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Banning The Binary Makes Dating Better For Everyone

Adding pronouns into the dating app mix leads to a better dating culture for us all.

Jacob Tobia One year ago

A Letter To Parents Whose Children Stare At Me In Public

Or, How to Talk to Your Kids About Gender-Nonconforming People.

Jacob Tobia One year ago

What Happens If You're A Trans Person Who Doesn't Feel "Trapped In The Wrong Body"

Not all trans and gender-nonconforming people feel “trapped” in the bodies they were born into. So why is that still the dominant way to think about trans experience and identity? Maybe it doesn't have to be.

Meredith Talusan 3 years ago

I Have Long Nails Because I’m Proud Of What They Mean

My fingernails have made my femininity more visible, both to other people and to me.

Jacob Tobia 4 years ago

The 1970s Feminist Who Warned Against Leaning In

There is more to gender equality than making money. Four writers talk feminism, race, capitalism, and the appeal of some good, sexy class analysis.

Rachel Hills 4 years ago