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    21 Times We Fell Completely In Love With Danai Gurira

    When she completely ROCKED the Black Panther premiere.

    1. When she thanked all the women who have helped her get to where she is now:

    2. And then, when she channeled Okoye and empowered an entire room of strong women:

    3. When she and Lupita Nyong'o continued to be the very best friends both on-screen and off:

    4. When she rocked this look at the Black Panther premiere:

    5. When she adorably referred to the plays she's written, Eclipsed and Familiar, as her children:

    6. When she celebrated all the little girls cosplaying as Okoye:

    The future is bright! #WakandaForever #DoraMilaje #BlackPanther

    Twitter: @DanaiGurira / Via Twitter: @DanaiGurira

    7. When she thoroughly embarrassed Lupita by dancing for her birthday:

    8. When she talked about her favorite fan interaction since Black Panther was released:

    9. When she took a moment to be in awe of her play finally making it to Broadway:

    10. When she hung out with the other kick-ass Marvel women:

    11. When she completely SLAYED on the Oscars red carpet with her fellow Black Panther cast members:

    12. When she talked about what was important to her when creating a new piece of art:

    13. When she celebrated 100 episodes with her Walking Dead family:

    14. When she shared this TBT:

    Life of the party...back then anyway! #Puberme #PuertoRicoRelief @StephenAtHome

    Twitter: @DanaiGurira / Via Twitter: @DanaiGurira

    15. When she took a short break from killing walkers with Norman Reedus:

    16. When she showed us exactly how she reacted to seeing herself completely bald for Black Panther:

    17. When she talked about Black Panther's success:

    18. And then, when she spoke about the importance of the female characters:

    19. When she dressed up with Lupita and Daniel Kaluuya for a Coming to America party:

    20. When she told Stephen Colbert where she would want to spend a zombie apocalypse:

    21. And finally, when she was so badass she got to improvise an entire scene on The Walking Dead: