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11 Boyfriends Who'll Make You Cry Because They're So Wholesome, And 11 Who'll Make You Laugh Because They're So Funny

Prepare to feel a lot of feelings.

1. This boyfriend sent a super cute text:

2. And this one sent a message that'll make you snort-laugh:

3. This boyfriend saw a problem and used his DIY skills to help:

My bf knew my old plant stand had broken and I had no where to place my plants so he MADE me one!!!! 😭💖🌱💖💖🌵

4. And this boyfriend had the funniest reaction to a slight problem:

I forgot my bfs phone was dead, so when he went to the bathroom I decided to roam around Walmart. About 20 minutes later I hear “Alyssa Stockton, your child is at register 10”. I walk over there and there he boyfriend..sitting there..on the bench..pouting that I left him.

5. This boyfriend took a lot of time doing something thoughtful:

my boyfriend made me a vinyl.. like... custom cover art that he did himself and songs that remind him of me. ALSO the last song is a song he made for me when we first met. BYE

6. And this boyfriend took his time doing the most extra prank:

7. This boyfriend had a great idea for a romantic gesture:

On Valentine’s Day my boyfriend gave me roses and said “I’ll love you till the last one dies”.. & it wasn’t until a couple of days later that I realized one was fake and will never die 😭😍

8. And to be honest, this boyfriend's gesture was pretty great too:

My man just FaceTimed me drunk as hell eating a slice of pizza while walking down the street and he goes YOU WANNA KNOW HOW PERFECT YOU ARE? LOOK AT THIS PIZZA... FOR YOU, I’LL DROP THIS PIZZA. IT’S GONE! and just threw the damn pizza into the street

9. This boyfriend has some encouraging messages:

For Christmas, my man wrote me a letter for every day we'd be apart while we are studying abroad with an 11 hour time difference 😢 he's so thoughtful

10. And this boyfriend *also* has a way of showing support:

11. This guy gave his girlfriend a musical gift:

My boyfriend made me a music box that plays our favorite song by Coldplay. IM CRYING 😢😢😢💛

12. And in a way, this guy kind of gave a musical gift.

I thought falling asleep on FaceTime was a myth, until I received this...

13. This boyfriend went all-out:

You deserve the world and so much more! Happy 18th Birthday baby!💙

14. And this one was struggling in the funniest way:

15. This guy heard his girlfriend's complaints and took action:

i’ve been complaining that there are no swings in parks anymore, so he made me a swing :,) ❤️

16. And this guy took his girlfriend's request and made art even better:

17. This boyfriend thought of a cute unexpected surprise:

18. And this boyfriend found an unexpected use for a pretty niche product.

my boyfriend used my nipple clamps to save the hot cheetos he got me.

19. This boyfriend had something sweet to say:

He knows the way to my heart ☺️♥️✨

20. And this one was really just trying to help:

so a girl found my phone in the restroom and my bf is mentally challenged

21. This guy made something heartfelt for an anniversary:

what my boyfriend got me for our one year😩❤️😻

22. And this guy showed you can be heartfelt on ordinary days too:

This nigga a straight fool 😂😂😭😭 put a fuckin gift card in here and everything 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 thanks bae damn 😂😂