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    33 Useful Kitchen Gadgets To Add To Your Wedding Registry

    Alert the guests, your kitchen is about to be the best stocked newlywed kitchen of all time 🥘.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A dual breakfast sandwich maker because 1) it's a great way to motivate you to actually eat breakfast 2) your spouse will also want one once they smell yours.


    This handy gadget can cook two sandwiches in five minutes — that's less time than standing in line to wait for a McMuffin.

    Promising review: "I purchased two of these. I make the egg muffins in four minutes, then brush them with butter/margarine. They taste great and I make one to two dozen at a time. I put them each in a prefect portions bag, then back in the muffin bag, then freeze them. The butter makes sure they are moist when you heat them up after freezing, and these are so handy top pop in the microwave for a very quick breakfast." –Galeh

    Get it from Walmart for $43.99.

    2. A sous vide precision cooker with Wi-Fi so you can monitor the food via an app from the couch on movie night.


    Sous vide, which means “under vacuum” in French, refers to the process of vacuum-sealing food in a bag, then cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath. This method ensures maximum tenderness and moisture retention —

    without worry of overcooking. This model features Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to start, stop, monitor, or adjust your cook wherever you are through an app.

    Get it from Walmart for $132.95

    3. A vacuum sealer perfect for sous vide cooking and keeping large amounts of food fresh for a long, long time, so there's less arguing about whose turn it is to food shop.


    Meats and produce can last for weeks to even months/years when they're vacuum sealed and frozen!

    Promising review: "I've been using the Foodsaver systems for years, and love that I can cook extra and freeze it for leftovers for a busy day. One thing I just started doing to store leftovers – once sealed I flatten them and lay them stacked in the freezer. That way, there is less bulk, and it makes for more freezer room. This model is my favorite, I love the changes they made; especially adding the pulse option, and a window to see the end of the bag you're sealing. Much better then guessing. The price is a little steep, however if you faithfully use it, you get your money's worth." –Posterpup

    Get it from Walmart for $140.

    4. A trusty food processor to do all the slicing and dicing for any shredding, crinkling, mincing, or pureeing. It's got you covered from hummus to peanut butter to pesto.


    This food processor has a 10-cup capacity, and the BPA-Free bowl is dishwasher safe!

    Promising review: "Simple to use, but strong power to work with. The attachment to move the food around is very convenient. I could do three medium onions in one time, and they still look chopped – not puréed. I purchased it based on good reviews, and a professional review from chef. The price very affordable, and Hamilton Beach food processors last a good long time." –Sufyta

    Get it from Walmart for $36.85.

    5. A 5-in-1 utensil appropriately named the "Uni-tool," because it can serve as a slotted spoon, turner, solid spoon, spatula, and cutting tool all in one!


    Get it from Jet for $14.40.

    6. A coffee machine with a built-in frother that'll make a variety of drinks, from an iced coffee to a latte. You'll get all the personalized options for you and your spouse, without having to shell out triple figures for an espresso machine.


    Promising review: "Love that I no longer need to purchase k-cups or coffee pods. This coffee station is easy to operate. It's nice having the measuring scoop attached to the side where it always has its place. The built in frother is amazing! Who needs Starbucks when you can make your own barista style drinks at home, and for less cost?" –TTVM

    Get it from Walmart for $122.99.

    7. A surprisingly versatile waffle maker for whipping up your fave brunch foods at home like Leslie Knope and Ben.


    Promising review: "I love this waffle maker, I have one up at the cabin and one at home. You can make waffles fast, and it's easy to use. Also it beats the expensive waffle makers I give this one a A+." –ProWafflemaker

    Get it from Walmart for $17.88.

    8. An electric kettle that'll look amazing on your countertop when people come over for tea and to see the wedding photos.


    Get it from Walmart for $14.88+ (available in two colors).

    9. A bread machine for making a fresh loaf right at home, so you can be that couple whose place always smells like something good is cooking. It even has a gluten-free setting!


    Promising review: "This works well. Love my bread maker! I use it almost every day, not only to make bread but jam also. It's really simple to use and makes great bread, and not to mention it's cheaper from Walmart." –Sebastian

    Get it from Walmart for $59.98.

    10. A knife-sharpener to rejuvenate even the dullest of blades.

    This non-slip knife sharpener has a grinding wheel is for everyday use,. a tungsten steel blade for coarse grinding of blunt knives, and ceramic rod for further strengthening sharpness.

    Get it from Walmart for $11.99.

    11. An 8-in-1 kitchen tool just may make cooking together way easier.

    This useful gadget is a funnel, lemon squeezer, spice grater, egg masher, cheese grater, egg separator, measuring cap, and jar opener, and each function is a different color to avoid confusion.

    Get it from Walmart for $9.99.

    12. An old-fashioned hot chocolate maker that'll warm up solid chocolate with milk until it becomes a drinkable treat for the one you love.


    Get it from Jet for $27.

    13. An egg cooker for making six hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or poached eggs in under 10 minutes. You can even use it to cook an omelet!


    I have one of these and it completely rules. I use it to make perfect eggs with minimal effort after a run almost every morning.

    Promising review: "I can make hard boiled eggs, but poached or soft boiled never turns out right. Although I was skeptical, I bought this due to the low price. I make a lot of hard boiled eggs for my dog, and I eat eggs every day, so I figured it was worth trying. I cannot live without it now. The eggs come out perfectly every time – soft, hard, poached, even an omelet! And the best part – the shells almost fall off. Not one hard boiled egg has been shredded while peeling. The shells are soft and easy to peel. And clean up? Except for the omelet, they cook in the shell. No cleanup except wiping it off! No mess at all." –PeanutsMom

    Get it from Walmart for $24.95 (available in two colors).

    14. A cold-brew maker to please even the most discerning coffee addicts.


    Promising review: "Excellent product especially for the price, and it’s one of the best ways to enjoy coffee." –Smess

    Get it from Walmart for $17.99.

    15. A 5-in-1 countertop cooker that'll grill burger patties, press paninis, fry bacon, and cook pancakes. So basically, it covers 90% of Newlywed needs.


    This multi-use cooker works as a contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle and half grill/half griddle! The nonstick cooking plates are removable and reversible, which makes them super versatile and easy to clean.

    Promising review: "Cooks fast, and cooks anything from pancakes to burgers. Wanted a Panini press, and got more than that for a super price." –HopeG

    Get it from Jet for $79.95.

    16. An electric can-opener perfect for couples who were burned one too many times by a manual can-opener or a pull-tab.


    Get it from Jet for $29.92.

    17. A multi-function chopping board with a meat grip on one side and an angled cutting surface designed to catch any juices or crumbs, so cleaning up dinner is less of a chore.


    Get it from Jet for $19.95.

    18. An ultra-slim kitchen scale with an easy-to-clean touchscreen surface for following each recipe as precisely as possible for your Type A spouse.


    Promising review: "I love having a food scale. This Ozeri food scale works perfectly. It is black and super thin. It doesn't take up much space to store in my kitchen cabinets, which is a huge plus. The scale is digital and touch screen. The touch is pretty sensitive, and works easily. You can change the units of measurements for fluid ounces, grams, and ounces. It has a Tare button which allows you to zero out the scale. This is great if you are using a bowl to measure ingredients in. it also works well if you need to add multiple ingredients into a bowl. You can tare between ingredients to get accurate measurements. This scale will also automatically turn off if there is no activity. This is great so you don't accidentally use the battery. I have found that I pull it out to use all the time now." –STAYLAW

    Get it from Walmart for $23.06.

    19. A good old-fashioned pie bird your grandma probably uses and so should you. It'll 1) prevent the filling from boiling over and creating a mess in the oven, 2) distribute moisture so the bottom doesn't get soggy, and 3) ensure the top crust cooks evenly without splitting.


    This pie bird is safe for the freezer, microwave, oven, broiler, and dishwasher!

    Get it from Walmart for $25.90.

    20. A digital food thermometer so your in-laws can't complain the chicken is undercooked. This one gives an instant temperature read!


    Promising review: "This is truly an awesome gadget. It takes the guess work out of cooking. I no longer have to slice my chicken in half, and guess if its too pink, or cut my pork in half and wonder if its done. It's affordable too! The similar thermometers I priced were more expensive and offered no additional features." –Asher

    Get it from Walmart for $10.99.

    21. An electric citrus juicer so you can both start the day with a cup of fresh-squeezed OJ. It zaps ALL the juice out of each fruit and lets you control how much pulp gets left in.


    Promising review: "The juicer is strong and the process of getting juice out from my lemons is quick and pleasant. Clean up was also a breeze, I simply ran the plastic parts under the faucet. The juicer is well built and runs smoothly. I am thrilled because my lemon tree is full right now, and with my new juicer I will be able to freeze lemon juice to use for a later time. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!" –rcazares98

    Get it from Walmart for $27.01.

    22. A quiet and efficient electric coffee grinder with a removable grinding cup for easy pouring and clean up — which means it's manageable to make coffee for two in your half-awake state at 7 a.m. in the morning.


    Promising review: "I am so glad I got this. It couldn't be any easier to use and to clean. I have had no issues and have had it for over six months. I fill it a bit over 1/2 cup, and it only takes about 10-15 seconds to grind the beans perfectly. I would recommend this product with no hesitation." –joey

    Get it from Walmart for $28.92.

    23. A crepe maker because let's face it — just because you're married doesn't mean you wouldn't eat Nutella crepes every day if you could. And now you can.


    Promising review: "I can make crepe or rotis, paranthas, and also omelettes. Easy to clean." –sumani

    Get it from Walmart for $32.64.

    24. A five-blade spiralizer for exploring the healthy and delicious world of veggie pastas.


    The three blades give you the options of spaghetti cut, fettuccine cut. two ribbon cuts, curly fry cut. It comes with a blade box to keep blades clean, safe, and organized when not in use. A stronghold suction cup keeps the device from slipping on countertops.

    Get it from Walmart for $19.99.

    25. A juice-extractor because making daily visits to the local juice shop is just not financially feasible ATM.


    Promising review: "I wanted to add more nutrition to my diet. I use this about once a week, and make a lot of juice in one shot. A pitcher of juice takes about 30 minutes from start to finish with clean up. It is pretty efficient at removing all the juice in one shot. I also give the remaining pulp to my pit bulls. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a juicer." –EattingWell

    Get it from Jet for $49.49 or from Walmart for $49.49.

    26. A cool gadget that'll turn freshly brewed hot coffee (or any non-carbonated drink, such as wine) into an iced one in a matter of minutes — without watering it down.


    Fill the device with water and pop it into the freezer for 12 hours before using. It has a 12.5 oz. capacity and is dishwasher safe!

    Promising review: "Love it! This iced coffee maker saves me so much money each week – instead of going to Starbucks each day, now I just brew right from my keurig into the hyperchiller. Then I take the dogs outside, and when I'm back I've got perfect iced coffee!" –nmike11

    Get it from Walmart for $29.99 or from Jet for $29.99.

    27. An old-fashioned food mill perfect for making sauces, jams, or mashed potatoes because it catches all the seeds and peels, leaving only a smooth puree. (That's probably the one thing your food processor can't do.)


    This food mill comes with a large stomper, stainless steel screen, easy to turn handle, and a dual mounting system.

    Promising review: "Easy to assemble and use, and significantly less than priced at other places! Telling all home gardeners I know. Thanks again Jet!" –Cobi H

    Get it from Jet for $49.19.

    28. A cordless electric wine opener so you can get a bottle of red uncorked in just a few seconds and have a romantic night in.

    This wine opener comes with a foil cutter!

    Get it from Walmart for $22.14.

    29. A frozen yogurt and ice cream maker to serve up a homemade scoop that'll rival Ben & Jerry's.


    The best part is you get to decide what ingredients are used. For example, you can substitute sugar for maple syrup!

    Promising review: "This is the only way we eat ice cream anymore! The ice cream just tastes better, it's simple and creamy. The recipes are easy to make, and the machine is easy to use, which is perfect for kids. The machine is easily cleaned, and I would highly suggest reading the manual fully before using. I thought I could skip reading the manual, but it had some helpful hints and tips for using the machine. For example, freeze the base and mixing blade at least overnight and keep the ice cream mixture in the fridge at least overnight. The colder all of these things are the better it mixes. The recipes are easy to personalize as well. My husband like butterfingers, my youngest likes cookies and cream, and my oldest likes plain vanilla. Once you cut up the extras (candies) just throw them in the mixer towards the end, and it's like a blizzard." –LoveLife

    Get it from Walmart for $59.95.

    30. A pair of bear claws for tearing BBQ meat to shreds. You could use forks, but what's the fun in that?


    Get them from Jet for $12.95.

    31. A hand blender that's just as powerful as a full-sized version but doesn't take up valuable counter space. Plus, it's super easy to clean up.


    Promising review: "This was a gift from my husband. I love this tool, I don't know how I managed with it. I keep it right on my counter for handy access. It whips up my sauces and gravies with ease. I love the color, matches my coffee maker and mixer." –Nancy1952

    Get it from Walmart for $29.99.

    32. A mini stand mixer 100% worth the ~dough~. Your home will become holiday cookie bake zone in no time with this kitchen helper.


    The Artisan Mini tilt-head stand mixer makes up to five dozen cookies in a single batch! The mixer comes with a coated flat beater, a coated dough hook, a wire whip, and a pouring shield.

    Convince someone to get this babe for you with Here's Why You Should Buy A KitchenAid Mixer.

    Get it from Walmart for for $259.

    33. And an almighty Instant Pot, which does just about anything you want it to. It's a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker, and food warmer all rolled into one nifty appliance.


    Having dinner ready and waiting at home has never been easier.

    Promising review: "This is the most versatile kitchen appliance I have ever owned. It wasn't the plan, but now I use it every day. I set it up at night to have (quietly) cooked breakfast grains waiting for me when I awake. Then set it up to cook my dinner while I'm out. There are online recipes, blogs, user discussions, etc. that you can make use of. Overall, I think the presets are fun to use but are more than the typical user needs. The manual setting alone would do. The rice setting cooks rice perfectly, and can be used to cook other grains such as millet, as well. I've owned other traditional pressure cookers with the hissy rockers and fussy seals, this is so much better than those." –ExceptionallyLongNickname

    Get the six-quart size from Walmart for $79.

    Do a happy dance in your well-stocked kitchen!

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