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March 29, 2018

A Prominent Liberal Judge From The 9th Circuit Court Has Died At 87

Judge Stephen Reinhardt — appointed to the appeals court in 1980 — died on Thursday, two days after his 87th birthday. President Trump will now get to appoint his successor.

25 Times Fran Fine From "The Nanny" Was The Greatest Fashion Icon Of All Time

🎶She's the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan.🎶

Zuckerberg Says He Strongly Disagrees With "The Ugly" Memo By Top Facebook Exec

The Facebook CEO's comments came shortly after BuzzFeed News reported on the internal memo that championed growth even if "it costs someone a life."

Here's Why Starbucks In California Will Have To Warn Customers That Coffee Might Cause Cancer

Starbucks and other major coffee sellers in the Golden State will now have to display cancer warning labels because, yes, everything is awful.

Líder de secta que marcaba mujeres con hierro hizo negocios con el gobierno mexicano

Keith Raniere, el gurú detenido el lunes bajo cargos de abuso sexual y trabajo forzado, se asoció con dos de las familias más poderosas de México. Sus seguidores insisten en que su inocencia será probada pronto.

Which Character From "The Office" Are You Most Like When You're Drunk?

15 bottles of vodka? Yeah, that should do it.

Flash Briefing For March 30, 2018

The government wants to see social media profiles of US visa applicants, Laura Ingraham lost advertisers after mocking a Parkland shooting survivor’s grades, and scientists didn’t actually discover a new organ.

Here Are A Few Of The Oldest Bars In The World To Go Drinking In

For hundreds of years, one thing has brought the world together — getting drunk off our asses at the local pub.

Defesa diz que Yunes já prestou depoimentos e pede revogação de prisão temporária

Advogado Jose Luis Oliveira Lima ainda diz ao STF que Yunes está com problemas de saúde e que, caso não seja revogada sua prisão, que pelo menos ela seja transformada em domiciliar.





9 New Home Launches That'll Make You Want To Redecorate

Who needs spring cleaning when you can do spring redecorating?!? Well, spring has sprung and so have lots of amazing new lines, collections, and collaborations. These will help you freshen up your home without a mop, sponge, or spray cleaner!

Growth At Any Cost: Top Facebook Executive Defended Data Collection In 2016 Memo — And Warned That Facebook Could Get People Killed

Facebook Vice President Andrew “Boz” Bosworth said that “questionable contact importing practices,” “subtle language that helps people stay searchable,” and other growth techniques are justified by the company’s connecting of people.

Chocolate mais caro tem gosto de mais caro?

Fomos vendados (ui!) e tentamos descobrir se é possível saber o preço de três chocolates só pelo sabor.

18 Pictures Of The Funniest Hipster Things To Ever Hipster

Do you know the definition of velocipede?

Austin's Police Chief Finally Called The Serial Bomber A "Domestic Terrorist"

Chief Brian Manley said he was now "very comfortable" with calling Mark Conditt a "domestic terrorist" for a series of package explosions that killed two people and injured four others.

A Man Has "Super Gonorrhea" And It's As Bad As It Sounds

It’s the first report of a gonorrhea strain that doesn’t respond to the combination of antibiotics that experts recommend.

An Elementary School Art Teacher Was Suspended For Telling Her Students She Was Gay

"She’s an amazing teacher, the best teacher I’ve ever met, my favorite teacher of all time by far."

This Animal Test Is Really Hard, So If You Get Even Three Right I'll Be Very Impressed

Do you know more than "school of fish" and "army of ants"?

Afinal, assédio sexual é crime?

O que a lei brasileira considera "assédio sexual"? Mais do que isso: é possível punir alguém na Justiça por esta prática?

Jeff Sessions Is Not Appointing A Second Special Counsel, But Reviews Will Continue

The attorney general sent a letter to congressional leaders Thursday. Some Republicans have asked for a second special counsel to look into allegations that the FBI abused the FISA warrant process in recent years.

Roseanne Barr Deleted A Tweet Accusing A Parkland Survivor Of Giving A Nazi Salute

The star later claimed that the photo she'd seen was doctored. However, she has a history of making incendiary comments online.

12 Bloody Good Harry Potter Quizzes From Around The World That You Haven't Taken Yet

Get out that Marauder's Map, 'cause we're going on a cross-cultural journey.

150 Million Users Of The MyFitnessPal App Had Their Data Stolen By A Third Party

Under Armour, the owner of the food and nutrition app and website, recently learned that an unauthorized party acquired users' usernames, email addresses, and passwords.

Jim Mattis Called John Bolton "The Devil" When They Met Because, Sure, Why Not?

Mattis greeted Bolton with, "I’ve heard that you’re actually the devil incarnate."

The Disturbing Secret Behind An Iconic Cartoon: Underage Sexual Abuse

Robyn Byrd and Katie Rice were teenage Ren & Stimpy fans who wanted to make cartoons. They say they were preyed upon by the creator of the show, John Kricfalusi, who admitted to having had a 16-year-old girlfriend when approached by BuzzFeed News.

18 People Who Really Need To Reevaluate Their Life Choices

It only takes a few minutes. Please.

Attention Beauty Lovers: Sephora's Weekly Wow Deals Just Dropped

Score up to 50% on a T3 hairdryer, liquid highlighter, and several Sephora makeup brushes to add to your collection!

What's Your Favorite Power Snack For Studying?

We want to know how you feed your body and brain.

11 segredos de cozinha que aprendi com o "Mandou Bem"

É muito gostoso aprender com os erros (dos outros).

We Talked To Two Guys Who Ate Cereal Out Of A Pothole

"You should definitely try it — gets you out into the fresh air and sunshine, and you don't have to wash any dishes after."

Ryan Seacrest's Ex–Personal Stylist Has Filed A Police Report: "I Won't Be Silenced"

Suzie Hardy says she wants police to investigate her allegations of sexual assault against the radio and television host.

Eu amo me maquiar pois é quando me concentro em mim e mais nada

Eu não preciso de um livro de colorir para adultos quando posso preencher minhas sobrancelhas.

A Kenyan Politician Who Was Held In A Bathroom Says He Was Beaten, Drugged, And Deported To Dubai

Miguna Miguna has just been deported from his birth country for the second time in as many months, and is currently being treated at a hospital in Dubai.

Só quem tem uma memória acima da média vai tirar mais de 7 neste teste

Há nove pessoas neste prédio. Você consegue se lembrar quem mora onde?

21 Teachers Who Make Teaching Look Like Stand-Up Comedy

"Sorry class, my dog ate everyone's homework."

Trump Repeated A False Claim That The Border Wall Has Started Construction

Addressing a crowd in Ohio on Thursday, Trump said construction had begun on his promised border wall, but he was referring to pictures of construction that began in 2009.

Everyone Agrees That All Voting Machines Should Leave A Paper Trail. Here's Why It Won't Happen.

Thirteen states still use voting machines that don't leave a paper trail, which means in a close vote there's nothing to recount. A recent spending bill didn't provide enough money to fix the problem.

Women Are Making Decent Amounts Of Money Selling Designer Boxes And Bags That They Get For Free

I throw my Glossier pouches away, but apparently you can sell them for $25 apiece.

Fired FBI Official Andrew McCabe Is Crowdfunding A Legal Defense Fund As He Says He "Might Consider" Lawsuits

McCabe's crowdfunding page says he's raising money to respond to congressional inquiries, the DOJ inspector general investigation, "and any potential lawsuits he might consider."

This Hyphen Quiz Will Test How Good You Are At Punctuation

Hyphens are incredible and infuriating — there's a reason they cause (hyph) strife. A quiz from the BuzzFeed copydesk.

Putin's Spokesperson Compared #MeToo Victims To Prostitutes

"What do we call a woman who sleeps with a man for 10 million dollars? This might sound rude, but we call her a prostitute.”

A Christian Publisher Was Running The Same Malicious Code That Newsweek Media Group Used For An Ad Fraud Scheme

Newsweek Media Group and Christian Media Corporation both have close ties to a controversial religious leader and the university he founded.

The Government Wants Visa Applicants To Hand Over Their Social Media Usernames

The new proposal would affect immigrant and nonimmigrant visas.

Este garotinho teve sua festa de dois anos com o tema do SPTV

O Bernardo é completamente DOIDO pelo César Tralli e pelo Carlos Tramontina.

The First Trailer For "Terminal" Is Here, And I've Died And Gone To Sci-Fi Heaven

"I'm here for information...and maybe a filthy lap dance if I can get one?"

The Brother Of The Parkland School Shooter Has Been Barred From Having Guns And Must Get Therapy

Zachary Cruz was arrested for trespassing March 19 while skateboarding on the campus where his brother shot and killed 17 people. Police had warned him to stay away from the school.

Apple Just Released A New iPhone Battery Health Feature

In iOS 11.3, available now, Apple is releasing a beta version of a new performance settings option called “iPhone Battery Health.”

16 truques meio estranhos, mas que não custa nada tentar

"Ponha a água na boca ANTES do comprimido."

La primeras elecciones en tiempos de Facebook están por comenzar –y nadie está preparado

La influencia de Televisa –la mayor empresa de medios del país y brazo mediático extraoficial del partido dominante– ha tocado los niveles más bajos en su historia. ¿Acaso su declive está abriendo las puertas a algo aun peor?

Pessoas trans falam por que não fizeram uma cirurgia de redesignação

"Eu sou um homem de verdade, mesmo que eu não vá ao hospital para me submeter a uma cirurgia."

Mexico’s First Facebook Election Is About To Begin And Nobody Is Truly Ready

The influence of Televisa, the country’s biggest media company and the unofficial media arm of the ruling party, on Mexico’s elections is weaker than ever, but is its retreat opening the door to something worse?

An Appeals Court Has Ruled Adnan Syed From "Serial" Should Get A New Trial

Syed, who had his murder conviction vacated and was granted a new trial by a Maryland judge in 2016, on Thursday won an appeal against that decision.

19 Times The Internet Summed Up How Not To Flirt

"*flirting* so what fruit do you have in your town?"

Com quantas comidas você conseguiria viver sem pelo resto da vida?

Você abriria mão de pizza, chocolate, sorvete e batata frita pra sempre?

59 comédias românticas brilhantes que nunca receberam o devido reconhecimento

Uma lista para guardar para os finais de semana chuvosos.

À la marche blanche, un militant de la LDJ chargé de protéger Gilbert Collard frappe un journaliste

Une vidéo montre un militant de la Ligue de défense juive qui protégeait le député frontiste le 28 mars frapper un photographe. Ce dernier dit ne pas vouloir porter plainte.

Leaked Minutes Show This Labour Councillor Proposed A Candidate Knowing He Had Shared An Anti-Semitic Facebook Post

Minutes of a local Labour Party meeting in November last year, seen by BuzzFeed News, show that Alan Bull was proposed by the Labour group leader Ed Murphy.

These Are The 8 Professional Makeup Artists You Need To Be Following On Instagram

Meet the maestros behind the big brands and Beyoncé.

One Of Roger Ailes’ Chief Lieutenants Is Secretly Back Working At Fox News

Fox News said last year that top lawyer Dianne Brandi was on “voluntary leave,” but she has been working behind the scenes at the network for weeks, according to two sources.

Rafael é tão fanático pela Apple que tatuou a maçã mordida e peças de cinco iPhones

O confeiteiro de 22 anos coleciona iPhones, livros e tem uma escultura de Steve Jobs – a quem chama só de Steve – no seu quarto. Perguntado o que sente pelo smartphone, ele define: “É paixão”.

Model Winnie Harlow Wants Everyone To Know She Isn't "Suffering" From Vitiligo

"All our differences are a part of who we are but they don’t define us!"

A Growing Facebook Group Advocates For People Being Barefoot In Public. Here's All You Need To Know About Them.

"Barefoot Is Legal" is a growing community on social media hoping to destigmatize being barefoot everywhere. Its members have their facts and memes. And they're ready to recruit.

Why It’s Harder For Black Audiences To Watch "Roseanne" The Second Time Around

Once a show that black families could comfortably enjoy, the politics of the reboot and the woman who stars in it may override any feeling of nostalgia that once existed.

17 bons conselhos que todas as mulheres precisam ouvir

"Trate você mesma como trataria um melhor amigo."

Suas escolhas no self-service dizem muito sobre sua personalidade

Este teste á a prova que você é aquilo que come.

12 Egg Habits You Should Actually Get Rid Of

Never make a bad omelet again.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a car seat hanger, an 800-thread count sheet set, food saving bags, an activated charcoal teeth whitener, and more!

El racismo a la inversa NO existe y aquí te explicamos por qué

¿Te han discriminado por ser güero? Sí, es un ataque, pero no necesariamente racista.

This Is The Deodorant I Can't Stop Recommending To My Friends

Sweaty, smelly underarms are the ~pits~.

Everyone Is A Combination Of Two "Riverdale" Characters — Here's Yours

Are you more Cheryl and FP? Or Jughead and Fred Andrews?

Dans quel univers cinématographique auriez-vous dû naître ?

Êtes-vous fait-e pour les comédies romantiques ou pour les drames historiques ?

A New Jersey Judge Asked A Woman If She Closed Her Legs To Stop A Sexual Assault

A complaint against Judge John F. Russo accused him of mistreating a victim who wanted a restraining order against the man she accused of raping her.

Quel dieu ou quelle déesse de l'Olympe grec se cache en vous ?

Vous avez toujours été bien plus qu'un-e simple mortel-le.

Ces cookies façon crème brûlée vont vous faire craquer

Ces cookies façon crème brûlée craquent sur le dessus comme toute crème brûlée digne de ce nom !

24 Vacation Rental Horror Stories That’ll Make You Want To Stay Home Forever

Bugs, mold, phantom houses, and clowns — grisly tales from travelers who decided to skip the hotels to stay in someone else's home.

These Cuddling Corgi Puppies Are The Cutest

I need 1,000 sleepy corgis immediately, please.

17 voyages en train qui changeront votre vie à jamais

Prenez le temps de traverser quelques-uns des plus beaux paysages de la planète.

Make Your Ideal Cheeseboard And We'll Guess Your Age

Are you mature like your cheese?

At Least 26 Companies Have Now Pulled Their Ads From Laura Ingraham's Fox News Show After She Mocked A Parkland Survivor

"The decision of an adult to personally criticize a high school student who has lost his classmates in an unspeakable tragedy is not consistent with our values," one former advertiser said.

5 possíveis motivos que tiraram esta manicure 100% do sério

Fizemos a reconstituição dos momentos que obrigaram essa mulher virar a doida dos avisos!

41 héroïnes noires de séries qui ont illuminé nos télévisions

Du Prince de Bel-Air et Sister Sister à Insecure.

People Have Started Sharing The Hashtag #LetHerWork After A Woman Sportscaster Was Assaulted On Live TV

Female reporters in Brazil have launched a campaign against sexist behavior with the hashtag #DeixaElaTrabalhar, or #LetHerWork.

24 Times "How I Met Your Mother" Was Really Fucking Problematic

Not so much legendary as hella problematic.

How Nashville Became One Big Bachelorette Party

Over the last decade, Nashville has become one of the nation’s leading non-Vegas bachelorette party destinations. The bachelorettes are a vivid symbol of the city’s rapid gentrification — and the pitfalls of a new, “experience”-driven brand of tourism.

That “New Organ” Everyone Is Freaking Out About Is Probably Not New

Despite the headlines, some experts say the "new organ" — the interstitium — is not new, and not an organ. One said the paper was "old textbook knowledge."

Sarah Jessica Parker Has (Finally) Endorsed Cynthia Nixon's Campaign To Be NY Governor

The endorsement came a day after Parker released a tepid statement saying she looked forward to speaking with her friend about the campaign.

Just A Bunch Of Easy Spring Cleaning Projects That You'll Actually Finish

Instead of trying to deep clean every part of your home, just choose one (1) thing from this list and do that.

22 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A vibrant set of silicone baking cups, microwavable popcorn popper, alien patch sweatshirt, and 19 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Tell Us Your Absolute Worst College Fail

"A resident played loud pornographic sounds using a Bluetooth speaker in the hallway."

Malala Broke Down In Tears After She Returned Home To Pakistan For The First Time Since She Was Shot

It was the first time the Nobel Prize winner had returned to the country since moving to the UK.

Yunes, Lima e sócio da Rodrimar são presos, mas verdadeiro alvo das investigações é Michel Temer

Ministro do STF Luís Roberto Barroso determinou a prisão dos amigos do presidente e do sócio da empresa que é suspeita de ter sido beneficiada pelo Decreto dos Portos.

Morning Update: Everyone Is Watching Roseanne And What Year Is This

North Korea and South Korea historic summit, Facebook at a crossroads. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, March 29.

At Least 68 People Have Died In A Fire At A Police Station In Venezuela

Clashes later broke out between police and angry relatives of prisoners who died in the blaze.

26 Of The Best Kitchen Storage And Organization Products On Amazon

From cabinet organizers to food-storage solutions to shelves that'll maximize cramped spaces, all the stuff that'll help you restore order in your kitchen, no matter how big (or small) it is. The products in this post were updated in May 2018.

37 Cool And Random Things You Can Probably Afford

A zombie apocalypse cookbook, scratch-off globe, Battleship drinking game, and 34 other things to make you say, "Ugh thanks BuzzFeed, now I NEED THIS!"

100 Things Everyone Should Do In London At Least Once

If you're visiting London, you can't afford to miss these sights.

Dua Lipa Just Got Real About The Patriarchy And Sexism In The Music Industry

"Even from school, growing up with kiss chase or whatever, it’s been ingrained in our heads that boys will be boys and it's harmless fun," Dua told GQ.

30代ならわかる!ゲームの名作キャッチコピー クイズ #ファミコンの日






Crème Brûlée Cookies

Mmmm, these creme brûlée cookies have the crackling sugar top that every good creme brûlée should!

下着の色を指定するブラック校則、国会で話題に 林文科相は「大変驚いている」


The Leaders Of North Korea And South Korea Will Meet At A Historic Summit In April

The meeting between Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in will be only the third such summit between the countries.

Trump Called Roseanne Barr To Congratulate Her After Her Show Debuted To "Huge" Ratings

"Look at her ratings. Look at her ratings," Trump said at a rally Thursday in Ohio.

I Wouldn't Have Done Anything Differently, Says Officer Who Shot Courtney Topic

Courtney Topic, 22, was shot dead by police while holding a knife in front of a Western Sydney Hungry Jack’s in 2015. A coronial inquest is investigating what happened.

This Popular Tourist Island May Temporarily Shut Down Because Tourists Ruined It

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte described Boracay as a "cesspool".

Episode 39: 29 Not Out

Happy Easter!



6 Kids, Including The Boy In A Viral Protest Picture, Are Believed To Have Died After Plunging Off A Cliff

The 2014 photo showed Devonte Hart, who is black, hugging a white police officer at a protest in Portland.



3層仕立て♪ いちごとヨーグルトのふんわりムース


What The Hell Is Happening With Pill Testing At Groovin The Moo?

Just about everyone has thrown their support behind the idea of pill testing... except the promoters of Groovin the Moo.

If You Need A Break, Just Take A Look At These 28 Calming Nature Photos

Trust me, Mother Nature always provides the goods.

15 Tiendas mexicanas de ropa para hombre que no te dejarán en bancarrota

¡También puedes encontrar accesorios chidísimos!

¿Eres más Disney Channel o Nickelodeon?

Porque creciste viendo los dos, pero siempre hubo uno que te gustó más.

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