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Can You Guess The Price Difference Between These Men's And Women's Products?

Are women's razors really more expensive than men's?

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A couple of years ago, I did some research into period-branded painkillers.

The price difference between generic painkillers and period-branded painkillers was quite high – almost a 100% increase – for the same amount of active ingredient (ie the combination of drugs that helps with cramps).

But period painkillers aren't the only products that are targeted towards women.

So I wanted to see if there were any other price discrepancies between female-branded and male-branded products.

A couple of notes: We've compared pricing across several retailers, and prices are accurate at time of publication. We've also chosen products aimed specifically at genders where possible, and compared them with products from the same manufacturer where possible.

BuzzFeed reached out to the brands featured for comment:

A representative for Gillette stated: "First of all, it is crucial to highlight that shelf prices in store are always set at the full discretion of the retailer.

Our Venus and Gillette products are different because men and women are different and they have different shaving needs. They have different anatomies, shave different body parts, and they use the razors in different environments. Therefore there is a distinct difference between men’s and women’s razors. In principle the price of shaving products for women should only be different if the product is different. If the products are the same the prices should be around the same."


The women's razors are cheaper than the men's razors. An earlier question on this quiz gave the wrong answer.