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    25 Cartoons From The '90s You Should Be Embarrassed You Forgot About

    How could these unforgettable cartoons be forgotten?!

    1. KaBlam!


    Fondest memory: Action League Now!, Sniz & Fondue, Life With Loopy, Prometheus and Bob, The Off-Beats...basically everything.

    2. Pepper Ann


    Fondest memory: The amazing theme song and Pepper Ann's best friends Nicky and Milo.

    3. Biker Mice From Mars


    Fondest memory: The "Once Upon A Time On Mars" episode packed with rad guitar solos, snarky come-backs, and plenty of death defying stunts for the series finale.

    4. Street Sharks

    Bohbot Entertainment

    Fondest memory: The moment when you wondered "When did Biker Mice From Mars turn into Street Sharks?"

    5. Gargoyles


    Fondest memory: When Angela gets attacked by the hunters and Goliath goes there to rescue her.

    6. Beast Wars: Transformers


    Fondest memory: The "Code of Hero" episode when Dinobot finds out Megatron's plan to change time.

    7. Bobby's World

    Fox Kids

    Fondest memory: Pretty much every episode Bobby let his imagination run wild.

    8. Cybersix


    Fondest memory: The final episode where Cybersix and Lucas kiss for the first time, obviously.

    9. Double Dragon

    DHX Media

    Fondest memory: The theme song and all the fight scenes.

    10. 2 Stupid Dogs


    Fondest memory: When Big Dog threw up all those chickens.

    11. Duckman

    USA Network

    Fondest memory: When Duckman gets visited by all of his future selves warning him about every decision he makes.

    12. Earthworm Jim

    Kids WB

    Fondest memory: When Bob the Killer Goldfish's experiment causes him to get huge, and he tries to take over the world.

    13. Cow and Chicken

    Cartoon Network

    Fondest memory: The episode when cow made the most disgusting pie.

    14. I Am Weasel

    Cartoon Network

    Fondest memory: Seeing Red Guy and wondering how he could be on Cow and Chicken as well.

    15. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective


    Fondest memory: The "Natural Born Koalas" episode because of the name alone.

    16. The Mask: Animated Series


    Fondest memory: The crossover episode with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

    17. Extreme Ghostbusters


    Fondest memory: When the author J.N. Klein gets possessed by a demon and starts creating ghosts that come to life.

    18. Freakazoid!

    The WB

    Fondest memory: When Freakazoid has to defeat the evil computer genius Armando Guitierrez on the internet.

    19. Jumanji


    Fondest memory: When Von Richter and Van Pelt have a contest to see who the better hunter is after capturing Alan.

    20. Life With Louie


    Fondest memory: That really sad episode when Louie chooses to play with his friends instead of writing his grandmother a letter, and she dies. Damn, shit got real.

    21. PB&J Otter


    Fondest memory: The "Noodle Dance" of course.

    22. Men in Black: The Series

    Warner Bros.

    Fondest memory: When The Bug Queen comes to earth and waits for her bugs to hatch at the hotel that Emperor Worm happens to be staying in as well.

    23. Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century

    Fox Kids

    Fondest memory: The intro being the reminder that it was time to leave for school.

    24. The Addams Family


    Fondest memory: When Gomez and Morticia go on a honeymoon for their wedding anniversary.

    25. Sonic the Hedgehog


    Fondest memory: The fact that Jaleel White was the voice of Sonic and Dr. Robotnik's PHAT ass.

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