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Here's What Famous Movie Posters Would Look Like Without Famous Actresses That Have Been The Victims Of Sexual Assault

Here's how large Hollywood's sexual harassment problem really is.

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1. Pulp Fiction without Uma Thurman:

Miramax / BuzzFeed

In an interview with the New York Times, Thurman detailed several sexual assaults from Harvey Weinstein as well as the endangering behavior of director Quentin Tarantino during the filming of Kill Bill.

3. Pretty in Pink without Molly Ringwald:

Paramount Pictures / BuzzFeed

Ringwald wrote in the New Yorker about dealing with sexual harassment on numerous occasions throughout her career, including an incident with a 50-year-old crew member when she was 13 years old.


5. Kiss the Girls without Ashley Judd:

Paramount Pictures / BuzzFeed

In the original Times investigation into Weinstein's history of alleged sexual harassment, Judd recalled meeting Weinstein in a hotel room for what was supposed to be a business meeting — instead, she detailed, the producer greeted her in a bathrobe and asked if he could give her a massage.

7. Queen of Katwe without Lupita Nyong'o:

Disney / BuzzFeed

In a Times op-ed, Lupita Nyong'o wrote about being invited to Weinstein's home in Connecticut, where he offered to give her a massage. She related how she refused and offered to give him one instead, in order to stay in control of the situation, but left shortly after he began undressing himself.

8. Hunger Games without Jennifer Lawrence:

Lionsgate / BuzzFeed

At the Elle Women in Hollywood event, Lawrence also related her own encounters with sexual abuse in the industry and recounted a story when she had to do a nude lineup with five other women for a film and was asked to lose weight.


9. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me without Heather Graham:

Moving Pictures / BuzzFeed

In an interview with Variety, Graham alleged that Weinstein once implied to her that he would give her a major role in a movie if she had sex with him.

10. B. Monkey without Asia Argento:

Miramax / BuzzFeed

In the New Yorker's report on Weinstein's history of alleged abuse, Argento shared her story of being tricked into going to Weinstein's hotel, where she said he forcibly performed oral sex on her.

11. The Breakfast Club without Ally Sheedy (or Molly Ringwald):

Universal Pictures / BuzzFeed

During this year's Golden Globes, Ally Sheedy called out James Franco on Twitter, implying that he had something to do with her leaving the entertainment industry.

12. Mighty Aphrodite without Mira Sorvino.

Miramax / BuzzFeed

The New Yorker report also included Sorvino's account of how Weinstein harassed and pressured her into having a physical relationship while they worked together on this film.


15. Paper Towns without Cara Delevingne:

Fox 2000 Pictures / BuzzFeed

Delevinge posted about her experiences with Weistein on her Instagram, detailing an incident where he forcibly kissed her and another where he told her that her sexual orientation meant she would "make it as an actress."

16. Underworld: Evolution without Kate Beckinsale:

Screen Gems / BuzzFeed

In a statement on her Instagram, Beckinsale also detailed a meeting with Weinstein in his hotel room, where he greeted her in a bathrobe and offered her alcohol when she was 17.


17. Kill Bill: Vol 2. without Daryl Hannah (or Uma Thurman):

Miramax / BuzzFeed

Hannah relayed multiple stories about Weinstein to the New Yorker, including one where he barged into her hotel room, demanded that she meet him downstairs for a nonexistent party, and asked if her breasts were real.

18. Blue Bloods without Dominique Huett:

CBS / BuzzFeed

In a press conference, Huett recounted her story of when Weinstein also forcibly performed oral sex on her. She has since sued the Weinstein Company for being complicit in the abuse.

19. Species without Natasha Henstridge:

MGM / BuzzFeed

As another of six women who made allegations against Brett Ratner in the LA Times, Henstridge recounted her story of being forced to perform oral sex on Ratner at his New York apartment in the 1990s when she was 19.

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