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March 25, 2018

"What do I tell my son??"

One of these things is not like the other.

So like, how much are you paying for pastels and sparkles?

This is very important!

My brain hurts.

"Gonna let the Forensic Files narrator soothe me to sleep with murder stories now."

In a highly anticipated 60 Minutes interview, Stephanie Clifford, an adult film actor who performs as Stormy Daniels, claims that she felt physically threatened to stay quiet about her alleged sexual encounter with Trump.

Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Select Committee is launching an inquiry in response to the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and the pattern of Russian-linked deaths on British soil exposed by BuzzFeed News.

Let's get down to business!

These are such a great snack for your little ones!

I never thought armpits could look and feel so pretty.

Russian officials said disabled fire alarms and blocked exits contributed to the number of deaths in a massive blaze at a Siberian shopping center, which burned through the night Sunday.

What could be better than hasselback potatoes + cheesy dip in one skillet?

Not necessarily bad but definitely strange.

"Bes, narining mo ba???"

"Carry on, my wayward son..."

Yep, you even get a say on the facial hair.

Show us your true colors.

Not to be confused with WEEBLES.

How long have you been vegetarian for?

Glorious daytime television.

*shivers* I had to pass it on so I could stop thinking about it.

Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer Prize–winning play is back on Broadway 25 years after its debut. But does it hold up — or is its enduring legacy misguided nostalgia for when white men dominated AIDS narratives?


"I will always love you momma. RIP my angel."

There are a lot of Mikes out there.

Your soulmate could be closer than you think!

Why? Why not?!

You will find the f*cked up truth about your period in these mystical cards.

Glam tips for the exhausted and busy.

I'm so old!!!!!!!!

Will you become YouTube famous?

The internet is doing a lot this week.

How could these unforgettable cartoons be forgotten?!

Are you easily stressed out or really competitive?

Who will the system pair you up with this time?

They're all fierce AF!

I know it's a crazy idea but I believe that women can be funny.

Where do I sign up?

'ginas only.

Chucky or Annabelle?

Trends come and go, but yours may just last awhile.

Crank up that A/C and give this quiz a try.

Do yourself and your brunch game a favor.

Ambitious in the streets, cunning in the sheets.

Whatever makes you feel sexy.

An average person who gets their period can go through 11,000 tampons in their lifetime. That's a lot of cash and a whole lot of landfill.

It all began on the day of my actual birth. Both of my parents failed to show up.

As if we could ever afford Monica's apartment...

"Sorry I can't pay my rent this month, I bought an apple at the airport."

Dior or Chanel? Let's find out!

Summer travel plans, anyone?

A little bit of rephrasing goes a long way.

Eat your heart out, Leonardo.

Welcome to the orange carpet!

Because who has the time?? Plus, everything's under $12!

You are categorically not chill.

The real photo is from a Teen Vogue photo shoot, and shows Emma González ripping up a shooting target poster, not the Constitution.

Let’s continue to raise strong women.

These kids to adults: "Look at me. Look at me. I'm the captain now."

Tell 'em, Gal.



Bagel baking at its finest.

You have so many feelings.

Not sure what to make? Let us help.

Anthony Gonzalez and Christina Hagan are both bright, young prospects with starkly different styles and strategies. He has old football pal Peyton Manning and much of the establishment on his side. She has Anthony Scaramucci and a lineup of pro-Trump surrogates on hers. Whatever happens in the Ohio 16th could go a long way toward understanding where the GOP is headed in the first midterms of the Trump era.

I'm trying to grow my hair out. HOW DARE Y'ALL!!!

Surprising hacks and handy kitchen tools like yolk separators and dumpling molds that'll take you by the hand and remind you that cooking can actually be FUN. Or if not fun, it can at least be very easy.

In the latest scheme of the booming private space industry, a Japanese company proposes to light up the night with made-to-order shooting stars. But some experts worry about space clutter, and the scary consequences of these artificial meteors hitting important satellites.

The president's tweetstorm came just before news that he would not be hiring two lawyers whose appointments were announced last week.

We still had so much to learn back then.

Packing the bare minimum has always made leaving and coming back seem easier. But the older I get, the more I feel the weight of the miles between me and everyone I love.

The Trump White House is encouraging high-level visits to Taiwan, but many on the island are worried this will make them a pawn in the great power game with China.

You're going to need matches, extra toilet paper, and a radio to muffle those sounds nobody wants to hear.

A journal just retracted a study supporting the “Gut Makeover” diet, one of countless ventures to seize on microbiome hype.

Alert the guests, your kitchen is about to be the best stocked newlywed kitchen of all time 🥘.

The most important ingredient in bread is...THE BREAD!!!!!!!!

Spoiler: The original Fab Five are still, well, fabulous.

Not one more day can go by without a nationwide conversation about these.

Bookmark this and save yourself a world of stress.

ひどい一日だったって? じゃあこれを見て勇気をもらおう!

Now sissy that walk.

The deposed leader of the Catalan region of Spain was taken into custody by police when crossing the border from Denmark, according to his lawyer.

Are you in the right field?

Johnson claims allegations Vote Leave broke the law are "utterly ludicrous", but David Davis and Jeremy Hunt don't seem so sure.

This show is a mess and we're here for it.

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

I've never felt more single.


All babe household.


"Has Shahid ever fallen for a co-star? You should change that question to how many."




「あれは何?」あ、Alexander McQueenのサンダルだった。





Netflix and chilled prosecco.


¿De verdad serías así si regresaras al pasado por un día?

Son solo nueve meses.

You might be surprised.



Jufran pa rin, mga ulol!

"I'm just embarrassed because I used to love them, and now they're trash!"

"Shocked. Stunned. Embarrassed."

"In the wake of incredible tragedy, we have hurt for you, mourned with you and been inspired by you," team owner Robert Kraft wrote in a letter to the students.






Are you a dragon or a phoenix?

Are you as dependent as Season 1 Rachel?

“We wanted them to know that we’ve got their back,” said Kyle Hausmann-Stokes, a US Army combat veteran.

Hundreds of thousands of people rallied at March for Our Lives events across the country Saturday. These were some of the most powerful moments.

True story: You can see Pawnee City Hall outside Sheldon Cooper's window.


Most Likely To Take This Quiz.



Who isn't Pinterest-obsessed, TBH?!

Are you more California or Texas?

There are no winners in this quiz, really.

This too shall pass.


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