Once And For All Decide Who The Hottest Disney Guy Is With This March Madness Bracket

    There can only be one winner.

    Recently we ranked the guys of Disney and decided Prince Eric was the hottest of them all.

    But despite the fact Prince Eric is a certified dreamboat, not everyone agreed.

    So here's a March Madness bracket (the most important, obviously) that you can use to share who you think the ultimate Disney babe is.

    Who would you pick between Li Shang and Prince Phillip?

    Or what about Milo Thatch vs Tadashi?

    Or even – *gulp* – Simba and Robin Hood?

    Here's how I filled it out, in case you were wondering. It was really hard for me to choose between Prince Eric and Naveen, guys, and believe it or not – Naveen WON THIS TIME.

    (I'm so sorry, Eric. I still love you.)

    Here's the blank one again. Share your results in the comments below!