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March 9, 2018

Which Iconic French Food Matches Your Soul?

Not everyone gets to be a chocolate éclair.

17 Riddles That'll Stump You Unless You're Really, REALLY Intelligent

If you eat me, my sender will eat you. What am I?

The Man Who Invented Motion Pictures Mysteriously Went Missing And The Case Was Never Solved

The brilliant French inventor created the first motion picture camera.

ご近所づきあい 被災後の健康を守る武器に


7 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Experts Are Investigating A Cluster Of Lung-Related Deaths In Dentists

Researchers analyzed patients at a specialty treatment center in Virginia and found a 23-fold higher rate of a serious lung condition in dentists than would normally be expected.

Meeting With Kim Jong Un Is Risky, But It's Not As Risky As Stumbling Into War

Critics say Trump was foolish to agree to a meeting without extracting anything meaningful in return. They're wrong.

A Top US Figure Skating Coach Has Been Suspended For Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Richard Callaghan's suspension began on March 6. Allegations against the coach go back to the 1990s.

14 #TBT de famosos que no tal vez no viste esta semana

¡Uy! Ya hasta se nos había olvidado la cara de Orlando Bloom.

"Friends" And "How I Met Your Mother" Are Basically The Same, And Here's Proof

Did you know Joey did "The Naked Man" long before Barney?

13 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Hugh Jackman and his pup got ready for the snow storm, Lili Reinhart took a BuzzFeed quiz, and more!

Here’s What’s Up With "Smart Guns" — And Why You Can’t Buy One In The US

The smart gun, which ensures only its gun owner can pull the trigger, was invented nearly two decades ago. But it’s still a long way off from hitting the market. Here’s why.

23 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most incredible and breathtaking pictures from the past week.

2018 Update On Diversity At BuzzFeed

As part of our ongoing focus on diversity, inclusion and belonging at BuzzFeed, I shared this information with our employees.

【あの日から7年】福島のリアルを伝え続けたテレビマンは、なぜ村職員になったのか? 「東京マスコミ」との戦いの果てに…


Queens Are Questioning RuPaul’s Grip On Drag Culture After His Controversial Trans Comments

The world's most famous drag queen is in hot water over comments that have been dubbed transphobic. The controversy has some in the LGBT and drag communities asking if RuPaul has failed to keep up with the times.

Just 17 Extremely Unfortunate Grammar Fails

Care for some "banana's by the each"?

Take This Quiz To Find Out How Easily You Fall For Online Bullshit

This week there are stories about Alexa, Melania Trump, and a curious use for a burger.

Here's Your Chance To Choose Where Kim Jong Un And Trump Will Meet Face-To-Face

Wherever the leaders decide to meet, it's set to be a historic confab.

Here's How To Plan Your Hangover Like A Grown-Ass Adult

If you've reached the life stage where even a couple of drinks knock you out the next day, it's time to start planning your hangovers.

Trump's North Korea Dilemma: Asking For Billions For Missile Defense Without Freaking People Out

Military officials acknowledge that the US missile defense system never contemplated a North Korea threat to the entire United States.

8 sinais que você pode estar sendo abordada por um "pickup artist"

Você desconfia que ele está de joguinho?

De quantas bebidas você gosta?

Chegou a hora de provar pra todo mundo que você bebe bem quanto diz por aí.

23 Unusual Salad Additions That'll Actually Make You Want To Eat A Salad

Listen, salads don't have to be sad. You don't have to settle for a bowl of iceberg lettuce with like, three baby tomatoes and some bacon bits you already fished out and ate at 11:45 this morning. You can have more. You can have bee pollen, olives, roasted chickpeas, or kimchi. The salad sky is the limit and it's filled with wasabi peas.

What's The Best Thing That Ever Happened On Your Way To Work?

This post is lovingly dedicated to the puppies I met on my way to work this morning.

Three Mental Health Workers Were Killed At A Veterans Facility After An Hours-Long Standoff With A Shooter

The shooting suspect, a former US soldier, also died in the standoff at the Veterans Home of California in Yountville.

Some Penguins Found A Camera, Tried To Take A Selfie, And It'll Be The Best 30 Seconds Of Your Life

People thought the 30-second clip looked just like an intro to a new animated Disney movie.

¿En qué parque de Disney deberías pasar el resto de tu vida?

Hay tantos lugares felices en la Tierra, ¿a cuál perteneces tú?

27 Cosas de "Friends" que están tan fuera de onda que duele

Como cuando Rachel borracha dejó un mensaje en la grabadora de Ross.

¿Cuántos vegetales has probado?

Di la verdad, solo la verdad y nada más que la verdad.

Te decimos el color de tu aura según lo que te gusta comer

Donas, pizzas, hamburguesas, papas fritas...

¿Qué villano de Disney es tu alter ego?

Se siente muy bien ser malo.

12 Pequeños trucos que le harán creer a la gente que eres un chef profesional

Estos consejos te ayudarán a ahorrar muchísimo tiempo en la cocina.

32 Datos sobre películas de superhéroes que te harán decir "¿Cómo es que apenas me estoy enterando?"

Hugh Jackman tomaba baños helados para entrar en la actitud enojada de Wolverine.

32 Razones por las cuales NUNCA podría ser millennial

Había demasiado drama en la televisión y los cortes de pelo eran terribles.

25 Cosas rarísimas sobre comida que seguro te volarán la cabeza

La parte de adentro de los higos está hecha de avispas descompuestas. Y NO ES BROMA.

Esta chica acaba de ganar todo en la vida con su fiesta temática de 'Rebelde'

Y obvio se disfrazó de Mia Colucci y cantó las mejores rolas de RBD.

18 People Who Failed To Understand How Food Works

Keep these people out of the kitchen at all costs.

Jamie Jones • 12 minutes ago

26 produtos de beleza que a gente queria muito que vendessem no Brasil

E que fossem baratinhos, porque senão é como trocar seis por meia-dúzia, né?

A Teen Has Been Charged With Manslaughter For Fatally Shooting A Classmate In School

Courtlin Arrington was shot and killed Wednesday in an incident that students have described as an accident.

Are You Shrek Or Are You Donkey?

There are two kinds of people in this world...

This Hit Musical Is Breaking New Ground For Middle Eastern Representation

“I guess it could be inherently political, but I like to think that it's not,” said The Band’s Visit actor George Abud.

De quantas frutas você gosta?

Esta lista também serve para colar no stop.

Demissões na Empiricus fazem CEO e ex-funcionários lavarem roupa suja no Twitter

Uma analista demitida acusou a Empiricus de pressioná-la para recomendar, contra a própria vontade, a compra de papéis de uma construtora. Empresa diz que alegações são inverídicas e CEO afirmou que demitidos se "vitimizam".

Así definimos el acoso sexual en México

Le preguntamos a más de 6 mil mexicanos y esto fue lo que dijeron.

Here Are 26.2 Things I Learned While Training For The NYC Marathon

If you're training for your first marathon — or even if you're not — here's what I learned while training for this very, very long race.

22 professores que podem resolver o problema da educação no Brasil

Ou pelo menos fazer a gente dar umas risadas.

27 Of The Best Spring Dresses You Can Get On Amazon

Dresses are the best part of spring, obvs. Go ahead, twirl a little. The products in this post were updated in May 2018.

Cancele seus planos e faça este rocambole de canela gigante já!

Se for para enrolar, que seja este rocambole.

"Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison For Lying To Investors

Shkreli was convicted in August of securities fraud for lying to investors of his failed hedge fund.

15 histórias de mansplaining que dão vontade de sair gritando na rua

"Um homem me disse que fazer uma cesariana era a maneira mais fácil de dar à luz."

¿Cuántas de estas cosas horribles harías por un millón de pesos?

Comprueba qué tan aventado eres en comparación con el resto del mundo.

21 coisas que vão mudar por causa da Pabllo Vittar

Da nota de R$ 50 ao nome de um planeta.

8 coisas que tornam o mundo um lugar melhor e 8 que lembram que tudo continua a mesma merda

Para cada ótima ideia, existe outra proporcionalmente péssima.

13 Crazy Food Stories That Will Make You Super Hungry

These will make you incredibly hungry.

31 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Weekend

Deals at Target, Sephora, Apollo Box, and more!

A High School Teacher Is Being Investigated For Allegedly Accusing An "Ethnic" Of Stealing A Computer Mouse

A message screened on Louisiana math teacher Randolph Perez's whiteboard addressed one of his students as "a moronic, self-obsessed ethnic."

Only A True Expert Can Get 11/17 On This Pop Music Quiz

There's no way you're getting even half of these questions right.

16 Parodias porno que te van a arruinar para siempre


7 Things I Do Before Bed Instead Of Watch Netflix

Otherwise I just wind up clicking "Next Episode" all night.

As fotos mais lindas de maternidade dos últimos 100 anos

Um século de mamães e bebês em imagens.

Este quiz te dirá cuál es tu porcentaje de mentiroso

¿Dices "ya estoy saliendo" cuando apenas te estás bañando?

Der Wissenschaftliche Dienst des Bundestags sagt, was die Polizei auf Facebook, Twitter & Co. darf

Was eigentlich eine Selbstverständlichkeit ist, hat nun auch der Wissenschaftliche Dienst des Bundestags bestätigt: Die Polizei muss sich auch in sozialen Netzwerken an Gesetze halten. Das heißt auch: Blocken verboten!

Quel dieu ou déesse de la mythologie grecque êtes-vous ?

Êtes-vous plutôt Aphrodite ou Arès ?

15 idées d'aménagement toutes simples si vous êtes multimillionnaire

Avouez qu'un hamac entre deux étages, tout de suite ça fait plus chic.

Using Tampons, As Told By Disney Princesses

Please don't make me take out a dry tampon ever again.

Experts Are Fighting Over Whether A Popular Drug For Reversing Overdoses Is Actually Causing More Deaths And Crime

A controversial, unpublished study is suggesting that naloxone, a drug that reverses opioid overdoses, doesn’t save more lives and drives people to seek more dangerous highs. But some experts criticized the study’s approach and assumptions.

There’s A Serious Divide Over Gun Policy Between Gun Owners Who Are And Aren’t NRA Members

A new Ipsos/BuzzFeed News poll shows broad support among gun owners for some policies intended to curb gun violence, but NRA members are less likely to back many of the proposals.

This MP Says The Government's Own Welfare System Is Trapping Women In Abusive Relationships

"Why on earth would a government be making it easier by just popping the money into the male partner’s bank account?"

Si no pasas este quiz de música clásica, sabes menos que un niño de primaria

La verdad está más fácil que tocar el "Himno a la alegría" en flauta dulce.

24 Products You Need If You Have A Tiny Kitchen

Nesting bowl sets, under-the-cabinet stemware storage, roll-up dish-drying racks, and 21 other products that will make your kitchen look way more spacious than it really is.

Want To Make Millions? Copy Someone’s Cryptocurrency Project.

Copying other companies' work and intellectual property can generate big paydays for hucksters in the cryptocurrency world. One company has maintained a $2.3 billion valuation despite widespread allegations of plagiarism.

10 Insider Secrets From Someone Who Is Really Freaking Anxious

No offense, but your anxiety is a big fat liar.

18 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Justin Bieber's in a whole new era now.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on an ottoman, a potato mashing utensil, a cordless shoulder massager, a double-ended eye brow brush, and more!

Die Große Koalition plant ein Operationsverbot an intersexuellen Kindern

Wann hat ein Kind ein gesundes Geschlecht? Und sollten Chirurgen darauf Einfluss nehmen? Die Antwort darauf ist kompliziert.

Perdón, Generación X, pero solo los millennials podrán pasar este quiz

Si naciste entre la década de los 60 y mediados de los 80, no vas a entender nada.

Thousands Of Eggs And Embryos At A Fertility Clinic May Have Been Accidentally Destroyed

Around 700 families have been notified that their stored eggs and embryos may be affected.

Des eurodéputés LR et FN ont refusé de condamner les thérapies pour «guérir» les personnes LGBTI

Pour justifier leur choix, les élus parlent de «lobby LGBTI», de l’«idéologie du genre», de «communautarisme» ou tout simplement de «souveraineté».

Here’s How The Trump Administration Has Been Quietly Dismantling Obama’s Family Planning Policy

Over the past few months, HHS has taken quiet steps to move the agency toward supporting abstinence and “natural family planning” methods over contraception access.

Re-Cast "The Breakfast Club" In Five Steps And We'll Tell You Which Group You Belong To In High School

"We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all."

18 questions que les Suisses aimeraient beaucoup poser aux Français

Pourquoi vous vous moquez de notre accent ? Et d'ailleurs, pourquoi vous avez tant d'accents différents ?

13 photos qui vont vous agacer menu menu

Qu'est-ce qu'il y a de pire que des pistaches qui ne s'ouvriront jamais ? Hein ? Hein ??

10 choses que j'aurais aimé savoir avant d'arrêter la viande

Allez à votre rythme, et arrêtez progressivement si c'est trop difficile.

Thammy Miranda deu uma aula de superioridade aos seus haters no Dia da Mulher

"Foi essa mulher aí da foto que me fez o HOMEM que eu sou hoje."

Was die AfD nicht beantworten will, übernimmt Shahak Shapira für sie

"Mit Ihrer letzten Frage haben Sie Herr Pasemann leider sauer gemacht. Dieser weigert sich nun, seine Möhren aufzuessen."

60 Things You'll Only Understand If You Are A Xennial

Again, please don’t click on this post unless you lived through the ’80s.

Trump Aide Sam Nunberg Showed Up To The Grand Jury Office

Nunberg went on a media blitz earlier in the week to protest a subpoena from the special counsel's office, but later said he'd comply.

9 Game-Changing Products For Your Home That Are Worth Every Penny

From smart storage options to gorgeous lamps and home accents, here's what BuzzFeed editors and writers are loving this month.

Andrea Nahles will das Werbeverbot für Abtreibungen streichen

„Aus meiner Sicht ist es klar notwendig, den Paragrafen 219a abzuschaffen", sagt die SPD-Fraktionschefin.

19 situações que só quem tem um melhor amigo vai entender

Aquela pessoa que se comunica com você através de marcação em memes.

This Is What The Glossie Brush Is Actually Like

It's called the Glossie and it's actually pretty damn cool.

17 Orgasmic Experiences Only Women Understand

Roll your eyes back in pure glee.

Despite Losing Money, Uber Just Signed An Endorsement Deal With One Of The World's Most Valuable Athletes

Virat Kohli, the captain of India's cricket team, will be Uber's first ever brand ambassador in the country.

11 Things You Should Splurge On This Month

A new suitcase, a designer bag for a good cause, and a few other things for you to treat yo' self to this month.

Ce gâteau 8 en 1 ravira tous les gourmands

Le plus difficile sera de choisir !

Kim Kardashian Just Revealed The Reason She Wrote That Burn List

She likes her haters to know where they stand.

From Hollywood To This Power Plant, Men Who Report Sexual Harassment Are Asked Why They Didn’t Fight Back

Until just 20 years ago, federal law didn't even accept that men could be harassed by other men. These men’s stories show we still have a long way to go.

Two Doctors Connected To The "Deep Sleep Therapy" Medical Scandal Are Suing Over An ABC Journalist's Scientology Book

The doctors say ABC journalist Steve Cannane defamed them in his account of the tragic events at Chelmsford Hospital in the 1960s and '70s.

24 Things From Walmart You Never Knew You Needed For Your Kitchen

A color swirl frosting tool, a voodoo doll cutting board, a sandwich maker, and more items your kitchen is woefully lacking.

This Cat Named Dog Works At The Fish Market And People Love Him

"I would lay down my life for him!!!!!!"

21 cosas perfectas para estar en forma casi sin moverte de casa

Crea tu propio templo saludable a un salto del sofá.

Chrissy Teigen Was Upset About Her Dog Passing Away, So John And Luna Cheered Her Up

"Eyes still puffy from Puddy tears but they keep me happy."

Morning Update: This Ain’t A Scene, It’s A Goddamn Trade War

Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, March 9: Tariffs, North Korea, Super Smash Bros. coming to the Switch.

Jennifer Lawrence Just Got Candid About Sex, Dick, And STIs

"Dick is dangerous" – Jennifer Lawrence, 2018.

21 informations que tout le monde devrait connaître au sujet du corps et de la grossesse

Les spermatozoïdes peuvent survivre plus d'un jour dans un utérus.

China Is All For Talks Between Trump And North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

China, which has long pushed for a return to talks, appears optimistic about the process — even though it won't be part of it.

16 Fotos, bei denen du dich super schlecht fühlen wirst, wenn du drüber lachst

Wenn du dir diese Bilder ohne zu lachen angucken kannst, bist du ein besserer Mensch als ich.



17 détails cachés qui vous donneront envie de voir «Black Panther» encore cent fois

Les sandales dont Shuri se moque sont d'authentiques Alexander McQueen.

This Situation Quiz Will Tell You How Much Of A People Pleaser You Are

Do you always put other people before yourself?

11 types de ruptures amoureuses que vous allez vivre une fois dans votre vie

Il y a celle que vous gérez super bien. Et puis il y a toutes les autres.

Was hat #MeToo verändert?

Zum Weltfrauentag ziehen BuzzFeed-Reporterinnen aus aller Welt Bilanz.

佐川国税庁長官が辞任 森友公文書書き換え疑惑、何が焦点なのか


14 personnes qui sont beaucoup plus intelligentes que vous et moi

L'un des principaux moteurs de l'innovation : ne pas avoir envie de faire la vaisselle.

Êtes-vous fait pour Poudlard... ou pour une autre école de magie ?

Beauxbâtons, Durmstrang et Ilvermorny ont tant à vous apprendre !



18 gatos que piensan que tus reglas son estúpidas y que tú también lo eres

Que lo sepas: tú no eres el dueño/a de los gatos. Ellos son tus dueños.

「自分が変化になろう」 滝川クリステルさんから日本の女性に向けたメッセージ




Shimla Police Has Filed An FIR Against Actor Jeetendra For Sexual Assault

The complaint was filed by his cousin, who was 18 at the time of the alleged assault, and Jeetendra was 28.

This Is How One Employee At Doughnut Time Managed To Get Her Unpaid Wages

Poppy Gordon, who worked at Doughnut Time locations around Sydney, told BuzzFeed News she received a call from the new owner of the company on Wednesday evening.

A Dramatic Video Shows Border Patrol Agents Pulling An Undocumented Mom Away From Her Screaming Daughters

Perla Morales-Luna was arrested last week by immigration authorities on suspicion of being a smuggler.

Flash Briefing For March 9, 2018

Trump authorizes new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, Michael B Jordan vows to include inclusion riders on future projects, and a teen helps launch a family business for her dad with disabilities.

9 Things BuzzFeed's Christina Lan Is Obsessed With Right Now

A DJ controller, tarot cards, knockoff abstract face earrings, and six other products BuzzFeed's video producer (and secret international pop star) totally loves.

12 Things BuzzFeed's Kristin Chirico Is Obsessed With Right Now

A go-to red lipstick? An amazing primer? A GENUINELY GOOD BATHTUB CLEANER? Put a seatbelt on your credit card, because it's in for a crazy ride.

12 Things BuzzFeed's Jazzmyne Jay Is Obsessed With Right Now

We put together a few of her can't-live-without products and boy are they pretty damn great. Daddy necklace? O b v i o u s l y. A squishy way to wash your face? DUH.

The Parkland School Deputy Told Officers To Stay Away From The Building Where The Shooting Was Taking Place

"Stay at least 500 feet away at this point," the school resource deputy told other responding officers while a shooter opened fire on students and faculty.

Five Questions We Have About Twitter’s New “Health” Plan

Twitter finally seems to be coming to grips with the extent of its problems.



【あの日から7年】津波で逝った母が最後に綴った「日常という幸せ」 娘を救った言葉

「年老いた両親がたった2人亡くなった『普通のおばさん』は、被災者ではないのか」。震災後、強い孤独感とともに生きた女性に届いた言葉、ゆっくりと立ち上がるまでに必要だった時間 −−。

Lawyers Are Duking It Out In Court Over Whether It’s Unconstitutional For Trump To Block People On Twitter

“Once it is a public forum, you can’t shut somebody up because you don’t like what they’re saying,” said US District Judge Naomi Reice during oral arguments on Thursday.

35 Facts About Alfred Hitchcock Films That'll Make You Gasp Out Loud

Psycho was the first American film to show a toilet on screen.

A Look Into The Awards Season Black Hollywood Has Created For Itself

“We invent these days because we need it, because we aren’t being seen, we aren’t being acknowledged. So we take the power back and we acknowledge ourselves and each other,” Tessa Thompson told BuzzFeed News.

15 Celebrity #TBT Photos You Should Definitely Check Out This Week

A photo of Madonna and Michael Jackson on a date kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday!

Nintendo Just Announced Super Smash Bros. For The Switch And People Are Crying

"Talk about a bait and switch trailer...I'M SO READY FOR THIS."

Democrats Are Considering Dropping Superdelegates Altogether

The measure would go a step beyond the Clinton-Sanders Unity Commission proposals to change the superdelegate system. An “absurd and undemocratic idea,” one DNC member said in a memo to party leaders.

More People Are Getting Sick As The Salmonella Outbreak From Chicken Salad Widens

Chicken salad with a side of diarrhea and abdominal pain, anyone?

Trump Has Agreed To Meet North Korea's Kim Jong Un

Kim also pledged that North Korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests, a South Korean official announced.

What Is "The Family Cloth" And Why Do People Use It? An Explainer

A guide to the eco-friendly, cost-effective toilet paper alternative that might change your life — and your butt.

Australia Is Relying On Trump's Celebrity Golfing Buddy To Save Us From Steel Tariffs

Greg "The Shark" Norman has been called in to save the day, again. This is completely normal.

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