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    17 Times "Parks And Rec" Crossed Over Into Other TV Shows And You Didn't Even Notice

    True story: You can see Pawnee City Hall outside Sheldon Cooper's window.

    1. Pawnee's resident perfume artist, Dennis Feinstein, also exists in the world of The Good Place.

    NBC / Via Twitter: @ShinraAlpha

    Yup, that's an ad for "Glyde" by Dennis Feinstein on the back of Eleanor's magazine.

    2. And Jean-Ralphio exists in the world of The Good Place, too.

    NBC / Via Twitter: @ShinraAlpha

    That's an ad for his champagne line. Please note the slogan: "Turn that frizown upsidizity." Craig and Typhoon actually drink this very champagne in the series finale of Parks and Rec.

    3. The apartment in The Big Bang Theory has a gorgeous view...of Pawnee City Hall.

    CBS / NBC

    It's true! The Big Bang Theory apartment looks out onto Pasadena City Hall, which is where they shot the exterior scenes for Pawnee's own city hall. So that building outside Sheldon Cooper's window is literally the same building Leslie Knope goes to work in every single day.

    4. Moving on to 30 Rock — It looks like the fictional NBC show Bitch Hunter was actually filmed in Pawnee City Hall.

    NBC / Via

    Up top: Leslie Knope in Pawnee City Hall. Down below: Will Ferrell knocking down a door on Bitch Hunter. Note the wall color, the crown molding, the's the same set!

    5. And it looks like Liz Lemon's gorilla statue eventually became Leslie Knope's.

    NBC / Via

    Which, in turn, became Ron Swanson's.

    6. Also, in the finale of 30 Rock, it sure *seems* like Liz Lemon makes a reference to Jerry Gergich.

    NBC / Via

    Remember how Tom Haverford once put a "Jerry filter" on all the Parks and Rec email accounts, because he was spamming people with annoying messages???

    7. Ron Swanson gets pulled over by the Pawnee police...outside Paddy's Pub from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    NBC/FX / Via

    Up top: Ron Swanson getting pulled over by the Pawnee PD. Below: The It's Always Sunny gang outside their bar in Philly. (In reality, this location is in downtown LA.)

    8. Perd Hapley may be Pawnee's greatest news anchor, but he's also a reporter in the Scandal universe...


    9. And in the Bones universe...


    10. And in the Supergirl universe.

    The CW / Via Twitter: @akfmoose

    There are plenty more examples of this. Perd is played by Jay Jackson — who spent 22 years as an actual news reporter before making the switch to acting. A quick glance at his IMDb page will tell you that he now plays a lot of reporters.

    11. When Ben and Leslie go to Paris, they have lunch right next to Mose from The Office.

    NBC / Via

    This is *probably* because Mose was played by Michael Schur, one of the creators of Parks and Recreation. But I choose to believe Mose treated himself to a lovely solo trip to Europe!!!

    12. Speaking of The Office crossovers, April and Andy's adorable pit bull Champion once made a guest appearance on the show.

    NBC / Via

    Yup! April and Andy may have adopted Champion on Parks and Rec, but Andy Bernard adopted him on The Office.

    13. Champion also made a cameo on Wilfred.

    FX / Via

    Fun fact: Champion is actually a female dog named Lucy, and her acting career could rival Meryl Streep's.

    14. There's a very clever shout-out to The West Wing on Parks and Rec.

    NBC / Via

    Bradley Whitford plays Councilman Pillner on Parks and Rec, and on his desk is a framed napkin that reads "Pillner for Pawnee." Whitford previously played Josh Lyman on The West Wing, where the president's campaign slogan was "Bartlett for America" — a phrase which is written on a napkin and framed.

    15. This one is a movie, not a TV show, but Wet Hot American Summer may secretly be the origin story for JJ's Diner.

    USA Films / Via

    And before you write this one off as a TOTAL coincidence — remember that Wet Hot American Summer was one of Amy Poehler's first movies.

    16. As The Douche, Nick Kroll makes a gross "Aisle Me" joke on Parks and Rec. He makes the very same joke as his character Ruxin on The League.

    FX / NBC / Via

    Maybe Nick Kroll just really likes this joke.

    17. And finally, Monica reveals on Friends that Rachel actually slept with Ben Wyatt. Gasp!!!

    NBC / Via

    You say it's just a coincidence; I say Rachel Green was sleeping with the 18-year-old mayor of Partridge, Minnesota.

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