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18 American Quirks That Are Actually Kinda Weird

Not necessarily bad but definitely strange.

1. The massive gaps at the edge of the bathroom stalls' doors.

Also, due to there not being "occupied" notices on toilet doors, they instead make the door gap really large. 🚽

Does an extra inch of door really cost that much? Are the savings worth the loss of all privacy and sometimes dignity?

2. AC everywhere, all the time.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Listen, I appreciate AC in the summer. Actually, I NEED AC in the summer. But you guys push it a bit too far. There's no need to turn every store into an icicle, especially when it's not even that hot outside anymore.

3. The size of the cars.

Bsauter / Getty Images

You could fit three French cars in one of those.

4. Having American flags everywhere.

Bill Chizek / Getty Images

Just in case you weren't sure what country you're in.

5. Waiters asking you if everything is OK every damn minute.

Disney-ABC /

In France, we prefer our waiters unavailable and aloof.

6. All the insane commercials for prescribed drugs.

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When two-thirds of the ad is focused on the side-effects, one of them being death, why even bother advertising?

7. Selling cigarettes in pharmacies.

Chris Hondros / Getty Images

Call me old-fashioned but you shouldn't be able to buy cigarettes and get your flu shot at the same place.

8. Ads for lawyers and doctors.

cartmankid /

If you found your lawyer on a subway ad, maybe reconsider your life choices.

9. The fact that something called "the World Series" only features American teams.

There are other countries that matter on this planet.

10. People who say "how are you?" when they really just mean "hello" and do not care at all how you are.

That's just hurtful.

11. Iced water even when it's 20°F outside.


I get liking ice-cold water in the summer, but most restaurants serve it even when it's snowing outside. Does no one have sensitive teeth in this country?

12. And while we're at it: the national obsession over iced coffee.

Mallory McInnis / BuzzFeed

Coffee should be hot, even in the summer. Don't @ me.

13. Having to endure 3,000 commercial breaks on TV.

20th Television

When a 40-minute-long program ends up lasting an hour because of countless commercial breaks, something isn't right.

14. Getting carded when you're old enough to be a card-carrying AARP member.

Columbia Pictures

My hair is getting grayer by the day and my knees hurt whenever I climb the stairs, and yet I still have to carry my ID with me whenever I go out.

15. The fact that the tax is never included on the price tag.

Antonioguillem / Getty Images

I just want to know how much I'm actually gonna pay.

16. Having to share a dorm room in college.

Columbia Pictures

I know this is a traditional rite of passage for many Americans, but the thought of spending a whole school year living with a rando and struggling to get any kind of privacy is pretty terrifying, TBH.

17. The whole deal with sororities and fraternities.

Universal Pictures

First of all, why? And what is recruitment week? And why the Greek letters? Oh, and what's up with the sorority pose?

18. And wall-mounted shower heads.

Teamcrucillo / Getty Images

How do you rinse your butt with that thing??