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March 26, 2018

"Cow and Chicken been eating the booty like groceries since '99."

Lena Waithe, Yvette Nicole Brown, Tessa Thompson, and more share what they feel needs to be done to ensure this Hollywood movement doesn’t leave actors of color behind.

Don't talk to me unless you know where the Soul Stone is.

The FBI said the packages that were sent to five government facilities — including the CIA headquarters in Langley — contained "potential destructive devices."

The truth is in the toppings.

Criticaron que las autoridades dieran información sensible sin que la investigación pericial estuviera concluida.

¿Viste a Ricky Martin en una revista y lo recortaste? ¿Tenías un crush con Gael García?

Meanwhile, close to 100 diplomats are being expelled from the US and Europe in response to the nerve agent attack in the United Kingdom.

Nothing sets you up for a good day better than an easy morning.

¡Muchas cosas van a estar inspiradas en 'Volver al futuro'!

More money, more problems.

It's time to separate the Robins from the Harley Quinns, and to back away slowly from anyone who gets The Joker.

"I just want justice for my grandson, my daughter, my grandkids," Sequita Thompson said. The California Attorney General's Office will be providing "independent oversight" of the investigation.



Siempre has sido mucho más que un simple mortal.

Cars 3 is not a better movie than Coco. Put it on my gravestone.

Take a slow and stunning journey by train across some of the world's most beautiful landscapes.

It’s a moment that forces us, collectively, to step back and think about what we sacrificed for a more convenient and connected world.

Even if you suck at hobbies, you're bound to like one of these.

“We had an unbelievable marriage and we have a great friendship now."

Facebook is in trouble with the FTC, the US is kicking out Russian diplomats, and “Queer Eye” is coming back for Season 2.

There are nine people in this apartment building. Can you remember who lives where?

Sua experiência com boy lixo é muito sustentável ou um verdadeiro cemitério nuclear?

Expect Ghanaian-American Virgil Abloh to shake things up at the French luxury brand.

It's a metaphor, you potato with eyes.

Can Selorm rock grey hair?

Expanding her previously filed lawsuit, which is now in federal court, Daniels added a claim against Cohen directly, alleging that a February statement he made defamed her.

Welcome to the Donald Rumsfeld–Liz Cheney restoration.

"It's 'cause you're always on that phone."

Yes, she is hot in that. No, don't ask about it.

The inevitable doppelgänger meet up happened!!!

From block heels, classic flats, to dressy wedges — these are the shoes you'll want to be rendezvousing in all summer long.

Si no fuera en estampitas, ¿en qué gastarías ese dinero?

Desde que assumiu a prefeitura, em 2017, tucano entrou em conflito com organizadores de bloquinhos contrários às mudanças propostas por ele na organização da festa.

Tiffany Haddish claims an unnamed actor bit Queen Bey at a party and now everyone's a detective.

Slack recently made it easier for its paying customers to access data in private channels and direct messages. Here’s how to see if your employer has the option to read your private messages.

Descubre si en realidad eres el Bombón Asesino o la Mujer Escándalo.

Jeff Goldblum is many things, but "mere mortal" is not one of them.

Two suspects have been arrested in the murder of the 85-year-old, whose charred body had at least 11 stab wounds.

A expressão “Assédio é tudo que vem depois do 'não'” não contempla todas as definições possíveis para assédio sexual.

O Selton Mello já pegou machado, gilete, faca, foice, arma, virou uma mesa, quebrou uma moto, esmurrou uma parede... tô exausto!

Welcome to the Hellmouth.

Snakes have two penises, and alternate which one they use when mating.

Enjoy the great outdoors!

Yup, she went there.

Deputy White House press secretary Raj Shah said Monday that there is nothing to corroborate her claims.

European counterintelligence officers say Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos's meetings with Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos before and after the election should alarm US investigators. And Papadopoulos isn't the only official he managed meetings with.

Querer não é poder, mas sonhar não custa nada.

Não dá pra ficar bravo(a)!

Um guia prático!

Bold and raw...we stan this new Aguilera era.

Existem assexuais que se masturbam e até praticam sexo!

You're not you when you're hungry.

Can you do it?

Spring has sprung!

Não olhe. NÃO. OLHE.

me: love you bes pero qaqo ka

Get 6/6 on this quiz and you won't spend more than $100 on your entire kitchen!

Omar Mateen opened fire at the nightclub in Orlando in 2016, killing 49 people and injuring 68 others.

Not much has changed in Lanford, Illinois.

"É como a opinião de uma vaca. Não importa. É _____."

You're going places.

Obvio le quitas la piel al kiwi, ¿no?

"I support and respect any former colleague’s right to make their own career choices."

This week we have stories about Stormy Daniels, Karl Marx, and astronaut DNA.

The prime minister has revealed the latest medical assessment of the former Russian spy and his daughter, who were poisoned in Salisbury three weeks ago.

TFW destiny finds a way <3

This is what's behind one photo.

How come the Guillermo del Toro movie about the fish man with the nice ass isn't the one called "Pacific Rim"?

Get ready to melt!

Antes disso, a loja registrou um Boletim de Ocorrência contra os jovens por calúnia. A Choix pediu desculpas, mas não admitiu que foi racista.

“Putin and his guys aren’t going to care unless you fuck with their money in London,” an EU police official told BuzzFeed News.

Este post incluye un playlist para que recuerdes todas tus canciones favoritas.

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Sweet Jesus!

Life is ruff, here's some joy.

It's like the easiest contour ever!

Can you believe??? (Yes, I can believe.)

It's the breakthrough in iced coffee you never knew you needed.

Quem é a mais justa de todas?

Aquele jeitinho de andar que diz: minhas coxas estão assadas.

Para garantir seu nome na urna, Lula precisará que o STJ ou o STF lhe conceda uma autorização especial, algo pouco provável no cenário atual.

¿Ya te tocó el que sigue clavado con su ex y el que te busca sólo cuando está borracho?

Es ist weit aus mehr als nur der Verlust der Haare.

What team?

Who wouldn't want to know?

“I’m surprised because I’m at the center of it, and anything that I’m at the center of like that is very very odd, and feels very very out of ordinary."

Prepare to feel a lot of feelings.

Se tem uma coisa que é difícil é tentar fotografar um espelho para um anúncio.

Pictures of a massive train accompanied by guards and a motorcade through Beijing fueled rumors that the young North Korean leader left his home country for the first time since 2011. Chinese state media confirmed the visit Wednesday.

This motorcycle sisterhood is spreading the message of gender equality and women’s empowerment at 100 miles an hour.

Deals on an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser, a French press coffee maker, a set of storage cubes, a vegan bath bomb kit, and more!

“The FTC takes very seriously recent press reports raising substantial concerns about the privacy practices of Facebook.”

Instead of buying a bunch of unnecessary stuff to hide the thing you're *really* here to get, save some money and get it online.

"Ein Kollege hat mal 45 Minuten damit verbracht, mir eine Excel-Tabelle zu erklären. Eine Tabelle, die ich selbst erstellt habe."

Desde princesas de Disney hasta Tina Fey, mucho Tina Fey.

É algo muito sério.

"You have to toot your own horn because no one will do it for you."

Plane schon mal den Ausflug!

When I moved to Seoul after growing up in America, I was a foreigner who looked native. I ended up staying for three years — but eventually I had to go home.

"I'm privileged to have a voice that can be heard..."

Deals at Allswell, Nasty Gal, Wayfair, and more!

Livin' la vida loca?

Diálogo entre personagens inspirados em Lula e Márcio Thomaz Bastos cita "grande acordo" e "estancar essa sangria" — termos usados, na vida real, por Romero Jucá (MDB-RR) e Sérgio Machado.

Mais um dia normal no país Twitter.

«Are u el calefactor de clase? bc I want estar pegao a ti».

Mom said to eat your greens.

Are they really worth the ka-ching? Or just give your full-lash dreams a false run?

Rangez donc votre banane K-Way par pitié, on va trouver mieux.

Alright, people, let's dig into this whole mess.

Talvez para uma boa reforma em seu quarto?

Or, How to Talk to Your Kids About Gender-Nonconforming People.

This story gets wilder and wilder.

Sim, isso é possível.

Nobody gets hurt, still hilarious.


Winter is combo-ing.

At 35%, it's also nearly twice the national average pay gap – and the biggest since media companies started revealing their data.

Nach BuzzFeed-Informationen haben sich SPD, Linke und Grüne auf eine entsprechende Bundesratsinitiative geeinigt.

A pretty floral dress, a corner shelf, a set of kid-safe knives, and 21 other favorite products from our recent posts.

Über gutes Blasen & guten Sex

If your space is a basically a heaping pile of dirty dishes, weeks-old clothes, stinky gym shoes and whatever else, plus you're broke AF, you should probably look at some cheap solutions. Cleaning your apartment is hard, spending money is harder.

The conspiracy is spreading fast on Facebook and can also be found on YouTube.

Tout est écrit dans les étoiles.

Doubt it.


"It was fucking shit. I had to come out to my mum the day before yesterday," said Shahmir Sanni, who was outed in a statement from Theresa May's political secretary.

¿Llegas tarde como el 28?

Tengo argumentos.

«Un jour, un collègue a passé 45 minutes à m'expliquer une feuille de calcul sur Excel. Une feuille de calcul que j'avais créée.»

All your faves on one stage.

President Trump's moves came after Western condemnation of Russia for the poisonings. There was a muted response from the White House up to this point.


Diese Deko für Ostern sieht garantiert nicht nach Last Minute aus!

«C'est peu dire qu'on ne partage ni les valeurs, ni le discours de Génération identitaire», souligne Hervé Gattegno, directeur de la publication du Journal du dimanche.

The best side there is.

Was für Wahnsinns-Frauen!

No offense to good ol' tighty whities, but you can do better.


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Die empfohlene Tagesmenge Wasser ist dein persönlicher Albtraum.




In which Laurina actually became a dirty street pie.

Des milliers de personnes ont défilé le 24 mars aux États-Unis, six semaines après la fusillade du lycée de Parkland, pour demander un contrôle renforcé des ventes d'armes à feu.

We all expected this reaction tbh.

Apart from the bottle of wine I just drank.

Wer hätte gedacht, dass ich mal ein Tattoo von einer Wassermelone haben will?


"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful quiz…"

Quelle est votre place au Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital ?

bloomin' hell!

Usar un mono y tener que desnudarte por completo solo para hacer pis.








Saurez-vous retrouver le sens de ces expressions ?

It's peace and *love* on the planet Earth.

Tienen mucho en común.


Vous allez avoir besoin de temps pour vous en remettre.


Hach, jetzt geht's mir schon besser.


Maldita sea, son adorables.




Don't hold back.



22-year-old Courtney Topic was shot dead by police while holding a knife outside a Hungry Jack's restaurant in 2015.

Did you stay gold?

Es gibt für alles eine Webseite.

The police officers are facing a public inquiry to determine whether they engaged in any misconduct.

More proof that the '80s were the best.

The world watched on in 2016 as the United States presidential election thrust political memes into the mainstream for the first time. Could Australia be next?

"I am outraged by *makes sweeping hand motion* ALL of this."

The interview explored the adult film star's interactions with Donald Trump. The next developments are likely to come in court.



Save this list for a rainy day.

NOOOOOO thank you very much!

Are you a cinephile?

It's illegal to do what?!

One person's trash is another person's treasure!


Hundreds of thousands protested gun violence, the Stormy Daniels interview finally aired, no one wants to be Trump’s lawyer for the Russia investigation, and rich people can buy fake meteor showers.


Andrew Ziegler • 20 minutes ago

This one's for the diehard horror movie fans out there.

It's a balls-up.

Gone but never forgotten.





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