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    19 Tumblr, Instagram, And Twitter Jokes You'll Get If You Have Zero Chill

    You are categorically not chill.

    1. This succinct summary:

    im VERY laid back. i only care about 2 things: every person on earth & their opinion of me the crushing psychological weight of being alive

    2. This enthusiasm:

    3. This representation of you as a friend:

    4. This magic trick you wish you could learn:

    5. This duality:

    public account vs private account

    6. This lie you tell regularly:

    7. This accurate depiction of the inside of your head:

    PERSON: You always seem so chill. ME EXTERNALLY: oh thanks ME INTERNALLY:

    8. This eternal struggle:

    9. This somewhat time-consuming activity:

    10. This betrayal:

    11. This fair warning:

    me realizing i have a crush on someone

    12. These consequences:

    i physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially can not afford another crush

    13. This constant source of worry:

    14. This special ability you possess:

    15. This one rule:

    16. This natural and normal reaction:

    me watching my crush talk to another woman

    17. This impossible task:

    18. This wonderful feeling to eventually look forward to:

    19. And the one thing you can always depend on: