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The First Trailer For "6 Balloons" Is Here And It Looks Intense AF

"Let go with love."

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So, there's a long and wonderful history of traditionally comedic actors excelling in dramatic roles.

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From Jim Carrey to Robin Williams, it's always refreshing to see a mold broken and, in some cases, these "off-brand" roles end up becoming the actor's best work.

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Well, it looks like the newest additions to the comedy-turned-tragedy party are Abbi Jacobson (Broad City) and Dave Franco (Disaster Artist) in 6 Balloons. Check out the first trailer below:

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The fim takes place over the course of a single night and follows Katie (Jacobson) as she drives around Los Angeles with her brother Seth (Franco), and his two-year-old daughter.


Katie is in search of a detox center for Seth because, as revealed in the trailer, he's addicted to heroin.


And, to complicate things even further, it appears Katie's playing a big role in enabling Seth's addiction.


This film looks like a far cry from the typical comedies you'd expect to see these two in; however, from the trailer alone, I'm already fully sold.


So be sure to catch this one when it hits Netflix April 6, 2018!