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    19 Slightly Mean "Harry Potter" Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Anyway

    "Harry Potter named all his kids like some nerd who had just finished reading Harry Potter."

    1. This honest observation:

    2. This perfect response:

    3. This logic:

    4. And this too:

    5. This comparison:

    6. This Hufflepuff dig:

    7. And this insult too:

    8. This alternate ending:

    9. This angry question:

    10. This privilege:

    11. This sad reality:

    12. This truth:

    13. This naiveté:

    14. This alternate reality:

    15. This double standard:

    16. This questionable line:

    17. This lack of creativity:

    18. This dark riddle:

    19. And finally, THIS: