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These 9 Extremely Serendipitous Photo Bombs Will Make You Believe In Love Again

TFW destiny finds a way <3

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So there's this crazy trend? phenomenon? photogenic proof of destiny's existence? where couples are discovering that they've been photographed together before they ever knew each other — sometimes even decades in advance!

Most recently, this married couple in China found photos of themselves as teenagers posing in the same square — on the same day, at the same exact moment!

Married couple in China discover they appeared in same photograph as teenagers: Report

The couple, identified as Xue and Ye, were visiting the May Fourth Square in the beachside city of Qingdao in July 2000 — 11 years before they met in a totally different city.


2. This well-known pic went viral back in 2010, where you can see a little girl named Donna on the right and a boy named Alex in a stroller in the background. Decades later, one week before their wedding, Donna and Alex Voutsinas were going through old family photos before they realized the coincidence!

Voutsinas Family Photo

What's even more unbelievable is that the two were living in different countries at the time in 1980 — Donna was living in Florida, and her husband-to-be was visiting from Canada.

3. Which reminds us of this story of this British couple, who found out that they'd been photographed on the beach together as kids, just a few yards apart.

Mark Noall/SWNS

The couple, Aimee Maiden and Nick Wheeler, made the discovery while looking at Nick's grandfather's photographs 20 years later, as they were planning their wedding.

4. And this Chinese couple discovered a picture of themselves from when they were 5-year-olds at the same wedding party from the 90s:

It wasn't until Wang Ming and Zhu Haiyan were having dinner as a couple many years later that they found the photo.

5. Meanwhile, this New Jersey couple made a startling find while watching an old home video: Jourdan Spencer and her husband Ryan recognized Ryan's 13-year-old self running briefly across the screen.

The home video was supposed to be documenting Jourdan's trip to an amusement park, and it took place 16 years before they met.


6. Here's another one: This young couple from Kosovo, Verona and Mirand, found out that they both vacationed on the same beach in Montenegro as children — after identifying Mirand on a floatie in one of Verona's childhood pictures.

They ended up meeting officially when Verona, who still lives in the UK, was visiting her home country of Kosovo in the summer of 2016.

Got a serendipitous story to share? Leave yours in the comments below!

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