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    27 Things You Know If You're A Strong Independent Woman Who Can't Stop Crying

    Crying while pooping is a regular thing.

    1. You've come to accept that at some point in your day there will be tears.

    2. And you no longer see it as a bad thing, you're not embarrassed or ashamed to cry anymore.

    3. In fact, you pretty much get on with your daily tasks while crying. You've been known to make a cup of tea or take the bins out while crying.

    4. Sometimes it's tiny things that set you off, like leaving your washing outside in the rain or running out of shampoo in the shower.

    5. You've probably even cried because you forgot to get food out of the freezer in the morning.

    6. You pretty much always cry when you listen to sad songs.

    7. And sad films and TV shows leave you looking like this:

    8. But you find crying really cathartic so you sometimes bait yourself and watch sad shows, even though you know you'll cry at them.

    9. You especially like This Is Us and random Netflix documentaries because they make you emote the most.

    10. Any confrontation can set you off, this is basically you as soon as someone says "Can I have a word?"

    11. And you've been in plenty of meetings at work where things have got serious and you've had to hold back the tears.

    12. But luckily you have the work loos. You've cried more times on that toilet than you have at home.

    13. You're known as the crier in your friendship group, if anything gets a little bit emotional and you see your friend crying then you're there bawling with them.

    14. And if your friends aren't crying then you're probably going to cry on their behalf because that's just what you do.

    15. Some people might think this is an attention-seeking move but you honestly can't help it, you just take on other people's emotions!

    16. The best cries are on public transport, there is absolutely nothing like listening to a sad song while looking out of the window of a bus with tears streaming down your face.

    17. And you feel bad when people ask you if you're okay because you are, and you just like a good cry on the bus and didn't mean to make anyone worried for you.

    18. It's not just sad crying though, you're mega prone to happy crying too.

    19. You can't go to a wedding without ugly crying.

    20. And seeing a puppy makes you melt into a puddle of tears.

    21. Although crying on your period has to be the most emotional.

    22. You never know when the tears are going to hit you, you could be on the loo pooping and bam all of a sudden you're crying.

    23. And you cry over the most ridiculous things like wanting food.

    24. Or just over the existence of sea lions.

    25. You've had some stares off of people who think you've lost it.

    26. Overall though you're not bothered, it's just crying and it's healthy to get your emotions out.

    27. Basically, you've learned to weirdly love crying and you find your little crying sessions empowering and cathartic.