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Hot Damn, Here's Nyle DiMarco Signing A Bunch Of Bad Words In ASL

You're f**king welcome.

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Nyle DiMarco —aka winner of America's Next Top Model, Dancing with the Stars, and just looking hot in general — finally gave the internet what it wanted: a video of a bunch of bad words signed in ASL!!!

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"Since I started making tutorial videos, I've gotten so many requests to do a bad words video," Nyle told BuzzFeed. "I think curse words are some of the first things a lot of people learn when they are studying a new language. It's something every language has in common. ASL, especially, can be more discrete. I try not to take myself too seriously and had a lot of fun shooting this."

And he DID NOT disappoint:

He signed for us "Fuck":










And, "You're dumb as hell!":


Make sure to catch Nyle's debut as a producer in the Broadway revival of Children of a Lesser God, opening April 11!

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