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    18 Things You'll Immediately Recognise If You Went To British Primary School

    You were only cool if you had scented gel pens.

    1. Going all out on non-uniform day.

    2. You were cool if you had scented gel pens.

    3. Feeling like an absolute BADASS when you got to ring the lunch time bell.

    4. Writing your name with alphabet spaghetti during lunch time.

    5. Shit was a TERRIBLE thing to say.

    6. And then you'd actually shit your pants after hearing this line.

    7. The bench that only Year 6s got to sit on.

    8. But if you're unlucky, you'd have to sit on this part of the bench.

    9. The "Yes" and "No" eraser which pretty much decided everything for you.

    10. The sponge football.

    11. The playground was filled with Tamagotchis.

    12. End of Year 6 meant t-shirt signing.

    13. You drew the sun and birds like this.

    14. Greeting the teacher in a painstakingly slow way.

    15. Plimsoles.

    16. Everyone wanted you to be in their group if you knew how to do the bubble writing.

    17. Or this.

    18. And finally, the shame of having to stand against the "naughty" wall whilst watching your friends play.

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