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March 27, 2018

These Men Were Accused Of Mutilating, Harming, Or Assaulting Patients. But They Could Have Been Registered As Doctors Again.

Australia's medical regulator was missing scores of medical misconduct records, internal documents reveal.

What Type Of Tim Tam Are You?

Double coat? Nah. Chewy Caramel? Heck yes!

Flash Briefing For March 28, 2018

The officers who shot Alton Sterling won’t be charged, a BuzzFeed News scoop on a secret FBI report, and doctors are suing the FDA over candy-flavored e-cigs.

People Aren’t Shopping At H&M, So Everything Is On Sale

H&M couldn't sell some of its inventory over the holiday season, so now it's offering clothes at a steep discount.

21 Strange Books You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Well, that looks like an interesting read.

Here Are 29 Female TV Characters That Have Inspired Generations Of Women

"She was the first character on television that I truly saw myself in."

24 Of The Strangest Wikipedia Pages That'll Send You Deep Into A Wiki-Hole

This is equal parts bizarre and unusual, but I'm here for it.

Here Are The Hoaxes And Conspiracies Still Going Around About The Parkland Students

The teens who survived the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida became huge targets for online misinformation. And it's still happening.

19 Reasons Why Being Adult-Ish Is The Fucking Worst

I've decided that being an adult isn't for me. Thank you for the opportunity.


シリアルかな? ドーナツかな?

34 Stylish Dresses To Get You Through Spring And Into Summer

Dresses you can perfectly layer to make the transition from April showers to May flowers to the scorching heat of the summer.

23 Incredible Pictures Of The World Over 100 Years Ago

Take a journey around the world to see what life was like over 100 years ago!

Estas son las 15 playas más Instagrameadas de México

Si necesitas más fotos junto al mar en tu perfil, esta lista te dirá por dónde empezar.

28 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Cooking

Even if you have a fear of all things cooking, these tips and products will take you by the shoulders and tell you that YOU CAN DO IT. Mainly because they'll *almost* do all the work for you.

16 Little Life Tips From Our Immigrant Families

"After a good eat, a good sleep, and after a good sleep, a good eat."

Remember The Good Old Facebook? You Can Go Back To That.

The call to simply abandon Facebook assumes its easy to disentangle yourself from the social network. For many people, it isn't.

26 Amazing Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

No-tie shoe laces, a dematting pet comb, a smart watch for kids, and 23 other products on Amazon that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people absolutely *adore*.

Sabemos cuál es tu posición sexual preferida por tu queso favorito

Detrás de este quiz hay pura ciencia... y queso... y sexo.

A Man Who Says A Chicago Detective Framed Him For Murder Was Just Set Free

Ricardo Rodriguez’s case was investigated by Detective Reynaldo Guevara. He is the eighth Guevara defendant exonerated since April 2017.

Trump’s Gun Laws Strengthen The Background Check Registry But Also Limit Mental Health Reporting

Congress’s big response to mass shootings this year was to beef up the background check registry, but the other major gun law signed by President Trump prevents some people with serious mental illnesses from being added to that registry.

As reações dos brancos à postagem deste gari mostram quem realmente faz "mimimi"

Quem reclama à toa? Quem fala da realidade ou quem não quer abrir os olhos para os seus privilégios?

手頃なiPadが誕生したよ! その内容を1分で説明します

便利そうだけど、なかなか手が出しにくいiPad Pro。人気の秘訣はノートをとるような操作感。でも、ちょっぴり高くて… そんなあなたに朗報です。

Jet Is The Online Shopping Service You Need To Know About

You're about to be leaving on a Jet shopping spree — don't know when you'll be back again.

Todos tienen un taco que va con su personalidad, aquí está el tuyo

Solo hay una forma de descubrir si eres de pastor o de bistec

This Man Is Stuck In An Airport And The Entire Country Is Obsessed

Miguna Miguna is camped out at Nairobi's airport, denying he needs a visa to enter his own country, prompting fights between police, the government, and members of the press trying to cover the story.

How Did You Change From From Freshman Year To Senior Year?

*"Changes" by David Bowie starts playing*

17 Mexicanos que se merecen un Premio Nobel por su creatividad

Dirán lo que quieran de nosotros, pero cualquier otro país quisiera tener nuestro ingenio.

19 Tuits que entenderás si amas ir a Waldo's más que nada en la vida

En ningún lugar puedes encontrar chocolates, calzones y peluches a menos de veinte pesos.

16 Memes que te harán reír y llorar si nunca sales de vacaciones

Como cuando todos están en la playa y tú te la pasas trapeando.

Arma unas vacaciones y te diremos con qué letra empieza el nombre del amor de tu vida

¿Vas a una ciudad grande o a una playa? Eso dice mucho de ti.

10 motivos pelos quais "Grey's Anatomy" tinha que chamar "Yang's Anatomy"

Eles não merecem o sol que você é, Cristina!

18 Embarrassing Stories That You'll Feel A Tiny Bit Guilty For Laughing At

"Just hugged my dentist thinking he was going in for one but really he was just taking off my dental bib."

Como a tentativa de me ofender pichando “gorda” no meu muro mudou minha vida – para melhor

Um ato escancarado de gordofobia fez minha autoestima melhorar e me levou a ganhar dinheiro com, quem diria, meu corpo fora dos padrões.

19 Strangely Soothing Products That Will Help Calm You Down

Calming desk toys, meditative jewelry, soothing aromatherapies, and more stress-busting products that will have your back when you need a quick fix for anxiety.

21 Stages Of A Filipino High School Relationship In The 2000s

*changes Friendster status to "In A Relationship"*

Uma carta aberta aos pais das crianças que me encaram na rua

Ou: como falar com seus filhos sobre pessoas não-conformistas de gênero.

Amigo de bicheiro, ex-senador Demóstenes poderá ser candidato, decide Toffoli

Demóstenes perdeu a cadeira no Congresso em 2012 após suspeitas de ter usado seu mandato para favorecer o bicheiro Carlinhos Cachoeira. Ele sonha, agora, em voltar para o Senado nas próximas eleições.

What's The Worst Photo Your Family Has Ever Taken?

Because family time ain't always pretty.

The Brother Of Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Is Suing Over The WikiLeaks-Related Conspiracy Theories

Aaron Rich filed a lawsuit Tuesday against individuals and the Washington Times for false claims about him and his brother.

12 Quizzes sobre telenovelas para cuando no tengas nada que hacer

Matando el tiempo al más puro estilo Soraya Montenegro.

50 Memes 100% mexicanos

Llévelos joven, señorita. Son para toda ocasión.

Air New Zealand Has The Perfect Solution For Parents Flying With Babies

Get ready to actually maybe sleep on the plane with your baby.

24 Personas que tienen MUCHÍSIMO más $$$ del que te imaginabas

A Justin Timberlake le pagaron seis millones de dólares por el hacer el "ba da ba ba ba" en un anuncio de McDonald's.

Perdón, fans de Disney; este quiz es solo para amantes de Pixar

Así que si prefieres a Sebastián que a Mike Wazowski, por favor, retírate.

Você sabe dizer qual destes escudos de clubes estrangeiros é o verdadeiro?

Criamos uma versão falsa de alguns escudos para testar seus conhecimentos.

¿Qué tan obsesionado estás con la cultura pop?

Respira profundo, todavía falta para que empiece el programa de las Kardashian.

22 Consejos útiles para mantener tu coche limpio y organizado

Para gente desordenada ~y~ fanáticos de la limpieza, pero con coche.

17 Cosas que las mujeres hacen en las películas y son 100% absurdas en la vida real

Parece que esta gente jamás ha convivido con una mujer real.

Tu gusto en bebidas revelará la verdadera edad de tu alma

¿Tienes un alma vieja o es un bebé?

People Are Sharing A Fake Picture Of A Parkland Survivor

The real photo is from a Teen Vogue photo shoot, and shows Emma González ripping up a shooting target poster not the Constitution.

21 Momentos en los que "Friends" fue políticamente incorrecto

En serio, ver Friends en 2018 es una experiencia totalmente nueva.

24 Cosas fáciles que pueden hacer los hombres para verse instantáneamente más guapos

Sí, puedes volverte más atractivo en cuestión de minutos.

28 Ways To Make Your Car Less Of A Trash Heap

Sometimes you don't realize that your car has become a trash pile until your friends and family refuse to ride in it. It's time to tidy up before the mess ~drives~ you (and everybody else) nuts!

We Tried Styling Barbie Dolls

"She's definitely hotter than me."

Technically There Isn't Any Policy Banning Transgender Troops Right Now

The Pentagon could have one, after Trump’s move late last week. But it doesn’t — at least not yet.

Chrissy Teigen Knows Who Bit Beyoncé But She'll Never Tell

"The problem is, I love everybody involved..."

Rihanna Teased Fenty's New Body Lava And Now She Has All My Love And All My Money

The new body illuminators are so shiny you'll definitely want to bathe in them.

Este teste dirá qual música da Disney mais combina com sua personalidade

Você está mais para "Livre Estou" ou "Hakuna Matata"?

Quantos filmes de super-herói você já viu?

Tem "Batman" e "Homem-Aranha" pra dar e vender.

Seu gosto em papelaria revelará qual deveria ser sua profissão

Será que está na hora de mudar de carreira?

Why A Judicial Race In Wisconsin Is A Big Deal For Midterms

The first statewide election in the major battleground state could offer real insight into whether Democrats can really create a "blue wave," and how Republicans might be able to stop them.

What's Your Best Walt Disney World Hack?

The Most Magical Place on Earth.

This Woman Said A Man Tried To Use Photos They Took "For Retweets" But She Quickly Corrected Him

"I don’t get on Twitter much, and this whole thing was a reminder as to why I don’t and why I don’t need to."

Traveling As A White American Is A Privilege Most People Don’t Have

I traveled around the world as a kid, but didn’t fully understand the privilege of my citizenship and race until I came face to face with it in Cairo, in the midst of the Egyptian revolution.

New Flavored E-Cigarettes Are Bad For Teens, Doctors Say In New FDA Lawsuit

The FDA announced it would delay regulation of e-cigarettes until 2022. But major health groups say that decision is unlawful, and could turn more teens into regular smokers.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a smoothing skin facial mask, a microwave popcorn bowl, a makeup blending sponge kit, a pack of blackhead reducing pore strips, and more!

Which Serial Killer Is From Your State?

They're all terrifying.

18 People Who Took The Art Of Laziness To A Whole New Level

These people are all heroes in my eyes.

Une journée pour tenter de changer l'image des femmes musulmanes dans les médias

Le 27 mars, l'association féministe Lallab lance une première Journée internationale des femmes musulmanes. Une initiative pour «célébrer celles dont on parle souvent sans leur donner la parole».

8 Travel Tips That Will Actually Help You Feel More At Home While You're Away

For starters, skip the hotel coffee and bring your own.

Solo un adicto al queso puede saber cuáles son con solo verlos

¿Eres uno de los pocos conocedores expertos?

28 Things That Totally Belong On Your Birthday Wish List

Stop asking "What do I want for my birthday?" and start adding these things to your birthday wish list instead.

27 Geheimnisse, die dir Dachdecker nicht verraten

Nur Dachdecker wissen, dass eine "Biberschwanzkehle" nichts mit Biologie zu tun hat.

Zion The Dog Learned To Skip And It's So Cute

This Aussie is smarter than I am.

Apple Wants Its New $329 iPad To Lure Students Away From Chromebooks

The new iPad starts at $299 for schools and $329 for consumers. It has Apple pencil support, and it's designed specifically to be used in the classroom.

Two White Police Officers Will Not Be Charged In The Shooting Death Of Alton Sterling

The Louisiana Attorney General's Office said Tuesday it will not pursue charges against the two officers who fatally shot Alton Sterling, a 37-year-old black man. The decision comes nearly 11 months after the Justice Department made the same decision.

Jeremy Renner em SP e climão no set: o que sabemos até agora sobre Black Mirror no Brasil

O Gavião Arqueiro da franquia “Os Vingadores” se hospedou num hotel cinco estrelas nos Jardins para gravar o episódio de Black Mirror no Brasil. O restante do elenco (ainda) é mantido em segredo.

There's Something Called Corgi Fever And I Think I Have It

I am showing symptoms of corgi fever.

Google's Waymo Just Unveiled An Electric, Completely Self-Driving Jaguar

Some 20,000 of the luxury cars are scheduled to be built by 2021.

23 Tweets About The Disney Princesses We Need That Are Hilarious AF

"We need a Disney princess with a yeast infection"

The Hardest Game Of "Would You Rather?" For Book Nerds

Check your shelf before you wreck your shelf.

Este teste dirá qual casal da ficção você e o seu mozão são

Será que vocês são mais pra "Friends" ou "Os Normais"?

The Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Claimed Employees Of Peter Thiel's Surveillance Company Saw Their Data

The data company Palantir — cofounded by billionaire Facebook board member and Trump supporter Peter Thiel — has denied allegations it ever worked with Cambridge Analytica's data.

37 Products That Will Make You Laugh Until You Realize How Useful They Are

"Hahahha, oh.... wait, I need this!" —you, in like two minutes.

What Hair Products Do You Wish You'd Known About Sooner?

Tell us what product you wish you could give to your younger self.

This Film About Filipino Restaurants Will Leave You Hungry For More

The new documentary ULAM: Main Dish charts the journey of today's Filipino-American restaurants that are redefining the concept of "authentic" Filipino food.

10 Ingrown Hair Remedies That Actually Work

Reviews from people who aren't paid to like a product.

Meet Skateboarder Calleigh Little: "Trans Girls Can Do Whatever They Want"

Last fall, Calleigh Little attempted to be the first woman to skateboard solo across the continental United States. Along the way she battled extreme weather and encountered anti-trans strangers, but she also found community — and herself.

19 Of The Best Candles You Can Get On Amazon

For when you need a candle, and you absolutely can not wait more than two days for it to arrive.

The US Death Of Putin’s Media Czar Was Murder, Trump Dossier Author Christopher Steele Tells The FBI

The author of the famous Trump dossier provided a secret report to the FBI asserting that RT founder Mikhail Lesin was bludgeoned to death by thugs hired by an oligarch close to Putin. Three other sources independently told the FBI the same basic story, contradicting the government’s finding that Lesin’s death was accidental.

29 tuits que te sorprenderán muchísimo si pensabas esa idiotez de que las tías no son graciosas

Sé que es una idea loquísima, pero confía en mí, son graciosas.

21 chiens qui ont fait des bêtises vraiment mignonnes

Ils sont tellement mignons qu'on ne peut même pas leur en vouloir !

21 Modeprobleme, die nur kleine Frauen kennen

Leggings werfen Millionen Falten an den Knöcheln.

Nifty's 7-Day Cleaning Challenge Will Help You Declutter Your Life!

Dust, declutter, and dump everything you don't need.

知ってた? あのヒーロー映画に隠されてる32の事実


26 Things No One Will Believe You Got From Walmart

You don't even have to tell them because they'll never guess.

Morning Update: Good Morning Only To The Cast Of Queer Eye

Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, March 27.

30 New Arrivals At ModCloth You're Going To Want To Add To Your Wardrobe

We've scoured the new arrivals so *you* don't have to.

No, Kim Kardashian Didn't Photoshop ~That~ Instagram Post

There's actually a logical explanation for this.

21 Bullshit Things Every Youngest Child Has To Deal With

You always had to go last in board games, even though they weren't the official rules!

20 seeeeehr lustige und interessante Fakten über "Der Prinz von Bel-Air"

Will Smith musste 70% seiner Gage für Steuerschulden abgeben.

Kylie Jenner Is More Popular Than Ever Since Becoming A Mom

In disappearing so completely prior to the birth of her child, Kylie appears to have sparked a renewed global interest in her.

Quel minikeum êtes-vous ?

Mééééliiissaaaaaaaaa, noooon ne pleure paaaaaaaas.

Uh So New Zealand Says It Can't Find Any Russian Spies To Expel

Maybe they're just really good at their jobs?





¿Eres más Bob Esponja, Patricio o Calamardo?

Deja todo lo que estés haciendo. Este test es importante.

20 fotos que son tan divertidas como desconcertantes

Cuanto más las miras, mejor son.









20 Fakten über den menschlichen Körper, die du nie wieder vergessen wirst

Dein Körper ist ein Wunderland. Ein erschreckendes, wunderschönes Wunderland.

These People Trolled An ABC Facebook Page So Much It Had To Be Deleted

The ABC Me Facebook page was deleted on Tuesday evening.

佐川氏が証人喚問で自殺した職員に言及 「仮に担当職員なら」


Here's How The Police Officer Who Shot Courtney Topic Described What Happened

Courtney Topic, 22, was shot dead by police while carrying a knife outside a Hungry Jack's restaurant in 2015.

17 wirklich atemberaubende Duschen, die all deine Probleme wegspülen werden

Ein Bad mit Dusche kann so ästhetisch aussehen.

Parliament House Security Guards Are Taking The Blame For That Awkward Whiteboard Incident

And they would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for Labor's meddling questions.

23 Activities That Prove Margaret River Is More Than Just Wine And Vineyards

Sure, there’s over 200 vineyards in the Margaret River region, but you don’t need a glass of vino to have fun.

At Least 15 States Will Sue The Trump Administration For Putting A Citizenship Question On The 2020 Census

The states say asking residents if they are citizens is "illegal" and could hurt their representation in Congress and cut vital funds they receive from the government.

The Mormon Church Is Making A Big Change After Women Said They Were Encouraged To Stay With Their Abusers

The guidelines issued to church leaders state for the first time that "members should never be encouraged to remain in a home or situation that is abusive or unsafe."

Detienen en EU al líder de NXIVM. En México, esa secta ha operado por una década

Keith Raniere fue arrestado bajo cargos de tráfico sexual y conspiración para trabajo forzado. Los defensores del acusado niegan.

「記憶にございません」「手が震えて...」「紙芝居」 証人喚問とは


This Is Why Thousands Of Kids Are Staying Home From Preschool Today

Parents are supporting a strike by early childhood educators who want to earn more than $21 an hour.

A Former Michigan State University Dean Allegedly Had A Video Of Larry Nassar "Treating" A Young Female Patient

William Strampel, a former dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine and Nassar's ex-boss, faces charges of sexual misconduct.



26 Things Every Secret Romantic Will Want To Own

If anyone asks, you just love the colors red and pink and heart-shaped objects.

証人喚問で「ございませんでした」を連発する佐川氏 文書の改ざんは誰の指示か質問され


The Tragic Drowning Of A Toddler Pushed Parents To “Question Their Own Survival”, Coroner Says

Braxton Slager was 22-months-old when he drowned in a backyard pool at his foster home.

Prince Had An "Exceedingly High" Amount Of Fentanyl In His Body When He Died

The singer died in 2016 of an accidental overdose of the lethal opioid. A new report shows how much of the drug was in his system.

This Quiz Will Reveal The Book That Speaks To Your Soul

Here's what you should read (or reread) next.

Democrats Know Hackers Will Be Back In 2018. The Problem? Forcing Campaigns To Care.

"The threat is there — and ignoring it isn’t going to make it go away."

How Much Of A Potato Lover Are You Really?

You aren't no SPUD... you're a STUD!

Este usuario descubrió como ver toda, TODA la información que Facebook ha guardado sobre ti desde que abriste tu cuenta

Probablemente te sientas como en capítulo de Black Mirror después de ver esto.



33 Things For People With Limited Mobility

Whether your arthritis makes it tough to grasp things, you should avoid bending over at the waist, or just need a little aid hoisting yourself up from the couch, we found products that'll be a help in all kinds of little ways for everyday tasks. From elastic shoelaces to collapsible walking canes to grocery delivery services, we've got you covered.

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