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Here Are Dogs Dressed As Wes Anderson Characters Because You Deserve Joy

Life is ruff, here's some joy.

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Everyone loves dogs, and everyone loves Wes Anderson movies. So what happens when you put them together?

MAGIC, like doggo Steve Zissou.


Such a sharp lil' guy.

Behold Sam Shakusky — Khaki Scout, runaway, orphan, and very good boy.

And Suzy Bishop, who has borrowed your record player without permission, but will return it in 10 days or less.

And tiny, truly fantastic Mr. Fox.


Then, of course, we have the Tenenbaums. There's Richie, who just made 72 unforced errors during the worst tennis game of his life.

And his adopted sister Margot, who's known for her extreme secrecy.


And last, but certainly not least, we have M. Gustave and Madame D, iconic figures at the famous Grand Budapest Hotel.

For even more dog + Wes Anderson magic, catch Isle of Dogs, in theaters now. And if you're looking for a furry friend of your own, check out Best Friends Animal Society.