

24 Of The Best Things Under $10 To Buy At Sephora

Makeup, skincare, and haircare that you don't have to feel guilty buying — it's so cheap!

21 Times "Friends" Was Actually Really Problematic

Seriously, watching Friends in 2018 is a whole new experience.

31 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Weekend

Deals at TopShop, Overstock, Sephora, and more!

23 Bundestagsabgeordnete der AfD waren Mitglied einer Facebook-Gruppe für Rassismus, Hetze und Mordfantasien gegen Angela Merkel

Ein Viertel der Bundestagsfraktion der AfD war Mitglied der geschlossenen Facebook-Gruppe "Unser Deutschland patriotisch & frei". Darunter auch der Vorsitzende des Rechtsausschusses im Bundestag, Stephan Brandner.

Hey, Are Uncrustables A Type Of Ravioli?

People on Wikipedia are fighting about it, so let's fight about it too.

26 anecdotes sur le cinéma qui sont invraisemblables, et pourtant...

Sylvester Stallone était tellement dans la dèche qu'il a vendu son chien pour manger, avant de le racheter une fois célèbre.

41 images qui ne vous parleront pas si vous n'avez pas grandi en France

Des «J'aime lire» aux Krema Batna en passant par les cartables Chipie...

14 photos vraiment impressionnantes de tatouages à travers l'histoire

1 000 Tatouages explore l'art des tatouages, passés et présents, et du monde entier.

A California Bank Closed Manafort-Linked Accounts In 2016 After Transactions Raised Suspicions

Months later, companies behind his real estate development efforts with his then son-in-law declared bankruptcy.

23 Easy Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible

Put an end to throwing out sad, spoiled produce with produce saving hacks, tips on how to keep guacamole from going brown, where to store food, and more!

Police Have Launched A Murder Investigation Following The Death Of A Russian Businessman

Nikolay Glushkov was found dead at his home just outside London on Monday.

This $34 Comforter At Amazon Is Heaven For Your Bed, Body, And Wallet

How is this made-for-angels bedspread cheaper than my toaster?!

15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Camila Cabello did some airport modeling, Zach Braff volunteered to babysit, and more!

Larissa Manoela ganhou um pedaço da Lua por três meses de namoro

Tem muita gente que preferia ter ganhado comida mesmo.

20 choses à savoir avant de faire un road-trip aux États-Unis

Prévoyez des podcasts. Beaucoup de podcasts.

Trump's CIA Has Set Up Teams To Kill Terrorists

“Small teams are locating and killing bad guys. That’s what we are doing.” The official in charge of the hit teams was a senior aide to CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who Trump just nominated to be secretary of state.

25 pessoas contam o que fazem para se sentir melhor depois de um dia difícil

"Trocar os lençóis da cama (dá aquela sensação de ser rico, sabe?)"

Welp, It Turns Out Robert Mugabe Is Actually Still Pretty Mad About Getting Kicked Out Of Office

In his first TV interview since his 37-year rule of Zimbabwe ended, Mugabe said his successor had assumed power illegally.

The Bottled Water You Buy Could Be Full Of Plastic Particles, But Don't Panic

Bottled water is often marketed as the purest form of H2O, but a recent study found plastic particles in 93% of samples from around the world

17 fotos emocionantes dos atos pelo Brasil pela memória de Marielle Franco

"Ser mulher negra é resistir e sobreviver o tempo todo."

Which Surreal Place Should You Actually Visit?

Trick question - the answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE.

12 Money Etiquette Rules Every Grown-Ass Adult Needs To Know

On group gifts, lending cash, and asking friends favors.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on an omelette maker, a green clay facial mask, a digital hanging luggage scale, a meal prep container set, and more!

What Rom-Com Fact Blew Your Mind?

Did you know that Renee Zellweger worked undercover at a publishing company to prepare for her role as Bridget Jones?

27 Facts That Will Prolly Slightly Alter Your Perception About These Pop Stars

If there's nothing missing in my life, then why THE HELL can't I stop thinking about these facts at night?

Rep. Louise Slaughter, The First Woman To Chair The Powerful Rules Committee, Has Died

The New York Democrat died Friday morning, following a fall at her home last week.

75 Magically Hilarious "Harry Potter" Tweets Will Cast A Laughter Spell On You

"I'm not above yelling Harry Potter spells at you until you go away."

Former South African President Jacob Zuma Is Facing A Corruption Trial Over An Arms Deal

The charges are all in connection with a $2.5 billion arms deal made in the 1990s. Zuma was forced from office by his own party in February.

These Leaked WhatsApp Chats Reveal Just How Brexiteer Tories Relentlessly Fight The "Smeary" BBC

A huge cache of leaked messages shows how a powerful group of Eurosceptic Tories have repeatedly pressured the media to influence coverage of Brexit – and joked about cutting off a BuzzFeed News reporter’s testicles.

34 Affordable Dresses You Can Wear Literally All Year

Pair these dresses with tights and boots in the winter and sandals in the summer — you'll never have to put something in storage and forget it exists again.

あなたもインスタ中毒? このチェックリストをやってみて!




Camila Cabello Just Shut Down Rumours That Taylor Swift Made Her Leave Fifth Harmony

"Nobody could ever persuade me to do anything ... she's never ever had anything to do with that."

14 Hilarious Book Reviews From Very Concerned Readers

Only books could make people ~ feel ~ this much.

15 Genius Make Up Tips For People Who Wear Glasses

Show 'em you've got specs appeal.

Everyone Is A Combination Of Two Hogwarts Houses – Here's Yours

It's our choices that show what we truly are – so make good ones.

Oye, Disney, tenemos que hablar de cómo bautizáis a algunos de vuestros personajes

A ver, llama a Maléfica BUENÉFICA y quizás te ahorres un par de movidas.

27 Kitchen Products You Need To Just Grow Up And Buy

You've probably realized somewhere along the path of adulthood that nourishing yourself without spending a fortune involves cooking. A lot. Sometimes recipes call for a variety of kitchen tools — not just the single saucepan that you've used since college for everything. (Well, mostly ramen noodles). Tools like a fish spatula, a whisk, a cast iron skillet, or even a hand blender. Prepare yourself, my friend — you're in it for the long run.

かわいすぎてキュン死! 他の動物を助ける動物たち


A Coach Admitted To A Sex Crime On Tape. But When The Victim Died, He Walked Free.

Emilie Morris got her high school cross-country coach to admit to sex crimes on tape. But when she unexpectedly died at age 35, the criminal case she’d fought to bring against him died, too.

20 anecdotes absolument véridiques qui vont vous ébahir

Lors d'un jeu télévisé, une femme a «gagné» un rencard avec un homme qui s'est avéré être un tueur en série.

Morning Update: Tensions With Russia Are Developing Into An International Crisis

A bridge collapse in Florida, Slovakia's prime minister forced to quit, Donald Trump Jr.'s wife files for divorce. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, March 16.





18 Kannibalen, die dich erst anekeln und dann ausflippen lassen

„Wenn du verliebt bist, willst du sie unbedingt küssen. So war das bei mir auch, nur dass ich sie schmecken wollte.“

14 mega geile Rezepte mit Hack, die du sofort ausprobieren willst

Du wirst all diese Gerichte mit Hackfleisch lieben!

18 Anleitungen für DIY-Fleshlights, nach denen niemand gefragt hat

Pringles-Dose + Latexhandschuh + Schwämme = grenzenlose Möglichkeiten

15 Fakten über Seesterne, die dich verdammt nochmal ausflippen lassen

Du hältst sie für gutmütige Kreaturen? FALSCH GEDACHT.

27 Ways To Make Even The Tiniest Apartment Feel Roomy

You can still live large in a small space! From "floating" your couch to distinguish a proper living area to doubling up on your cabinet storage to reduce clutter, these tricks will make you feel at home without feeling claustrophobic.



Young People And EU Citizens Are Being Targeted In A New Voter Registration Drive

Hope Not Hate's campaign aims to get more people from historically underrepresented communities voting in May's local elections.

Ces tendances capillaires originales vont illuminer l'année

Et les noms sont également super ingénieux.

On est tous le mélange de deux princesses Disney. Quel est le vôtre ?

Avoir le double de sang royal, c'est pas mal.



22 superpouvoirs que découvrent toutes les personnes qui ont leurs règles

Marcher d'une manière particulière pour éviter tout débordement sanguin

19 Of The Best Face Moisturizers You Can Get On Amazon

"Stay hydrated." —me, not drinking enough water, but moisturizing the crap out of my skin.

Do You?

I'm sure you want to know.

After A Deadly High-Rise Fire In Hawaii, Officials Vowed To Make Sprinklers Mandatory. They Won’t Be Doing That After All.

Honolulu's mayor signed two bills that offer incentives to put fire sprinklers in high-rise buildings — but do not make it mandatory.

グミマニアにしかわからない! なんのグミか当てるクイズ


18 Tweets About Periods That Will Make All Women Laugh Or Cry, Depending On Where You Are In Your Cycle

"Sorry if l ever showed you emotion, l was probably on my period."

A Self-Described "Cyborg" Who Got A Travel Card Chip Implanted In His Hand Just Got A Ticket Fine

He got a piercing expert to insert the travel card chip last year.

Two Women Who Stole Flyers And Mocked Muslims At A Mosque Have Been Arrested

A Facebook Live video shows the women entering the mosque and removing pamphlets and other materials as they make derogatory comments about Muslims.



22 Hair Products For Battling Wind, Frizz, And Humidity This Spring

Defeat whatever weather the blooming season throws at you with the best of the best haircare.


参考まで: あなたが猫を飼っているのではない。彼らがあなたを飼っているのだ。



This Is Why Donating Blood Really Isn't As Scary As You Think

I promise you, the good outweighs the bad.

Pretty For An Aboriginal Talks "Black Panther" And Colonisers Live At The Sydney Opera House

Still here to have all the conversations Australia is uncomfortable having about sex, relationships, dating, power, and…most difficult of all, race.

Flash Briefing For March 16, 2018

Mueller turns to the Trump org, bulletproof backpacks are selling on Facebook, and RIP Geoffrey the Giraffe 😔

Vanessa Trump Has Filed For Divorce From Donald Trump Jr.

The couple has been married for nearly 12 years and has five children.

Este músico ofrece RT por tuitear un hashtag contra Felipe Calderón

El hashtag es #PagoComoFelipeCalderón está relacionado con la candidatura independiente de Margarita Zavala.

Here Are 14 Things I Did That Made Becoming A Vegan Easier

It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!

A Judge Says Five More Women Can Testify Against Bill Cosby At His Retrial For Sexual Assault Charges

The ruling on Thursday puts significant pressure on Cosby’s team, which is defending the comedian against allegations that he drugged and then sexually assaulted a woman at his Pennsylvania home.

Which Side Of Sharpay Evans Are You?

Whatever you get, just know you're fabulous!

15 Celebrity #TBT Photos You Should Definitely Check Out This Week

A behind-the-scenes Black Panther pic kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday!

18 Of The Best Places To Buy Houseplants Online

With a growing number of retailers adding live plants to their online catalogues, bringing a bit of greenery into your home has never been easier.

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