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    YAAASS HENNY, "Queer Eye" Is Officially Returning For A Second Season

    Can you believe??? (Yes, I can believe.)

    If you know anything about anything, you are fully aware that Netflix's Queer Eye is the purest and most comforting TV show around.

    Macey J Foronda for BuzzFeed

    Its only flaw is that it's too short. Once you've binged all eight episodes, all that's left to do is drink redneck margs and re-binge, and get way too invested in Tom and Abby's on-again, off-again relationship.


    They're engaged now, it's FINE.

    Well, we have some great news: Queer Eye is officially coming back for a second season!

    Netflix / Via Netflix

    YES, Jonathan will be back with more wisdom and pomade. Antoni will return, looking hot and and making guac. Bobby will continue to build people entirely new homes on an impossibly short timeline. Karamo will be back with even more sage wisdom and life advice. And Tan, sweet Tan, will be back to defeat baggy jeans once and for all.


    Netflix confirmed today in a press release that the show will return. There aren't any additional details at the moment — no premiere date or hints about who this season's heroes will be, or confirmation that Superman will be back — but this is still great news.


    In addition to Queer Eye, Netflix announced that they've ordered second seasons of the unscripted originals Dope, Drug Lords, Nailed It!, and The Toys That Made Us.

    CAN YOU BELIEVE??? (Yes, honestly, this is very easy to believe.)


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