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11 Hidden Messages Made In Cartoons You’ll Be Able To Understand Now

"Cow and Chicken been eating the booty like groceries since '99."

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community what hidden messages in cartoons went over their head as a kid. Here are the childhood crushing results.

2. Lady's embarrassment in Lady and the Tramp.


"When I was a kid I thought Lady's "shame" was because she was in doggy jail, but as an adult I realized it was the fact she'd gotten knocked up by Tramp." —Aprl Fair, Facebook

3. "Dad's Trophy" leggings on Dexter's Laboratory.

Cartoon Network

"Dexter's next door neighbor bending over and having 'Dad's Trophy' written across her pants...animators get bored I guess and push the envelope as much as possible." —Ariel Snow, Facebook


4. SpongeBob watching porn on SpongeBob SquarePants.


"SpongeBob is sitting in his chair leaning and watching TV with a very 'happy' face and suddenly Gary walks in and Spongebob quickly turns off the porn." —edynwebbz

5. Nala's freak'um look in The Lion King.


"This look. This motherfucking look Nala gave Simba during 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight.' All the adults been knew THAT look, and now that I’m older, I do too. Sis wanna smash." —eatsleepnetflixrepeat0311

7. The hooker toy in Toy Story.


"It completely flew over my head that there’s a 'hooker' in Toy Story. It was pointed out to me on Twitter and I laughed my ass off when I realized it has been there the whole time." —rachelm4fbeb15db


9. Miriam's drinking on Hey Arnold.


"On Hey Arnold, I never picked up on the fact that Helga's mother was a drunk. Watching episodes of the show today, I see how she slurs her words, she likes her 'smoothies' and is 'asleep' on the couch a lot of the time." —dougfancy101290

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