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The First Trailer For "Terminal" Is Here, And I've Died And Gone To Sci-Fi Heaven

"I'm here for information...and maybe a filthy lap dance if I can get one?"

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Well today, we received a full length trailer, and I'm going to need someone to seek medical attention, because I think I'm dead, and this trailer killed me.

Something different for you... #TerminalMovie @simonpegg @Dexfletch @RLJEfilms

And, according the the film's official plot summary, other characters include a "teacher battling a fatal illness," a "enigmatic janitor," and a "curious waitress" who is leading an intricate double-life.


This is the kind of role Robbie is BORN to play, giving equal parts Jessica Rabbit and Mia Wallace, even tapping into a little of her previous Harley Quinn* persona.

RLJE Films

*She was the best part of Suicide Squad, fight me (but also, please don't, as I said earlier, I'm already dead).