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    This Woman's Comics About Being Muslim American Are Perfect

    Yes, she is hot in that. No, don't ask about it.

    Comic artist Huda Fahmy is breaking down walls with her hilarious comic "Yes, I'm Hot in This."

    In her own words, "What started as my therapeutic way of dealing with the Islamophobia and prejudice I encounter on the daily has now turned into this amazing opportunity to tell the story of the American hijabi."

    What's extra special about Fahmy's comics is that while they are typically pretty specific, almost anyone can relate on some level.

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    Fahmy tells us, "the most (pleasantly) unexpected part of this whole journey has been discovering just how many people relate to my experiences: Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists, young people, old people, vegans, Democrats, Republicans! At the very least, it has served as a springboard for discussion, and I'm completely down for anything that opens the lines of respectful dialogue."

    For example this comic, which is all of us.

    I mean really though.

    And her Ramadan comics are spot on.

    Another character who comes out in her comics a lot is frenemy, SUSAN. I think we all have a ~Susan~ in our lives.

    Susan tries though.



    Her comics are downright inspirational.

    To see more of Fahmy's comics follow her on Facebook here or Instagram here!