We Got Tested To See What Makeup We're Allergic To And Were Shocked

    What's on your face?

    Have you ever wondered if you're actually allergic to any of the makeup you put on your face, like, every single day?

    Watch these women get tests to find out what makeup they are allergic to!

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    That's exactly why Chloe, Swasti, and Kelsey went to the dermatologist to get tested.

    Chloe said she's had eczema her whole life. It was particularly bad on her face when she was younger.

    Kelsey purposely didn't wear makeup to show how her sensitive skin tends to flare up.

    Meanwhile, Swasti said her skin also tended to flare up every now and then.

    The trio of ladies went to get an allergy patch test at Rapaport Dermatology.

    The doctors tested over 40 of the most common kinds of allergens in skin care products, as well as other personal products that each patient brought in.

    Then the patches went on their backs for an entire 48 hours to see if they had any sort of reaction to any of these numbers.

    After almost a day, things got super itchy and uncomfortable, guys. Especially for Kelsey and Swasti.

    The test results revealed Kelsey had very common types of allergies.

    Chloe discovered that, besides the eczema she already knew about, she was only allergic to Cobalt.

    And Swasti found out she was only allergic to one thing, and it was an antiseptic and antifungal preservative.

    All the ladies definitely learned a lot about their skin and what types of things they should avoid.