18 Things You'll Vividly Remember From When You Got Sick And Missed School As A Kid

    Glorious daytime television.

    1. Ah, for starters let's recall that thick, bubble gum flavored amoxicillin. It's so memorable that you can practically taste this picture.

    2. There was also a delicious (by medicine standards) banana flavored amoxicillin.

    3. And don't forget about the measuring spoon you used to get the correct dosage!

    4. Of course, there were other not-terrible-tasting medicines, like grape Dimetapp...

    5. ...or Luden's cough drops, which tasted so much like candy that you'd seek 'em out at the first hint of sickness symptoms.

    6. Your sick diet mostly consisted of Campbell's soups...

    7. ...eaten out of those Campbell's soup bowls that everyone had.

    8. There were alternate soup options that were equally tasty.

    9. Whatever you ate was washed down with some fizzy, stomach-settling 7UP.

    10. Being bedridden meant you'd watch A LOT of television, and The Price is Right was the premiere at-home-sick show.

    11. Unfortunately, there came a point where Bob Barker reminded everyone to "have your pets spayed or neutered," and The Price is Right ended, leaving you with a bunch of soap operas.

    12. However, there were a bevy of daytime TV talk shows options, like Ricki Lake...

    13. ...or Sally...

    14. ...and Montel.

    15. Eventually, you were blessed with more game show entertainment, courtesy of Supermarket Sweep...

    16. ...followed by another true classic, Shop 'til You Drop.

    17. And as you began to wind down, you prepared for bed by putting a layer of this stuff on your chest.

    18. And finally, if you were so sick that you couldn't sleep, you woke up in the middle of the night to infomercials trying to sell food dehydrators, or music collections with oddly specific themes.