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March 13, 2018

The “Right To Try” Unapproved Therapies Just Got Shot Down, And Medical Experts Are Relieved

A law that would give terminally ill patients the “right to try” unapproved treatments — and largely bypass federal regulators — failed to pass the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

This Chinese Steel Importer Won A Huge Court Battle Against The Australian Government

A court ruled Australia's findings were "infected by legal error".

Trump Just Announced A "Space Force" And People Want To Know Where They Can Enlist

"I take a nap and wake up to hear that Trump wants to militarize space."


*excitedly shrieks in high pitch only dogs can hear*

17 Looks de Yuya que inspirarán tu estilo en primavera

Casuales, rockeros y hasta formales. Hay de todo para todas.

A Former Melbourne Mayor Sexually Harassed His Co-Workers, Investigation Finds

One of his accusers tweeted that she felt "relieved the truth was out".

Which Gay Stereotype From The Movies Would You Be?

Are you the sassy best friend or the fashion diva?

YouTube Said It Will Link To Wikipedia Excerpts On Conspiracy Videos — But It Didn't Tell Wikipedia

"Information cues" — links to Wikipedia — will appear alongside videos about topics that have inspired significant debate, like the moon landing and chemtrails.

Atlanta’s New Mayor Is Endorsing In Georgia’s Democratic Primary And Black Democrats Aren’t Happy About It

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms plans to endorse in the state’s contentious and complicated primary — and most people think she’ll endorse Stacey Evans, adding a new layer of intrigue to the race.

Three Men Arrested On Gun Charges Are Now Suspects In The Minnesota Mosque Bombing

The men are suspected of throwing an explosive into the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington in 2017, as well as planning an attack on an abortion clinic.

A Federal Agency Is About To Discuss Raising The Prison Sentences For Fentanyl

The United States Sentencing Commission will hold its first hearing on Wednesday to discuss a set of proposals to lengthen prison terms for people caught with the synthetic opioid.

UCLA Finally Released Its Video Of Steve Mnuchin Getting Heckled On Campus

A spokesperson for the university said the Treasury Department now supports the release of the full video after initially objecting to "providing a platform for the non-student protestors, who sought to disrupt the event."

President Trump Visited The Border Wall And These Photos Capture All The Drama

Trump visited San Diego to inspect prototypes for the proposed border wall, attracting protesters, supporters, and very curious journalists peeking over from Mexico.

Which Type Of Pie Speaks To Your Soul?

Who wouldn't want to know?

Show Us Your Humanlike Dogs

I'm calling the police.

26 Spring Shoes From Zappos That People Actually Swear By

Stilettos, booties, sneakers, and more highly-rated shoes that people would give their *left foot* for!!

Kim Kardashian's New 16-Shade Concealer Line Celebrates Diversity In The Best Way

The ads include her mom, grandmother, and women of a broad range of ages and skin colors.

23 Special Skills People With Periods Have Picked Up Over The Years

Walking a special way to avoid any blood overflow.

16 Cosas asquerosas que todos los mejores amigos han hecho

Mandarse fotos desde el baño y acompañarse a vomitar, ¿sí o no?

Este meme veio para tirar sarro de fã chato

Não basta ser fã, tem que provar que é.

30 coisas constrangedoras que acontecem em todo "BBB"

Sair gritando que a casa tem mais de não sei quantas câmeras quanto tá numa briga.

Choose Five Pets And We'll Give You A Cactus To Adopt Instead

Let's face it, you can't handle that responsibility.

Why Katy Perry Can’t Save “American Idol”

ABC’s reincarnated Idol is nearly identical to the original, and a new panel of celebrity judges can’t compensate for the changing realities that made the show’s promise of blockbuster stardom impossible to keep.

The Woman Who Said R. Kelly Abused Her Refuses To Be Silenced

For Jerhonda Pace, who last summer accused musician R. Kelly of abusing her when she was a minor, watching #MeToo take down powerful men has been bittersweet. “What about R. Kelly’s victims? What about us? Nothing happened for us.”

Oregon Is Recalling More Than 22,000 Pounds Of Donated Chia Seeds After Rodent Poop Was Found In Them

First question: Who donated over 22,000 pounds of chia seeds to a food bank?

A atriz que fez a RAINHA da série "The Crown" recebeu menos que o ator que fez o príncipe Philip

"Claire Foy LEVOU a série nas costas e meu DEUS PAGUE O QUE ELA MERECE."

Do You Consider These Foods To Be Pies?

To pie or not to pie, that is the question.

Jude Law As Young Dumbledore Has The Internet Feeling Some Type Of Way

"I’m just gonna say it, Dumbledore is a daddy."

14 cenas do cinema que aconteceram de verdade no set

Quando a magia do cinema é tão perfeita que na verdade é real.

Bacon And Potato Cups

Bacon And Potato Cups

Trump Said He Wants Tough Border Walls Because Would-Be Crossers Are Like "Mountain Climbers"

"Getting over the top is easy. These are like professional mountain climbers, incredible climbers."

A Dog Died After A United Airlines Flight Attendant Forced Its Owner To Put It In An Overhead Bin

One passenger told BuzzFeed News they heard the dog barking from inside the bin during the flight.

Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the rankings. This week: a Lucky Charms T-shirt, sassy socks, and a maxi dress with pockets.

14 coisas que só quem é da Baixada Santista vai entender

Você odeia quando falam como se TODA a Baixada Santista fosse apenas a cidade de Santos.

17 Cosas que pensaste cuando viste el tráiler de 'Animales Fantásticos'

¿Está bien que Dumbledore joven me haga sentir tantas cosas?

If You Love Cooking But Hate Cleaning, You Need These 24 Kitchen Products

Cooking can be fun, but cleaning up afterward is most definitely a chore. Luckily, these products make the process a little easier, like a self-cleaning garlic press, a pair of silicone oven mitts, or a non-stick cookware set. You'll have less of a mess to deal with after every meal! #winningatlife

The Prince Got Paid More Than The Queen On "The Crown" And People Aren't Happy About It

"Claire Foy CARRIED your show on her shoulders oh my GOD PAY HER WHAT SHE DESERVES"

LGBTQs fazem caravana para torcer pela Tiffany Abreu em jogos de vôlei

O plano é ir a todos os jogos da primeira transexual da SuperLiga brasileira até o fim do torneio, em abril.

13 pessoas contam as humilhações mais hilárias que elas já passaram

Agora vocês estão sendo exaltados, guerreiros!

Here's A Secret Tip On How To Make And Eat Ramen Out Of The Bag

For when you're either very busy or very desperate.

21 Very Specific Things Only Girls With Thick Thighs Understand

You know the awkward "my thighs are chafing" walk all too well.

What's The Most Comfortable Pair Of Sandals You've Ever Worn?

Wanted: sandals that won't hurt your feet.

Estas son algunas formas en las que la Liga Femenil sigue siendo diferente a la de hombres

Tristemente, muchas de las jugadoras ni siquiera reciben un sueldo

Qual Spice Girl de hoje é você?

Você criou uma linha de roupas ou faz parte do júri de "America's Got Talent"?

Só quem é muito ESPERTÃO vai gabaritar este teste de português

Você manja tudo de gramática e ortografia?

Protesters Left 7,000 Pairs Of Shoes In Front Of The Capitol For Children Killed By Gun Violence

The shoes represent the children killed just since the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012. Protesters are pushing Congress to pass gun control legislation in the wake of the Parkland shooting last month.

Pineapple Maple Glazed Ham

Pineapple Maple Glazed Ham

Este perro tiene cara de humano

Él es Yogi, el Shih-poo que parece una persona

Red Wine Braised Brisket -

Red Wine Braised Brisket -

Conseguimos adivinhar sua idade a partir das merdas que você já fez?

Errar é humano, mas este teste é certeiro.

16 tatuagens para fazer logo antes de morrer

Essa é para você que sempre quis fazer uma tatuagem.

Qual cor você é?

Uma verdade profunda sobre você.

19 Words That Have A Different Meaning For Messy Girls

The floor is not a surface for walking on but another way of displaying your clothes.

Esta supuesta declaración de Carlos Slim contra el PRI es FALSA

No. El empresario no dijo que votar por el partido es equivalente a contratar a un empleado que te robó.

O Sapo da Fiesp, que substituiu o Pato da Fiesp, já desperta opiniões apaixonadas

Entidade patronal aposentou a ave-mascote que havia lançado em 2015 e a substituiu por um anfíbio inflável gigante.

17 Memes That'll Make Anyone Obsessed With Selfies Say "Same!"

"Hello, modeling agency? Yeah my selfie just got 34 likes I think I'm ready to go pro."

16 ganz einfache Dinge, mit denen du die Welt ein bisschen besser machst

Guck mal, wie leicht es ist, etwas Gutes zu tun! <3

12 Dinge über Sex, die dich Pornostars wissen lassen wollen

Stell dir Pornos wie ein Büffet vor.

Trump Wants To Execute Drug Dealers. Here’s Why That Won’t Fix The US Drug Epidemic.

Addiction experts say that drug users and dealers wouldn’t be deterred by the threat of execution years away — and that similarly draconian policies haven’t worked in other parts of the world. Legal scholars say the Supreme Court probably wouldn’t go for it either.

Counterterrorism Police Are Investigating The Unexplained Death Of A Russian Exile In London

The death comes nine days after former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned with a deadly nerve agent.

"Nailed It" Had A Trump Cake Round And, As You Can Imagine, It Didn't Go Well

This post contains spoilers and cakes you probably won't want to eat.

Gender Nonconforming Activist Jacob Tobia Is Now The Face Of A Major Beauty Campaign

This is what a truly inclusive beauty campaign looks like.

Taylor Swift Is Getting Dragged Online For "Copying" This Perfume Ad

"Taylor Ssswift is a copycat. Straight up copied a Kenzo perfume ad."

Voici des illustrations déculpabilisantes qui vous feront du bien

Il n'y a qu'une seule bonne raison de s'épiler : parce que vous en avez envie.

Ellen Just Opened Up About Her Former Girlfriend's Death, Elton John's Criticism Of Her, And More

The award-winning talk show host got serious about a number of topics in this interview.

An Undocumented Teen At The Center Of A Suit Against The Trump Administration Said She Doesn’t Want An Abortion After All

The Trump administration and immigration lawyers argued in court over whether the teenager, another in a series of undocumented teens at the center of ongoing abortion cases, wanted the procedure. The case will now be dismissed.

A Person Who Witnessed White Supremacist Violence At Charlottesville Is Suing Fake News Sites For Defaming Him

Brennan Gilmore alleges Alex Jones' broadcasts and others led to him receiving real-world death threats.

18 Observations That'll Make Everyone With Glasses Say "Fuck, That's So True"

"The most unrealistic part of Harry Potter was that nobody asked to try on Harry’s glasses and make fun of how blind he was."

This Official Report Says Britain Is Going To Keep On Paying The EU Until 2064

The UK is going to be handing over money almost 50 years after the referendum, the Office for Budget Responsibility said.

Muslim MPs Have Been Sent Suspicious Packages And Racist Letters

The packages were sent to their parliamentary offices, while some also received a letter titled "Punish a Muslim Day."

Die SPD zieht ihren Gesetzesentwurf zu 219a zurück.

Die Sozialdemokraten wollen nun doch einen Kompromiss mit der Union suchen. Angela Merkel verspricht eine „gute Lösung“ für den Abtreibungsparagrafen.

29 Easy Ways To Improve Your Skin Long-Term

Exfoliators, vitamins, serums, and (of course) SLEEP will take your hand and lead you on the way to forever-clear skin.

Este quiz te dirá tu % de olvidadizo

¿Cuántas veces al mes pierdes tus llaves?

This Woman Says A Dancer Bit Her Finger Off At A Strip Club And Her Friend Shared The Whole Saga Online

"I'm trying to pull my hand out and by the time I do...boom, finger gone." (Warning: graphic images of exactly what the headline says.)

What You Need To Know Before You Walk Out Your Front Door

No mumbo jumbo. No jargon. No weird news-anchor voice. Listen to Reporting to You, a bite-sized daily news show that makes sense of what’s happening in the world.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on Wilton decorating bags, an accent table, a veggie spiralizer, a bath bomb set, and more!

Por incrível que pareça, 1 em cada 5 brasileiros está OTIMISTA com a eleição

Motivos para ver o futuro com bons olhos são a perspectiva de mudança na política (citado por 32% dos otimistas), a esperança na participação popular (19%) e a possibilidade de melhora do país (11%).

Marlène Schiappa à BuzzFeed : «Je ne suis pas la détentrice des tampons AOC du féminisme»

Du cyberharcèlement à sa position lors de l'affaire Nicolas Hulot, la secrétaire d'État à l'Égalité entre les femmes et les hommes a répondu à nos questions. Presque toutes nos questions.

People In China Are Losing Their Shit Over This Journalist's Truly Epic Eyeroll

A television reporter asked a long-winded and fawning question of a government official, and this journalist wasn't having any of it.

Can You Guess The Price Difference Between These Men's And Women's Products?

Are women's razors really more expensive than men's?

Watch Live: Democrats Hope To Flip A Republican District In A Pennsylvania Special Election

Depending on whom you ask or what you're asking about, this race is essentially meaningless or incredibly meaningful. Or both!

Allegations Of Torture Have Blocked The Rise Of Trump's Choice To Lead The CIA Before

Gina Haspel, whom Trump named to replace Mike Pompeo as CIA director, ran a black site in Thailand where two suspected terrorists were tortured during the Bush administration.

31 Ways To Tell People To Fuck Off When They Ask You Why You’re Not Married Yet

Simply respond “Marriage? I’ve never heard of her” and walk away.

Tell Us About Your Best Food-cation Ever

Is your stomach growling yet?

The Sunday Times Has Told Reporters Not To Delete Emails About Gordon Brown Or Alastair Campbell

A Sunday Times private investigator turned whistleblower has told BuzzFeed News the newspaper should have "thousands of emails" on work servers relating to alleged criminal activity...unless they've previously been deleted.

Aprenda a fazer pão caseiro de chocolate

O verdadeiro pain au chocolat.

19 Slightly Mean "Harry Potter" Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Anyway

"Harry Potter named all his kids like some nerd who had just finished reading Harry Potter."

Ladylike Is Now A Part Of As/Is!

It's our new style and beauty brand that's all about confidence, inclusiveness, and body positivity.

28 Amazing Products From Free People That People Actually Swear By

Top-rated blazers, headbands, dresses, and more from your favorite boho brand!!

The White House Is Now Explicitly Blaming Russia For The UK Spy Poisoning

"This latest action by Russia fits into a pattern of behavior in which Russia disregards the international rules-based order," the White House press secretary said Wednesday.

Fancy AF Fish Finger Sandwich

Fancy AF Fish Finger Sandwich

17 pionnières qui ont changé le monde pour toujours

Il n'y a pas d'erreur, l'Académie française ne comptait aucune femme avant 1980.

Rex Tillerson Just Got Fired From The State Department After A Troubled Tenure

Trump announced Tuesday he plans to replace Tillerson with current CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Prep Bowls Will Seriously Change The Way You Cook

Prep bowls are the most obvious secret weapon in the world, and they're a must-have for your kitchen.

16 Horrorgeschichten von Blind Dates, bei denen du Gänsehaut bekommst

Du hast immer Pech mit Dates? Sieh's mal so, immerhin bist du noch nicht mit einem Meth-Dealer ausgegangen.

24 mèmes sur l'école, le travail, la bouffe, la famille et les potes qui résument votre quotidien à la perfection

C'est pas que je te calcule pas, c'est que je suis en «ne pas déranger».

13 faits totalement évidents et pourtant très perturbants

Vous n'avez jamais vu directement votre propre visage.

Schaffst du es, 1 Million Euro in nur 24 Stunden verdienen?

Irgendwer hat einmal gesagt, dass eine Million Dollar nicht cool sind. Aber er hatte verdammt unrecht.

Morning Update: Back In My Day, No One Gave Us Prizes For Watching TV

Netflix testing rewarding kids for watching, Beyoncé and Jay Z on tour, and more. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, March 13.

Dieser Farbtest verrät deine schrägen Sex-Vorlieben

Keine Sorge, wir verurteilen dich nicht für deinen Fetisch. Koste dein Leben einfach voll aus.

The British Government Will Review Allegations Of Russian Involvement In 14 Suspicious Deaths Exposed By BuzzFeed News

Home secretary Amber Rudd said police and MI5 will assist in the review, which is being launched in the wake of the nerve agent attack on an ex-spy and his daughter in Salisbury.



What Are Your Best Makeup Tips For People Who Wear Glasses?

How do you stop your mascara from smudging your glasses?

Dieser herzhafte Salat mit Feta und Ofengemüse ist super aromatisch und knackig

Das ist mal 'n Salat! Noch mehr Leckeres, Frisches und Gesundes gibt's auf Pinterest und YouTube.

Stan Twitter Are So Scared Of Being Suspended They've Moved Over To A "Suicide Prevention" App

Vent has previously been used by people who wished to speak about emotions privately. It is now becoming a second home for Stan Twitter.



15 Weirdly Interesting Facts About Tea

Did you know that tea has more caffeine than coffee?

17 petits secrets de films de Disney et Pixar qui vous avaient sûrement échappés

L'agente Judy Hopps de «Zootopie» respecte parfaitement la loi à tout moment.

13 verrückte Essens-Geschichten, die dich super hungrig machen

Wenn du solchen Hunger hast, dass du bei deiner eigenen Mutter einbrichst.

22 Ways To Become A Person Who Eats Breakfast Every Morning

Breakfast is the best meal of the day, amiright? Learn how to make quick French toast in a mug, homemade granola bars, speedy egg sandwiches, easy overnight recipes, and more on the go breakfast hacks that'll have you eating breakfast every day.

これはwww 女の子の究極の欲望を叶えるグッズが話題


37 filósofas que realmente deberías conocer

Cada una de estas mujeres es una fuente de inspiración.





18 fotos que te garantizan frustración

Levanta la mano si te ha pasado algo de esto alguna vez.



We Know What Kind Of Cookie You Are Based On These 7 Questions

Snickerdoodle or a peanut butter cookie?





子宮頸がんで苦しむ人がいなくなるように 専門家が情報発信に乗り出した




Here's The Best New Stuff From Forever 21 This Week

We've scoured the new arrivals so *you* don't have to, and found fabulous finds from sexy swimsuits to bold jumpsuits to sweet spring dresses.

26 Amazing Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

A dog poncho, an organizer mat, liquid chalk markers, and 23 other products on Amazon that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people absolutely *adore*.

These Families Lost Children In A School Massacre. Then They Changed The Gun Laws To Prevent It Ever Happening Again.

After 16 children and their teacher were shot dead in a Scottish school, their loved ones and the survivors fought to get all handguns banned — and won. Now, exactly 22 years later, they have sent a powerful letter of support to the young students in Parkland, Florida: Change can happen.

Here’s A Powerful Letter To Parkland Students From The Survivors Of Britain’s Last School Massacre

The last school shooting in the UK took place 22 years ago today, resulting in the death of 16 children and their teacher. The survivors and their family members have written an open letter to the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas School to express their support, and let them know change can happen.

A Man Was Found Guilty Of Murdering His Pregnant Partner By Stabbing Her 49 Times

Joshua Scott Homann was found guilty on Tuesday of murdering Kirralee Paepaerei.

The Founder Of Daily Kos Just Launched A Massive New Polling Project

Nearly a million respondents are a deep new data source for Democrats. One early finding: Don't talk about impeachment.

Who Said It — Jake Peralta Or Andy Dwyer?

"I'm allergic to sushi. Every time I eat more than 80 pieces I throw up."

森友文書の改ざん問題 新聞各紙も厳しく批判、でもその矛先は…?


Pick Some Patches And We'll Guess Your Greatest Talent

Which would you sew on your backpack?

National Geographic Just Acknowledged That Its Past Coverage Was Racist

The magazine's editor-in-chief wrote an essay for its April issue highlighting and apologizing for examples of biased coverage.

Republicans Are Worried They're About To Lose A House Seat, But Donald Trump Jr. Is Having A Blast

The president’s son blitzed the trail the day before Pennsylvania’s special election, where the Republican appears to be in trouble.

Was Joshua Homann Mentally Ill When He Allegedly Murdered His Pregnant Partner? A Jury Is Deciding.

The 41-year-old stands accused of murdering his pregnant partner Kirralee Paepaerei in 2015.

Este quiz te dirá qué villana de telenovela eres

¿Intensa como Soraya Montenegro o perrísima como Catalina Creel?

Esta historia sobre abuso sexual se viralizó en Twitter, hablamos con la mujer que denunció para conocer más sobre el caso

Un recordatorio de por qué puede tomarle años a las víctimas para por fin revelar la verdad.

27 Things From Overstock To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Make your place feel like a *home* thanks to these budget-conscious finds from Overstock — everything's less than $300 a pop!

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