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    I Tried This Clothing Subscription Service And Will Never Pick Out My Own Clothes Again

    Attention, all ye seeking fashion minimalism! Frank and Oak is here to help.

    If you're anything like me, you don't really have your ~style~ figured out.

    I fall victim to styling pieces the same way for years on end or falling for cheap, trendy fast-fashion pieces that I wear a grand total of two times — instead of building a closet of reliable but versatile pieces.

    I’ve always been super curious about clothing services/subscriptions, so I finally decided to give one a try. Frank and Oak is a Montreal-based brand that prides itself on ethically sourced and sustainably made clothing in classic styles and with modern cuts.

    Frank and Oak's Style Plan is super easy to navigate and curates pieces at member-only prices, aka up to 20% off retail. Sign me up!

    In terms of email communications, here's the timeline:

    Psst: if you sign up now, you'll get $35 off of your first box and waived styling fee with code BUZZFEED35!

    Just as a bit of context, I chose the "creative" style in my preference quiz (as opposed to "casual" or "classic"). So let's talk about the items I was recommended and totally love!

    1. A polka-dot collared shirtdress that's my new fav everyday-but-classy centerpiece.

    2. A feminine, rose-colored long-sleeved wrap top with a flattering V-neck and pairing possibilities without end.

    3. And a denim pinafore dress that's both playful and extremely functional.

    Honorary mentions spotlight! I snagged this buttery-soft black tank top from a previous box and was annoyed that I didn't already own such a simple, versatile piece. Hello, closet staple!

    Overall, I was really impressed by Frank and Oak's Style Plan because the clothes feel well-made and are both classy and versatile in design (endless opportunities for mixing and matching), and the curated box helps ease my hopeless indecisiveness.

    Get a monthly style plan from Frank and Oak (prices, again, depend on the items you choose, etc.), available for womenswear and menswear. And there's free shipping both ways with a 30-day return window.

    BUT WAIT! If you haven't tried Frank and Oak before, you can get $35 off of your first box with code BUZZFEED35! We're also talking a waived styling fee, peeps! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to take advantage!