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    17 Times "Phineas And Ferb" Was Too Funny To Just Be A Kids Show

    It all began on the day of my actual birth. Both of my parents failed to show up.

    1. When Phineas's anatomy was called into question:

    2. When Ferb was the family jokester:

    3. When Doofenshmirtz revealed his tragic origin story:

    4. When Baljeet gave the brothers a lesson in correlation, or lack thereof:

    5. When Isabella was a master of nature:

    6. When the show made a dig at a *certain* Nickelodeon show:

    7. When Buford revealed that he moonlighted as an upscale dancer:

    8. When Doofenshmirtz stumbled upon a coincidence:

    9. When Buford inexplicably owned a mold of Candace:

    10. And when Linda revealed some further insight to how he might have obtained the mold:

    11. When we found out how Perry entered the kids' lives:

    12. When Major Monogram let Carl know exactly how he felt about him:

    13. When Doofenshmirtz's ugly-inator was seriously savage:

    14. When the show got seriously meta:

    15. When Linda's sass was unbeatable:

    16. When Doofenshmirtz couldn't grasp the concept of time or age:

    17. And when this commentary on friendship basically summed up the series: