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    These Millennial Pink Minnie Ears Are About To Blow Up Your Instagram Feed

    Take all of my money!

    Remember these rose gold ears that flew off the shelves at Disney Parks and blew up your Instagram feed last year?

    Well, guess what?! Disney's back at it again with these millennial pink Minnie ears, and I'm already obsessed!

    But that's not all: Disney's also releasing a millennial pink spirit jersey to match those beauties!

    TBH, you can never have too many Minnie ears in your collection, so why stop now?

    You can find the ears beginning April 1 at World of Disney, which is located in the Downtown Disney District of Disneyland Resort.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    Additional locations throughout Disneyland and Walt Disney World will carry the millennial pink ears in mid-April.

    You'll also be able to find the spirit jerseys at Disney Parks in mid-April.

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


    Walt Disney Productions

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