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    Cole Sprouse And Chamillionaire Just Had A Great Exchange On Twitter

    Man, I love 2018.

    Roses are red, violets are sweet, Cole Sprouse just had another great tweet.

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    This time the Riverdale star posed a very important question about the meaning behind rapper Chamillionaire's name:

    So I’m confused, was Chamillionare named because of how much money he has, or because he owns millions of chameleons?

    In case you need a memory refresh, Chamillionaire is a rapper and entrepreneur who brought us the iconic 2005 hit, "Ridin'".

    Anyways, Chamillionaire was just scrollin' through his chamillions of twitter mentions and noticed Cole's inquiry — so he decided to set the record straight with a quick-witted Black Panther reference:


    @aristocait94 @chamillionaire I never thought I would see the day: @chamillionaire: 1. @colesprouse: 0. These are strange times indeed.

    This means that Chamillionaire did, in fact, just have a Twitter exchange with Cody from Suite Life. Man, I love 2018.

    @chamillionaire What the hell just happened lol Did Chamillionaire & Cody from suite life just have a convo lmaooo

    In all sincerity, this very unscientific Wikipedia entry seems to show that Cole was actually not too far off originally. But take it with a grain of salt! My teachers always said not to use Wikipedia as a source!

    Anyways, hope you enjoyed today's hot tweet content! Please join us next week for a new episode.

    Can you imagine being Cole Sprouse? Knowing that every time you tweet it will inspire at least 3.5 BuzzFeed articles?

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