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March 20, 2018

Purchasing patterns reveal a lot about a person!

The committee reported paying Keith Schiller's private security firm another $15,000 last month.

Sí, hay una razón por la que sientes que la publicidad de FB te lee la mente.

There go our heroes...

Badass biblical babes.

O tal vez solo prefieres las comedias románticas.

Without the government subsidy, around 32,000 Australians would be paying almost $2,500 a year for the drug.

Keep it cute...literally.

The Brazilian company — which partnered with Cambridge Analytica in 2017 — denied having knowledge of illegal conduct by the British firm.

Grab some popcorn, and a shake.

It's all about the boots and Oreos.

An easy scare vs. an allegedly petrifying film.

A match made in dessert heaven

La muerte de Sudán convierte a su hija y a su nieta en los únicos rinocerontes blancos del norte vivos que quedan vivos.

Are you the smart one of the group, like Belle?

No, no todas las muertes de las mujeres son consideradas feminicidio.

Are you as rebellious as everyone else?

It's torturous trying to choose your favorite thing on Netflix.

This is the fluffiest omelet I've ever seen!

E pelo visto os outros participantes também.

Karen McDougal is suing the owner of the National Enquirer, American Media Inc., in order to break from a 2016 agreement that requires her to stay silent on an alleged affair with Donald Trump.

And yes, Tina Fey is in it.

Saudi Arabia's crown prince was at the White House as the US Senate debated whether to keep backing a Saudi-led coalition bombing Yemen.

Respira que depois de uma bad sempre vem outra.



You can't actually live in a sand castle, sorry.

It's OK to have more than one solemate.

Paola assiste às séries "Grey's Anatomy" e "Black Mirror", odeia Nutella, ama sopas e já fez pelo menos 10 mil litros de leite virarem doce de leite.

A consultoria CA Ponte, do publicitário baiano André Torretta, vai voltar a se chamar A Ponte Estratégia. A empresa negou ter conhecimento de condutas ilegais da Cambridge, que atuou na campanha de Donald Trump.

Jaelynn Willey was a competitive swimmer and older sister to seven younger siblings. She was shot before starting school Tuesday morning.

"This is the coffee of a woman who craves death."

Lights, camera, makeup.

Not everyone can be Eleven.

Before taking this quiz, you must do the Truffle Shuffle!

Your nose knows.

Na história do cinema e TV já aconteceram outros encontros mais emblemáticos.

"A very, very serious hit," says Mark Penn.

Even Ross would agree.

The photographer shot the ceremony in the same room where her mother's funeral was held.

You beautiful tipsy queen. ✨


How to take control of your personal information, if deleting Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram isn’t realistic.

"It's 'Psycho' in space."

Staffers on at least nine campaigns have unionized this year, pushing for better wages, hours, and policies for reporting misconduct. Revolution Messaging, a firm that recently made headlines over its handling of a harassment complaint, is one of the first consulting firms to see its staffers unionize.

"Legends are slowly but surely making their way back to the top."

"An American president does not lead the Free World by congratulating dictators," Sen. John McCain said. "President Trump insulted every Russian citizen who was denied the right to vote in a free and fair election."

Após ser exposto por Cármen Lúcia, decano Celso de Mello diz que sugeriu reunião para evitar que presidente fosse cobrada publicamente em plenário — e sinaliza que isso pode acontecer nesta quarta-feira.

Qual pedaço você escolheria?


"Over my decade with Fox, I long was proud of the association," Col. Ralph Peters wrote in an email to colleagues. "Now I am ashamed."

Rules are rules.

Your life deserves a little injection of cuteness. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Like, really really really want.

El 1 de abril debes ADELANTAR tu reloj UNA hora.

It started with a cold, then progressed to severe headaches and other symptoms that prompted several trips to the emergency room.

Philadelphia, New York, and Boston could all see a foot or more of snow. It’s the fourth storm to strike the Northeast in a month.

"Please stand closer to the urinal to compensate for your small penis."

Uma letra pode valer muito mais que mil episódios de "Friends".

Any combo will do, hunty.

"Dear Blue..."

The attorneys general in both states are asking Facebook for information concerning its policies and procedures "as they relate to the reported misuse of data" by Cambridge Analytica, whose CEO has been suspended over the scandal.

Histórias inspiradoras sobre amor, identidade e aceitação.

"This is what I set out to do, just play with puppies all the time!"

When in doubt, use the rule of three.

Cambridge Analytica provided "data acquisition" and other services to the Make America Number One PAC. Its targeted Facebook ads generated millions of views by aggressively attacking Hillary Clinton during the fall of 2016.


Summer Zervos sued Trump for comments he made about her during the campaign. "No one is above the law," Justice Jennifer Schecter wrote Tuesday, denying Trump's request to dismiss the lawsuit.

When I feared my Uber account was hacked, the app wouldn't allow me to remove my credit card.

"Eu já te falei isso antes?"

People constantly call you heartless, which is only like, 75% true.

También fue el punto más épico en la historia de la música moderna. Change my mind.

"I knew that if I were to take my own life, that the pain would end."

If I make it to the end of my life without brushing my teeth with the wrong thing I will be amazed.

El caso ya fue denunciado ante la fiscalía de delitos electorales.

Six months after Hurricane Maria ravaged the Caribbean in September 2017, the island of Puerto Rico is still struggling to rebuild.

Aura you ready for this quiz?

Se não conseguir nem ao menos uma risadinha, parte pra outra.

Find out what your fave authors have been reading, catch up on the great essays and features we've published, and get some awesome life advice from BuzzFeed Reader's editors.

"I'm a weepy mess of nostalgia and hope right now."

Goodbye, Chickenjoy!

So shiok!

"Parece que algumas destas imagens foram tiradas no ano passado."

The officer is in custody at the Hennepin County Jail.

Little Leonardo da Vincis.

The steamy 1998 thriller, which turns 20 today, offered subtle homoerotic thrills to those of us who were still figuring ourselves out.

No matter your fandom, there are certain things that unite those of us with a tendency to get a litttttllee obsessed with fictional worlds (okay, maybe a lot obsessed). The smallest things give us all the feels. Our fandoms may be different, but there are some things (like the ones on this list) that everyone who gets down with the fandom ~lifestyle~ can appreciate. Because we're trash, and we're proud.

Mississippi's new 15-week abortion ban will be put on hold for 10 days, after a US district judge said it is likely to be ruled unconstitutional.

It'll be ~*magical*~!

You're. It.

Esse negócio de ficar deixando recado na secretária eletrônica é muito antigo, bicho.

"O que será que essa professora ensina?", questionou uma desembargadora.

How does your short-term memory measure up?

Is Beyoncé as young as she looks?

Será que o bebê percebe toda a agitação da hora H?

No "daddy" jokes please. (JK live your life.)

“I think it is a quintessential moment in Cuomo's MTA daily life,” Nixon said.

Sobre la imagen corporal dijo que "Atrapa a las mujeres en un ciclo sin fin de desesperanza, vergüenza y odio por sí mismas".

Aling Vicky, yung anak niyo ho!

"Beschreiben Sie sich in drei Worten." – "Faul."


Only Sephora regulars will understand.

Ou seja, quanto você riu com o Adam Sandler.

Voici quelques petites astuces pour vérifier ce que vous êtes en train de partager et changer vos paramètres.

Si en tu escuela nunca se metió un perro callejero, a mitad de la clase, no has vivido.


Susan B. Anthony List, the anti-abortion group beloved by Mike Pence, sent dozens of college students to help Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski keep his seat in Tuesday’s Illinois primary that’s united most national Democrats against him. Even the students were surprised: “I realized pro-life and a Democrat don’t have to be mutually exclusive.”

♪ Take a sip of my secret potion... ♪

We're having a pet-za party.

Café sem açúcar é gostoso ou nojento?

"Madeline and Renata are back."

Chris Wylie, a data scientist whose work was at the center of a massive Facebook controversy, said publicly that he helped create “Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool.” Two of his associates who also helped build that tool have been quietly building another company to analyze and influence human behavior.


¿Te gusta el café negro?

Save money *and* feel like beauty royalty with seriously inexpensive keratin-infused hair products, contouring kits, and sneaky hacks that'll make you look like you dropped $$$!!

Da Vinci could never.

Deals on a travel baby diaper tote, silicone handle grips for pots and pans, a baguette pan, a filtered water straw, and more!

"Vocês ajudam muito mais desconstruindo o preconceito dentro de vocês do que exigindo lacração de uma menina de 15 anos."

Aprovados têm de mudar para Doha, no Oriente Médio. Como não há exigência de curso de formação, entre os competidores havia até uma ex-figurante global.

Du bist noch nie SO BEQUEM UND ENTSPANNT umgezogen.

The barrel man is more than just a funny souvenir, FYI.

Macaroons vs. macarons


Vereador publicou link que dizia que a prefeitura quer DERRUBAR o viveiro do parque. Na verdade, proposta diz que o espaço deve ser REFORMADO e receber um restaurante, mas que sua função deve continuar a ser "focada no atendimento do parque".

"Look at my baby girl."

Make this the Year of Great Hair.

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the rankings. This week: a sunflower dress, cat grass, and pimple patches.

Aparentemente, ele chama o próprio pênis de "mamelucco".

She's an American in Britain. Sound familiar?

El test más poético.

My period would be a blue gel instead of actual blood.

During the 2016 election, MGM came under mounting public pressure to release allegedly damning, unaired footage of Trump from The Apprentice.

"I cried when I killed a spider because I thought about how it could’ve had a spider-wife and spider-kids who were waiting for their spider-husband/father to return home."

Plastic? I haven't heard that name in years...

Don't @ me.

We've scoured the new arrivals so *you* don't have to, and found fabulous finds from comfy bralettes to perfect jeans to bold bathing suits.

Dans ce quiz, il n'y a pas vraiment de gagnants.

Putôt Dory/Woody ou Mérida/Buzz ?

Low-Carb Stuffed Cauliflower

Ce ne sont pas juste des règles douloureuses.

"The journey's all about getting there." —Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Getting There (2002)


Be literally ~cool for the summer~ (and spring) with fans, black-out curtains, breathable sheets, and other products to help you get to sleep even when you're hot AF.


You don't have to be a Rockefeller to give your photos and art the treatment they deserve! Create the gallery wall of your wildest Pinterest dreams with gorgeous frames from Target, Wayfair, Framebridge, Pier 1, CB2, and a dozen more picture-perfect stores.

Esportes bem delicados, assim como todas nós. ATENÇÃO: teste com alta dose de ironia.

Info BuzzFeed News - L'hebdomadaire lancé en janvier est en cessation de paiement. Un administrateur judiciaire va être nommé. La direction l'a annoncé aux employés le 22 mars.

A series of concerts will take place at the same time as huge joint US–South Korean military exercises.


Only in India.

ACTU boss Sally McManus says too many Australians cannot plan or predict their lives due to job insecurity.

Not every kid who’s lived through a school shooting has the same cause to advance. For some, this is their chance to march in memory of classmates killed years ago. Others will avoid the protests altogether.

Are you more ~Pink Lavender~ or ~Arcadia~?


The 17-year-old shooter fatally shot himself when confronted by a school resource officer who fired his gun, authorities say.

Ou talvez você prefira comédias românticas.

Ein Polylux ist kein Overheadprojektor. Ein Polylux ist ein Polylux!

Vem cá, tesoura!

Zeig ihnen, dass du Brillen-Appeal hast.

"We are under attack now from Labour all around us," the former Tory leader told fellow MPs as left-wing columnist Owen Jones plotted to defeat him.

Preciso de uns cinco minutos para me recuperar.

Ich habe das NICHT kommen sehen (aber gehe bitte davon aus, dass dieser Post Spoiler enthält.)


"You got it WHERE?" —all your friends.


Erstmal ein Schild aufhängen.

¿No estará ese canesú cortado a hilo?

Normale Menschen feiern in Clubs. Altenpfleger auf der Station.

Es sind nicht einfach nur schlimme Unterleibsschmerzen.


"The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper."

"[It] traps modern woman in an endless cycle of hopelessness, self consciousness, and self-hatred."

Self-driving Uber kills a woman, Broadway mashup, Facebook is in trouble. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, March 20.

“I mean there’s entertainment and there’s impossible, Scott. This is impossible. They are destined to fail. At least on Bake Off it is technically possible.”

Earlier in the day, a device exploded at a FedEx facility, injuring a worker. And another bomb was intercepted hours later before detonating.

Wenn ich nur die Kopfform für ganz kurze Haare hätte :(

The Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a case challenging a California law that requires crisis pregnancy centers to display information about abortion services and contraception.

Ich brauche 'nen Moment.

Êtes-vous un peu comme Samantha et un peu comme Miranda ?

The death of Sudan leaves his daughter and granddaughter as the only northern white rhinos alive anywhere in the world.

"Afghan women are unstoppable."


Regarder Friends en 2018, c'est quelque chose.

It's not the size of the ocean, people — it's the motion of the ocean.


Hey there, I just found you your next vacation spots.




The flagged tweet read, "Furthermore, this tweet is markedly false and I can think of many queer writers Becky has supported."

Construyámonos unas a otras cada día.

European diplomats told BuzzFeed News that Trump's erratic approach and the latest White House departures have made it more difficult to avert a full-blown trade war.

Damian Collins, the chair of British Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee asked the Facebook founder to appear in London in person to explain what went wrong.

The only reason I shave my legs anymore is to enjoy the feeling of sheets on smooth legs.

«El mejor ramen que he probado en mi vida, el cual posiblemente desprestigió para siempre a todos los demás platos de ramen que he probado».

Pourquoi on ne peut pas détourner le regard ?









From high school to college.

Personally feel like the Power Rangers/TMNT crossover was pretty important.

What month should you really have been born in?

Pour the wine, put out your pot plants, and put on a lei.. it's nearly Bachelor in Paradise time.

Up your Instagram game with images of these stunning coast lines.

We'll have to wait for the tea to be spilt.

There's more to Indian cuisine than butter chicken.

That she had previously denied was a donation to One Nation.

Richard Crawford was convicted of placing a fake pizza order — but a court overturned it because of the hoax movie ticket text a police officer used to track him down.

"Confronted by their true selves, most men run away screaming."

The move comes after the embattled movie studio tried and failed to reach a deal to sell its assets to a group of investors. It also just happened to fall on Harvey Weinstein's birthday.

Prepare to feel conflicted.

Happy Easter!



The Austin explosion count increased to four, a self-driving Uber killed a pedestrian, Claire’s declared bankruptcy, and Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ben Platt dropped a single together.

Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.

From the biggest Rockman fan in Japan!

"If they legislate away Wickr's ability to do this, it'll be done elsewhere."


On giving head and boning well.

Hope you brought your appetite!

Come on, vogue.

Rush is suing The Daily Telegraph over articles alleging he behaved inappropriately towards a woman cast member in a production of King Lear.

The means test for legal aid has not been updated since 2010 and a report for the Law Society shows this means people living in poverty are not getting access to a lawyer.

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