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March 30, 2018

It's-a me, Quizzio!

Ice cream or pizza?

My ears can't handle this!

Kuzco, Yzma, Kronk, and the crocodile that barked all deserved better.

Yes, Avengers: Infinity War, but also other movies.

West Coast is the best coast.

It's the great personality quiz, Charlie Brown!

Police released body camera video that showed the officer repeatedly cursing at Sterling after the fatal shooting.

Ketchup and bananas anyone?

Think you've mastered the basics, have you?

Because spending money on treats will add up. Now you can make 'em yourself!

"I'm ready to just be able to hit the ground running in the morning."



Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Dash had filed to run as a Republican in a heavily Democratic district that includes parts of South Los Angeles and surrounding communities.

This test is official and scientific.

Race has long been a potent way of defining differences between human beings. But science and the categories it constructs do not operate in a political vacuum.

Here are the most incredible and breathtaking pictures from the past week.

“There’s so much drama going on with this story,” an EPA ethics lawyer said.

Save your money for more important more food.

Drumroll, please.

Come apply!

Also, the teachings of the Catholic Church are pretty clear about the belief in hell.

Don't be salty and take this quiz!

Bilis! Review na kayo ng Araling Panlipunan/ SIBIKA! Pina-memorize kaya 'yan ni ma'am.

British officials confirmed one of the dead was theirs, and the other was believed to be an American. But the Pentagon declined to confirm that.

Hop right in!

Good news, parents! There's a lot of stuff you'll actually WANT to watch with your kiddos.

Goodbye heavy parka that barely even kept me warm this frigid winter!

But don't worry, they fall back in love as adults!

The Princess of Alderaan and the Queen of Hollywood.

State lawmakers acted following a BuzzFeed story that showed how existing law lets cops accused of raping detainees fight charges by claiming the sex was consensual.

Yes, the Intergalactic bath bomb **is** actually the bomb.

It's time to put your high school English classes to good use.

Bro, you just got iced, bro!

Let's face it, you know every episode by heart anyway.

A new hint at congressional intervention after BuzzFeed News reveals Facebook's internal "The Ugly" memo to the public.


Keith Raniere, the self-help leader who was arrested on Monday, was linked to two of the most powerful families in Mexico. His followers insist that he will soon be proven innocent.

An autopsy commissioned by Clark's family found that he suffered eight gunshot wounds, six in his back and two on his side, sparking protests through the weekend.

Mothers know best.

Adult ka na, whether you like it or not!

"This whole embezzlement scandal was the icing on the cake."

Amy Bright had her son at Naval Hospital Jacksonville in 2003, which is when she says the needle was left in her body.

These shoes were made for walking — literally. And standing, and running, and feeling like your toes are being caressed by clouds.

After the show's stunningly huge debut on Tuesday, ABC has made the easiest decision ever.

The most important question you've ever answered

Jersey Shore, no more?

Choose wisely.

Funny and adorable.

"I’m gonna go with Tyler Perry because he has his own private jet."

Will we get it right?

Public school teachers staged a one-day "sick-out" to protest cuts to their pensions, closing school districts across the state.

Deals at Free People, CB2, Target, and more!

Ses adversaires ne le lâchent plus, et lui entend bien rendre les coups. Yassine Belattar, qui se défend d'être un «islamiste» répond aux questions de BuzzFeed News dans ses locaux, à Paris.

Bedbugs are a horrifying fact of life. But! There are practical steps you can take you protect yourself from their tyranny. From mattress covers to dissolving laundry bags to a blacklight (PARTY!), here are some things that will help you fight the good fight.

"It’s true: I’m back!"

Deals on Jen Sincero's You Are a Badass, a set of food saving bags, a pack of reusable stainless steel straws, an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser, and more!

The US says it's based near the Syrian city of al-Tanf to guard against ISIS. But the rebels Washington is backing in the area say they’re more concerned about Iran.

Are you in the mood for a John Hughes coming-of-age hit or a classic slasher?

Ben Affleck finally tweeted about his tattoo, Charli XCX went undercover as Ed Sheeran, and more!

"‘Did you cut your hair?’ Girl naw, this shrinkage."

What a mess. Hit me baby across the face.

Hawaii residents are blaming popular vacation rental sites like Airbnb for the state's housing shortage and for disrupting their neighborhoods.

Faites couler l'encre.

L'aéroport international de Nicosie était autrefois un pôle touristique animé. Aujourd'hui, il est en ruines.

Si vous avez aussi Netflix, essayez de vous rappeler de dormir de temps en temps.

Faire pipi dans la douche. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"every morning I ask the dog "the usual?" before pouring her food into her bowl & neither of us thinks it's funny but that's showbiz baby"

BuzzFeed News s’est procuré une note interne rédigée en 2016 par Andrew Bosworth, l’un des vice-présidents de Facebook. Un document qui révèle la politique de croissance à tout prix du réseau social, quitte à négliger la sécurité de ses utilisateurs.

Bubble bath and wine, here I come.

Mettez cet article dans vos favoris et épargnez-vous un sacré stress.

Comme l'eau glacée qu'on vous sert dans tous les restaurants et le fait de pouvoir acheter des cigarettes à la pharmacie.

Tout le monde a un «Toy Story» préféré.

Tokyo, Jakarta ou encore Londres et Paris ont tellement changé.

Dream on.

Des bonbons sains pour petits et grands !

This fake eyelash applicator tool is everything I needed and more.

"I used to think 'fat free' was a type of sale and you didn't pay for the fat that was in the product."

Saurez-vous dire ce que désignent les flèches ?

Une sélection non exhaustive des meilleures infolettres de l'Hexagone.

Prenez cette liste avec vous pour votre prochain rendez-vous chez le ou la tatoueur-se.

'Tis almost the season, my dudes.

The foreperson of the jury said jurors were "convinced" Salman knew what Mateen was planning to do.

Taylor Muhl est une «chimère», c'est à dire quelqu'un qui possède deux ADN différents.

Way shorter than a parenting book, and WAY funnier.

Because sometimes the stars lie.


Including opaque leggings that won't tell the world, "HELLO! I'M WEARING BRIGHT PINK UNDERWEAR TODAY!"

I do.

We got that West Elm look for a fraction of the price.

Bienvenue à BuzzPoil !


Do you hold on to stuff you definitely don't need "just in case"?

Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for her to resign from Labour's National Executive Committee.

„Du warst eh eher ein Mutter-Kind oder?”

Ohhh suuuuure it's okay when the dog does it huh??

An explosive Facebook memo, new trial for Adnan Syed, Starbucks coffee warnings. Here's your BuzzFeed News newsletter, March 30.

Est-ce que ces gens qui font des films savent à quoi ressemble une vraie femme ?

Let's do it.


Have you found the perfect gift yet?

Mmmm.... food.




"If we all protect each other, we'll get through this together."

This whole game honestly went pretty off the rails.

No cheating please!




Several posts, including paid-for ads making false claims about abortion, have begun to appear in people's feeds – and there's not much Facebook can do about it.

わー! これが外の世界なんだね!


Test your knowledge of Hollywood's most famous BFFs.









"She was never told that she couldn't vote, and she voted in good faith," her attorney said.




This quiz is the best of both worlds!

It's just too much ghost sex for one hospital.

You're dying to find out.


A photo of Lady Gaga from over a decade ago kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday!

Keith Raniere was arrested on Sunday for allegedly creating a cult in which women were forced into sexual acts and branded with his initials.

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