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    21 Things About Being In Your Late Twenties I Wish Someone Had Told Me

    You have so many feelings.

    1. You become a lot more selfish but in a good way.

    2. You start to listen to your intuition.

    my intuition is so crazily accurate and powerful it’s overwhelming sometimes, one of the best things i’ve learnt is how to become more in tune with it

    You know that "gut feeling" people always talk about, well it's actually legit and very smart.

    3. You start to really feel your feelings.

    4. You suddenly know how and when to let things go.

    5. Older relatives will start asking you questions, lots of questions.

    6. You won't have as much friends as you used to.

    7. And you have to make an actual effort to see the friends you have left.

    8. You will spend a lot of your time just not knowing.

    9. You start to see through the bullshit that is social media.

    10. You realise you want to be around people who know more than you.

    11. You will grow out of all your favourite stores.

    12. You see the funny side of things.

    13. Chin hairs!

    14. You're going to be cold all the time.

    15. You will spend a lot of time looking at property porn.

    16. You actually have to look after your body now.

    17. Household items start to excite you.

    18. You start to realise how old your parents actually are.

    19. You have finally figured out your 'type'.

    20. You’re not afraid to ask for what you want.

    21. You cherish sleep now more than ever.