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March 10, 2018

Chris Brown Shared A Clip Of "A Thousand Miles" On Instagram And Vanessa Carlton Called Him Out On It

"I do not want to be associated with an artist that has assaulted women..."

Should You Actually Be Living In The City Or The Suburbs Right Now?

Warning: Taking this quiz may prompt you to move.

The Duffer Brothers Have Apologized After Being Accused Of Verbally Abusing Multiple Women On The Set Of "Stranger Things"

A Netflix spokesperson said they looked into the allegations against the show's creators "and found no wrongdoing."

A Woman Says She Was Injured By A Drag Queen's Breasts In Florida

The lawsuit claims a drag queen slammed her breasts and chest into a patron's head and neck, which she says left her with permanent injuries.



【あの日から7年】大津波から子供を守った”奇跡の保育所長” 「美談」の裏で抱えた苦悩

街全体が壊滅的被害にあった宮城県名取市閖上地区。沿岸部にありながら、誰一人として死者を出さなかった保育所がある。閖上の奇跡、と呼ばれ「美談」の主役になった所長は7年間、人知れず苦しみを抱えていた。今、初めて明かされる苦悩の日々 と再出発。 Is Struggling To Deal With Self-Harm Content

The app, popular with teens, banned search on tags like #proana and #mutilation after BuzzFeed asked why you could search for them on its platform.

21 Details From TV Comedy Series That’ll Make You Say, “How Did I Not Notice That?”

Did you know Ron Swanson is referenced in The Good Place?

絶壁に立たされている原発避難者 「PTSDリスク47%」が意味すること


Steve Bannon acclamé, médias hués, injures racistes : un aperçu du «nouveau» FN dédiabolisé

L'ex-conseiller de Trump, régulièrement taxé de racisme et d'antisémitisme, a été acclamé par les militants frontistes au congrès de Lille. Tandis qu'un vigile a accusé l’assistant parlementaire de Marine Le Pen, Davy Rodriguez, d’injures racistes.

14 Kids Who Are Too Damn Smart For Their Own Good

They've got what it takes to make it.

Only Former Emo Kids Will Get 10/10 On This Brainteaser

That teen emo is still in there somewhere – put them to work!

Which Minor "How I Met Your Mother" Character Are You?

You want to be Ranjit, don't you?

Women Get Bollywood-Inspired Makeovers

Three South Asian women get makeovers inspired by their favorite Bollywood icons.

A Monthly Recipe Club Is The Book Club Replacement I Was Waiting For

By making food for each other, my friends and I also make time for each other.

Which Leslie Knope Quote Sums Up Your Life?

"I stand by my decision to avoid salad and other disgusting things."

19 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Will Make Every Girl Laugh Out Loud

Me: wow this is fucked up. Vagina: idk it's kinda hot.

What's The Most Awkward Misunderstanding You Had As A Kid?

"I thought adultery meant pretending to be an adult."

This Flower Test Will Reveal Your Dominant Personality Trait

Just rate how you feel about these flowers!

Tell Us Your Worst Vacation Rental Horror Stories

There's a serious problem, and there's no front desk.

11 People Who Should Be Fired From Cooking And 11 Who Deserve A Raise

♫ It's gettin' hot in here, so....OMG YOUR SPAGHETTI'S ON FIRE! ♫

PSOL confirma Boulos, que promete plebiscito para revogar políticas do governo Temer

Com críticas às candidaturas do campo governista, líder do MTST declarou: "Em dois anos de governo sem voto no Brasil, se fez um retrocesso de mais de 50 anos nos direitos sociais".

These "Thor" Fan Comics Are The Best Thing You'll See Today

"Can I trade Loki in for a different brother?"

If You've Done At Least 22 Of These Things, You're On The Internet Way Too Much

Have you ever fallen asleep basking in the cold blue glow of your laptop?

A Nun Involved In A Lawsuit With Katy Perry Collapsed And Died In Court

Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, 89, collapsed and died on Friday during court proceedings in Los Angeles about a former convent Katy Perry wants to live in.

18 Kitchen Products That Will Make Your Kids Want To Cook

You can't spell Julia Child without child!

Over 3,000 People Recommend This Oil For Scarred, Stretched, Or Damaged Skin

It's not a miracle solution, but it is pretty much the best thing for scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone.

14 Memes That Will Have Perfect Parents Laughing For Days And Days

Sorry, imperfect parents. You might not get these.

A Nightclub Has Been Shut Down After Viral Videos Of A Horse Being Rode On The Dance Floor Sparked Animal Cruelty Allegations

The incident "could only be described as insane stupidity and irresponsibility," said Miami Beach mayor Dan Gelber.

"Black Panther" Has Now Made More Than $1 Billion At The Box Office

The movie could potentially uncrown The Dark Knight as the highest-grossing superhero movie centered on just one hero.

There's A Frida Kahlo Barbie Doll And People Aren't Happy With It, Including Kahlo's Family

A spokesperson for Mattel said the brand "has worked in close partnership with the Frida Kahlo Corporation, the owner of all rights related to the name and identity of Frida Kahlo, on the creation of this doll".

This Is What The Cast Of "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" Looks Like Now

"We are here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff!"

The Screenwriter Of "A Wrinkle In Time" Had To Make Some Big Changes From The Original Book

“If you try to stay too true to the book, I think you do it a disservice,” Jennifer Lee told BuzzFeed News.

Why Paris Hilton Disappeared

The party-girl heiress who defined aughts celebrity culture never made the leap to an age of reality stardom where nothing is private, and everything is content.

50 Weird Fast-Food Menu Items You Can Only Get In Certain States

I still can't believe McDonald's has lobster rolls in some states.

Which Wizarding School Would You Best Belong In?

Find the school that would best help you learn, and have friends!

36 Things That’ll Make You Say, “Why Don’t I Own That Already?"

From Tasty kitchen products to beautiful dresses to perfectly animated films: an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

PSA: I'm Sick Of Maintaining My Vagina

Big shout out to my vagina for being great, but also it's a big pain in the.. er... vagina.

Here's Everything I Learned From Doing Morning Pages Every Day

Yes, you really do have to write them *by hand*. No, they aren't just for writers or even for Creative People. Yes, they are pretty great.

Former Trump Adviser Sam Nunberg Said Putin Is "Taking Advantage" Of The President

Nunberg, who was grilled by Robert Mueller's investigators on Friday, said the probe into the Trump campaign is not a witch hunt: "There’s a lot there there, and that’s a sad truth."

ThinkGeek Is Having A Kitchen Sale And You're Going To Need More Counter Space

Up to 65% off appliances, glasses, plates, and cutlery that’ll make your kitchen so much better (and geekier).

Asos Just Launched Style Match On Their Mobile App And I'm Obsessed With It

Style Match searches through Asos’ inventory to find cool clothes for you – just by uploading a photo.

Answer These 9 Makeup Questions And We'll Tell You If You're Low Or High Maintenance

Have you ever used last night's makeup for the next day?



21 Things People Wish They'd Known Before Their First Relationship

"Heartbreak is inevitable. However, it will be the most important pain you’ll ever feel."

This Huge Leak Of WhatsApp Chats Reveals The Full Fury Of The Tories’ Brexit Split

Theresa May's approach to the EU was likened to Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler, and Remainer Tories were called "condescending arseholes", according to a cache of Brexiteer messages obtained by BuzzFeed News.



自炊しなくなる! ローソンで絶対買ってはいけない冷凍食品


21 Times We Fell Completely In Love With Danai Gurira

When she completely ROCKED the Black Panther premiere.



ネットメディアが震災の本を出版する理由 「硬派な長い記事は読まれない」の嘘

BuzzFeed Japanでは長期的な報道に取り組み、それらが本として出版されている。 ネットだけに止まらない理由が、そこにはある。

If You've Tried 40/60 Of These Foods, You're A Real Adult

Is black coffee delicious or disgusting?



15 historias espantosas de borracheras que te harán reír y sentir vergüenza ajena

Cuando permites que tu Yo Borracho™ haga lo que le da la gana.





Which Starbucks Drink Fits Your Personality?

Are you as simple as a shot of espresso or as complicated as a frappuccino?

「私の定規とあなたの定規は違う」 田亀源五郎さんがヘテロ向けゲイ漫画『弟の夫』で伝えたかったこと


People Are Freaking Out Over This Rare Type Of Cloud

It's called a horseshoe cloud and it's incredibly rare.

活気なき7年間 原発事故をうけ「漁師のまち」と知らないで育った子どもたち


How “Jane The Virgin” Decided To Make Two Major Characters Bisexual

Part of a larger bisexual boom on TV, one of Jane the Virgin’s central characters is coming into her sexuality via an electric romance with a character played by Rosario Dawson.

You'll Want To Pack These Travel Journals On Every Single Trip You Take

These journals (by Axel and Ash) each ask for just a few minutes every day to record the travel memories that'll last you a lifetime. Don't worry, Instagram will still be there when you're done.



おもてなしにも♪ 簡単カラフルロール寿司




「どんな選択も人生の一歩」 BoAが今、同世代に伝えたいこと


戦争のきっかけは子どもの落書きだった 死者50万人超のシリア内戦








35 Pictures Of Childhood Things You Will Never Get To Experience (Again)

Here's to all those childhood moments we'll never have again.

30 Affordable Luxuries To Treat Yourself To Right Now

Even if it's just switching to a slightly better toothpaste or making yourself a damn fine cup of coffee, small luxuries can make mundane day-to-day activities feel less blah. It's absolutely possible to live a champagne lifestyle on a tap water budget — and we've got just the stuff to make it happen.

18 Jokes About The Avengers Just Hanging Out That Are Frickin' Hilarious

"The Avengers go to Ikea, and Thor is the only one who can pronounce the name of anything."

The NRA Is Suing Florida Over New Gun Control Laws Put In Place After The Parkland Shooting

The NRA filed the lawsuit just hours after the new laws were signed by Florida Gov. Rick Scott.



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