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What Sandals Are Perfect For Narrow Feet?

In search of stylish shoes that won't fall off with every step.

Summer is almost here (cue all the celebratory woos!), which means we have the best excuse to buy a cute new pair to rock through the warm months.

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You know, because we don't have any from last year...😉

However, some folks have narrow feet so sandals can be tricky to shop for. I mean, it's difficult to find a pair that fits correctly and is ALSO stylish.

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For example, most flats slip right off the back of my feet, even though they fit length-wise in the shoe. Or anything with straps can swallow my feet, so it's important I find sandals that are adjustable.

Well, I need your help! Do you have an adorable pair of sandals that perfectly slip on your feet and *actually* stay on?


Or a strappy pair you love that isn't too loose around the ankles?

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Maybe you have a sandal that is so comfortable you recommend them to every fellow narrow-footed friend you know.


Whatever sandal it is, let us know! Please share a link to the shoe, and if you want to — you can upload a pic of you sportin' your fave pair. Submit your recommendations below and you might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!