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24 Memes That Will Make You Want To Call Your Mom Immediately

"It's 'cause you're always on that phone."

1. On the dangers of SPOONS:

2. On your "private" mail:

3. On all that money from the past:

4. On your PRIVACY being VIOLATED:

5. On just trying to joke:

6. On McDonalds:

7. On hitting the JACKPOT:

8. On texting:

9. On solidarity:

10. On the betrayal:

11. On shouting matches:

12. On hitting the jackpot AGAIN:

13. On the OTHER type of betrayal:

14. On arguments:

15. On that one clock everyone's mom had:

16. On that "yeah?" look:

17. On that fake sleep:

18. On those lovely reunions:

19. On leaving the house:

20. On the longest minutes of your life:

21. On the phone chase:

22. On walking through that door:

23. On the horror:

24. And, finally, on the one thing that sums up the entire mom experience: